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Enjoy my many free articles about personal empowerment, spiritual growth, dolphin energy healing, health, happiness, success, stress-free living, meditation, being a bestselling author, energy healing, stepping into your true magnificence, relationships, joy, holistic health and well-being, healing the past, aligning with the Divine, getting into perpetual flow with the Universe, dolphins, shamanism, metaphysics, pregnancy and childbirth, pendulum dowsing, leadership, management, and much more. I am a polymath born with a photographic memory. I delve deeply into many subjects … as if I intend to get a Ph.D. in each one. According to  Marriam Webster’s online dictionary, a Polymath is: “someone who knows a lot about many different things.” This is not a shallow look at each topic, but a very deep dive into true understand and the desire to share that knowledge with others.

I just found 400 additional articles and will post them here soon.

“How do you thank someone who comes into your life and because of her influence your life is changed forever? Takara has graced my life with her many talents and skills. Especially through her healing arts (private sessions), I have made quantum leaps forward in my life. At one crisis point she was able to facilitate my integration of a significant shift in only 10 minutes! Her knowledge, and keen ability to share it, have enriched my life forever! Perhaps due to her engineering and teaching background, she has an amazing ability to take extremely complex concepts and information and boil it down to bottom line usefulness with clarity. She makes things implicitly simple and understandable to a lay person. Her extensive studies in metaphysical and philosophical areas allow her to create freeways for those of us who don’t have time to sift it all out. The clarity she creates with her accelerated techniques allows you to quickly come on-line with the information, to transition, and to push past limitations.” – Theresa Wright, Carlsbad, California

I write free articles about all kinds of topics. It’s all here in alphabetical order.

A quote talking about my ability to share information: “She does it marvelously with her superb story-telling abilities, deep, deep research, and a warrior’s approach to “ferret” out the truth.” – Drs. Loren and Diane Mickelson

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Free Articles Archive at Magnificent U with Takara about Enjoy my many free articles about personal empowerment, spiritual growth, health, happiness, success, stress-free living, how to thrive online (web design, social media, online marketing), meditation, being a bestselling author, energy healing, stepping into your true magnificence, relationships, joy, holistic health and well-being, healing the past, aligning with the Divine, getting into perpetual flow with the Universe, dolphins, shamanism, metaphysics, pregnancy and childbirth, pendulum dowsing, leadership, management, and much more.

Free Articles A – F

5 Power Practices to Transform Your Life

7 Deadly Sins Takara Style

9 Things You Must Overcome to Manifest Your Desires & Live a Joy-Filled Life

10 Great Tips on How to Love, Honor, and Appreciate Everyone!

17 Ways to Reflect on the Past Year

20 Years of Dolphin & Water Healing & How You Can Get Involved

A Buck In the Back Yard – I Just Love Deer Medicine

A Captive Orca Named Lolita and My Unwavering Need to Share Her Story with the World!

A Good Article about Bipolar Disorder and Anger Management – Absolute Joy Now

A Great Opportunity to Practice Peace and Non-Judgment

A Key to Joy with Debbie Takara Shelor – Absolute Joy Now

A Magical Book About Dolphins & Whales that Has the Potential to Change Your Life Too

A Magical Journey to Yogaville, Initiation, New Energies, and More

A New Operating System

A Nutritional Approach to ADD/ADHD

A Powerful Ending by David J. Adams

A Powerful Message from 3 Powerful Girls

A Prayer for Humanity by Takara

A Return to the Heart of the Goddess

A Special Relationship with Orcas

Ability to Discern Truth from Falsehood

About the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing

Accepting Payments Online

Achieve Your Goals – You Need Far More than Luck

Achieving Your Creative Potential by following the Ebb and Flow of the Universe

Activating and Awakening the Diamond Higher Self Within

Activating Icons for Awakening by Daniel Jacob

Adjusting to High Altitude & Suggestions to Prevent Altitude Sickness – Discover why high altitude sickness happens. What the symptoms are. How to prevent and adjust when you plan a visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico or a trip to a ski resort. Learn about the Dancing Dolphin Essence Thrive and Xooma Xtreme X2O.

Adultery and Facebook

Advertise in Magnificent U

Adventures at Sea with Debbie Takara Shelor

Airlines Getting It Right … Sometimes

Alan Watts on Awakening with a Fabulous Video

Alchemy and This Powerful Time for Transformation

Align with the Divine

All Day in Front of Your Computer Facing Electromagnetic Radiation

All Spiritual Paths Ultimately Lead to Love, Inner Peace, and Enlightenment

Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Western Medicine, Wellbeing and Your Health

Always Choose Friends Wisely

Amanda Palmer Sharing Trust and Learning the Art of Asking

Amber Works Its Subtle Magic

An Article About The Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Global Healing by Takara –

Angels and Archangels – Divine Messengers and How to Connect with Them Learn all about angels, archangels, and how various people connect with them, how they offer divine assistance, and how to draw them into your life more.

Angels Are Real – And They are Among Us All the Time

Angels, Guides, & Unseen Helpers … Oh My!

Anger and How It Can Often be Acting Out Inappropriately

Animal Communication, a True Story of Understanding and Transformation with a Leopard

Another HAPPY HOLY-DAY to All of You!

Another Magnificent Trip to Yogaville

Aquamarine is the Traditional Gemstone for March

Are Dolphins Really Teachers? – Learn how dolphins communicate to teach humans a thing or two. Discover the healing nature of dolphins, the way they teach humans, and more.

Are the People Around You Keeping You Unhappy, Off Track, and in Fear? – Learn how certain people not only cause you to be unhappy, off track, and in fear, but can actually suck your energy energetically like a vampire.

Are You a Spiritual Warrior or a Metaphysical Wimp? – Article about taking action and being a spiritual warrior from Here’s to Your Magnificence, the free online ezine by Spirit of Nature.

Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Reputable Suppliers, and the Dancing Dolphin Difference for Energy Healing

Aromatherapy Roll-On Products for Health Food, Vitamin, Herb Stores and Their Customers

Aromatherapy Roll-On Products for Spas, Massage Therapists, Exclusive Health Clubs, and Their Clients –

Aromatherapy Roll-Ons Enhanced with Flower & Gem Essences are Perfect for Health Food, Vitamin, & Herb Stores

Asking Questions Pendulum Dowsing

Assistance or Interference

Attain Life Balance in this Interview with Takara by Emma Auriemma-McKay

Author Hits the Amazon Bestseller List While Helping People Combat Stress and High Blood Pressure with Meditation

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Ask For to Live a Joy-Filled Life

Be Extraordinary

Bearing Your Soul for the Whole World to See

Because Texting and Driving Is Stupid: Get a Voice App for Your Smartphone to Use On the Road

Beginning Each Day in a Natural Way to Improve Health and Reduce Stress

Being a Player in a Much Bigger Game

Being an Empath – Are You Sure It’s Actually Your Problem?

Being Healthy and Avoiding Toxins Including Thimerisol

Being Introverted and the Need for Solitude Flower Essences & Aromatherapy – Discover how Solitude can assist someone who is introverted. Learn the difference between being an introvert and being an extrovert.

Being Stuck in Negativity: The Negative Thinking Spin – Don’t Go There – Don’t Go There – When you want to manifest your heart’s desires and be healthier, happier, and more fulfilled, then being stuck in negativity – or a negative thinking spin – is very detrimental.


Best Motivational Videos for Authors, Entrepreneurs, & Others Who Have a Dream

Best Online Free Font Download Websites

Best Online Royalty Free Images for Commercial Use

Bestselling Meditation Book Peering Through the Veil Book Trailer

BioElectric Shield Electromagnetic Protection Questions

Birthing in a New Age on Planet Earth

Blackfish, SeaWorld, and the Sins of Dolphin and Whale Captivity!

Blessings for Fall/Spring Equinox

Blessings to All, A Prayer – A beautiful prayer and blessing to say out loud, to say when you rise in the morning, and before you retire at night.

Blessings to Everyone, a Prayer by Takara

Blogging and Social Media – Where Should You Be Spending Your Time?

Bloodstone – The healing Power of Crystals and Gems by  AnnaMariah Nau

Book Launching Today!

Bruce Lee Quote About Meditation and Mind

Buckminster Fuller and the Phenomenon of Precession

Bula – Hello From Fiji

Business Links and Highly Recommended Resources for Personal & Internet Success

Bust 5 Intuition Myths & Discover How It Really Works to Gain Improvements (in every area of life)

Calling Back Your Consciousness

Change Your Focus, Change Your Life – Discover how turning your focus to the wrong things can lead to unhappiness. Read a story about how to turn toward the good.

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life

Channeling Help: Techniques to Assist Channels in Dealing with Higher Frequencies So They Don’t Get Fried Energetically – Tools and techniques that hugely assist channels in dealing with higher frequencies. Often channeling leads to getting fried energetically which causes tiredness and other physical symptoms. These techniques work.

Choosing the Best Place to Relocate for the Spiritually-Minded

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for You and Your Business

Clean Up That Email FAST by Asking How Urgent Is It?

Clearing Your Life Garden to Achieve Your Dreams

Color Makes a Difference!

Conspiracy Theories, Fear, Manipulation, and How to Know When to Walk Away

Covid-19 and Being a Spiritual Warrior

Creation and Personal Responsibility

Criticism, Judgment, & the Stinkin’ Thinkin’ That Can Ruin Relationships

Custom Aromatherapy Roll-Ons with Flower & Gem Essences for Individuals & Groups – Discover how to get your own custom flower essence blend, gem essence blend, or aromatherapy roll-on hand created by Debbie “Takara” Shelor just for you.

Custom Dancing Dolphin Flower Essences – 

Custom Flower Essence Gem Essence Aromatherapy Blends by Takara

Daily Harmony Guided Meditation – A free guided meditation by Debbie “Takara” Shelor – a truly powerful way to start your day, keep your body and energy field clear of harmful, detrimental, or disharmonious energies, and to stay centered and at peace. Best of all – it is a free gift from me to you.

Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergies for Energetic Healing on All Levels

Dancing Dolphin Aromatherapy Roll-Ons Enhanced with Flower & Gem Essences Perfect for New Age Bookstores, Metaphysical Bookstores, and More

Dancing Dolphin Essences of Enlightenment

Dancing Dolphin Reconnections Kit with Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Gem Essences, Dolphin Energy Healing, Sound, Sacred Geometry, and more

Dare to Dream in Order to Manifest Your Desires!

Dealing with the Killer Called Stress by Captain Paul Watson (by permission)

Death is Simply a Transition and Nothing More

December 2012 and the Turning of the Wheel

Deer, Power Animal, Symbol of Gentleness, Unconditional Love and Kindness by Ina Woolcott

Discover How Dolphin’s Are Connected to the Divine Feminine – The Divine Feminine blessed me with her energy when I was only 14. She came in the form of a … discover how dolphins and the Divine Feminine can transform your life.

Diversity Leads to Growth, Greater Awareness, and Consciousness Expansion

Divine Dolphin Healing – Long Distance Energy Sessions with Debbie Takara Shelor –

Discover the Cause of Much of Your Unhappiness

Do You Dare Live Your Dreams?

Do You Ever Feel Stressed? Inner Peace to the Rescue 

Do You Lack Confidence & Success? Time to Do Something About It!

Do You Understand Energy Healing & Enlightenment?

Does sitting in front of your computer make you tired? – Electromagnetic radiation protection with the BioElectric Shield

Dolphin Ambassador Badge

Dolphins, Dolphins Everywhere!

Dolphin Non-Profit Organizations –

Dolphin Stories –

Dolphins vs. Taiji Killers – 2 for 2 this season

Dolphinarium in SW Turkey closed after NGO campaign – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

Dolphins, Whales, Fall/Spring Equinox Meditations, and More

Dolphin Zone Mission

Dolphins & Whales Forever Book Tour

Donations to Worthy Causes

Dowsing with Dolphins

Dr. Wayne Dyer – A Beloved Teacher and Author Role Model Has Gone Into the Next World

Earning a Living Quote by Buckminster Fuller

Easter Amnesia – Have We Forgotten About Ascension? – This personal growth article takes a look at the way Easter is currently being celebrated and how far it has strayed from the true meaning of the holiday.

Eating Healthy, Worrying About Your Diet, and Improving Your Health, Weight, and Fitness Levels

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection – AnnaMaria Nau

Emeralds – Romancing the Stone – AnnaMariah Nau

Endorsement for Peering Through the Veil by Takara

Energies are Over the Top in Intensity These Days

Energy Doesn’t Lie

Energy Healers, Shamans … And Knowing Who to Trust

Energy Healing Class, Earth-Based Spirituality, and much more

Energy Healing Products & Tools with Your Clients in Mind! 

Energy Healing Tools to Help You Help Your Clients! –

Energy Healing, Psychic Readings, Akashic Records

Energy Healers, Shamans … Knowing Who to Trust

Energy Vampires and the Stench of Pretend Spiritual Gurus

Enhance your brain, your concentration, and lower your stress

Enjoy the Interview with Debbie Takara Shelor on Awakening in Austin

Enlightenment and Ascension, What Do They Mean? – Learn about ascension and enlightenment, how to determine where you are in your spiritual journey, examples of ascended masters.

Equinox Meditation Preparation – What to do to prepare to participate in the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing held each Spring and Fall Equinox at 8 p.m. wherever you are.

Equinox Meditations

Essence of Oneness ~ an Amazing New Frequency from Dancing Dolphin Essences

Ever Feel Like You Will Never Have the Things That You Desire?

Everyone Needs a Little Support Now and Then!

Evoking Spiritual Gifts, Mystery School Secrets, and What to Avoid – The article explores the spontaneous awakening of spiritual gifts and talents from past lives, emphasizing the importance of inner healing and emotional mastery before wielding such abilities. The author shares their own journey of deep healing and personal growth, highlighting the continuous nature of self-improvement.

Experience a Magnificent New You in 2015

Experiencing a Magical Time of Camelot in Your Own Life

Fall Equinox and the Turning of the Wheel

Fall Equinox and the Turning of the Wheel 2

Fall Equinox, Free Guided Dolphin Meditations, and the Turning of the Wheel! 

Famous Well Known People who Meditate

FAQ About Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products

FAQ about Dancing Dolphin Flower & Gem Essences & Magnificent Aromatherapy Roll-Ons – Discover the fundamental FAQ about Dancing Dolphin Flower & Gem Essences & Aromatherapy Roll-Ons. Get all your questions answered.

Fast (and free) Way to Raise Self Esteem

Feel This Oneness Within Your Heart Now – Embrace It – Become It

Feeling Like A Failure, What Can You Do to Regain Happiness? – Learn why failure can actually be a good thing in order to move forward, grow personally, become happier and improve your life.

Finally Free of the Past –

Find Your Tribe, Like-Minded Friends, and Places Where You Belong

Finding Gratitude Even in Times of Uncertainty

Finding Harmony & Balance in the Midst of Chaos and Confusion

Finding the Courage to Be Your Magnificent Self and Achieve Your Goals

Firewalking – Leading with Your Heart and Not Your Mind

Flower Essences for Pets – A wonderful selection of flower essences for pets to help them feel calm, safe, happy and healthy.

Flowing with Change

Flowing with Life Instead of Fighting Against It

Fluidity – How to Flow with Life in a Rigid World – Discover why being in flow with life and experiencing fluidity instead of rigidity will help you to be more healthy and happy. A self-help article by personal growth and energy healing expert Debbie “Takara” Shelor.

Following the Breadcrumbs Sent by the Universe

Forchianna Publishing –

Forgiveness and the Power to Heal

Four Phases of Personal Growth

Free Articles About Flower & Gem Essences, Aromatherapy, Dolphins, and More

Free Flower Essence Articles, Free Gem Essence Articles, Free Aromatherapy Articles, Free Dolphin Articles, and More

Free Guided Equinox Meditation for Water, Dolphins, Whales, and Peace

Free Guided Meditation Daily Harmony by Takara

Free Self Help Articles

Free Articles G – L

Gem Essences – a Request from Spa Magazine to Me

Gemstones Exude the Essence of Dancing Dolphins!

Get Happier! Simple Daily Actions to Increase Your Happiness

Get Healthy, Eat Healthy, Lose Weight, Have More Fun

Getting to Know Your Spiritual Gifts and Talents

Give the Gift of Inner Peace ~ Just in Time for the Holidays

Give Yourself Permission to EnJOY Life!

Giving Thanks for the Tax Man

Global Equinox Water Energy Healing Meditation, Dolphins, Whales, & More – Watch Takara’s video enewsletter for a Global Equinox Water Healing Meditation, updates on Lolita / Tokitae, and a book collaboration opportunity.

Global Planetary Healing Meditation with Takara

Golden Water Dolphin Equinox Meditation for Planetary Healing with D. Takara Shelor

Global Water Healing, Dolphin & Whale Meditations – JOIN US

Global Water Healing Meditation with Takara

God, Religion, Christ, and Bishop John Shelby Spong

Golden Water Dolphin Equinox Meditation for Planetary Healing

Golden Water Dolphin Equinox Meditation for Planetary Healing with D. Takara Shelor

Great Wisdom from Beloved Movies

Grow Your Fan Base at the Fan Page Friday Party at Debbie “Takara” Shelor’s Official Fan Page on Facebook

Growth Isn’t Always Easy by Takara

Happy Holidays to You and Yours

Harmony for the Holidays

Harmony – Numerology

Have you Been Recalled?

Have You Gotten a Little Off Track?

Healers, Channels, and Psychics Oh My!

Healers, Psychics, Intuitive Coaches – It’s Time to Heal

Healing Santa Fe Style

Healing With Dolphins

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Babies

Healthy Living vs. Harmful Living, It’s All Part of the Platinum Principle

Healthy Passion –

Heal the Past – Time to Shed the Old Skin – Enjoy this article about practical ways to heal the past by letting it go.

Help Make the World a Better Place ~ Debbie Takara Shelor

Help for Hurricane Katrina

Help Us Heal the Oceans … While You Are Healing Yourself

Helping Children (and adults) Thrive, Be Healthy, and Smarter

Here’s the Real Dirt on Clean by Misty Gregg

Hold Onto Your Dreams and Express Your Talents and Gifts

Holiday Gift Giving Should Be More Than a Visit To the Mall

Holy-Day Sale on Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Flower Essnce Aromatherapy Oils & Mists

Homeschooled Kids Rock!

Homeschool Parenting For Successful Open-Minded Kids

Homeschooling – a Powerful Positive Education for Your Child(ren)

How Do You Know When You’ve Found the Perfect Business Opportunity?

How Do You Prefer to Receive My Information?

How Do You Stay Focused Amidst the Chaos?

How Giving and How Deserving Are You?

How Often Do You Experience Joy For No Reason?

How the Law of Attraction Really Works – And Standing Out Above the Crowd

How to Achieve Big Dreams vs. Fighting Your Current Circumstance by Takara

How to Be Happier and Healthier by Takara

How to Choose a Dowsing Pendulum & Things to Watch Out For

How to Convey Safety to an Animal

How to Create a Ceremony for Solstice, Equinox or Anytime

How to Deal with Unkind People

How to Develop a Deep Nature Connection

How to Develop Your Psychic Ability & Intuition: Enhancing Your Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient & Other Subtle Gifts – Learn about what it means to be clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient. Also learn how to develop your psychic ability and intuition.

How to Do Energetic Healing in the Aftermath of the Mayhem in DC

How To Do Shadow Work (Emotional Wounds, Fear, Limiting Beliefs)

How to Feel Better When You are In a Bad Mood, Feeling Bad, Upset, or Depressed

How to Grow and Evolve Along Your Spiritual Path

How to Handle Bullies and Aggressive People in Meetings and Everywhere Else

How to Handle Change with Ease and Grace – Change is in the Air – Change is happening everywhere. Why not learn how to handle change with ease and grace instead of fighting it every step of the way causing yourself unnecessary stress and struggle.

How to Have Overwhelming Gratitude and Joy Leading to Happiness and Peace

How to Help Others with Their Spiritual Awakening … Or What to Do When Those Around You Aren’t Waking Up!

How to Know if the Relationship You Are In is the Real Deal

How to Know When You Are In Flow by Takara

How to Manifest Your Desires, Letting Go of “How”

How to Revitalize and Cleanse Crystals at Home

How to Use Energy Healing, Flower & Gem Essences & aromatherapy Products with Groups

How to Use Flower Essence, Gem Essences, & Aromatherapy Roll-Ons the Dancing Dolphin Way – Discover the various easy and effective methods for applying and using flower essences, gem essences, and aromatherapy roll-ons including for the chakras by Dancing Dolphin Essences.

I Bless You and Embrace You With the Blue Mist of Peace

I Crashed and Burned So You Don’t Have To! Stop Your Stress Before it Kills You

If I Was a Public School Teacher … Prayer In Schools

Ignoring the Past Doesn’t Make It Go Away

Improve Health and Reduce Stress with Tips and Tools from Spirit of Nature – Discover many easy ways to improve health and reduce stress with insights and tools from Spirit of Nature.

Improve Health and Wellbeing by Drinking the Best Water Possible

Improve Health Through Body, Mind, Spirit Methods

In Pursuit of the Spiritual – Why We All Have to Become a Spiritual Warrior – I feel this is one of the best articles I’ve ever written.

In the Pursuit of Happiness

Increasing Frequency – Raising Your Vibration – When you raise your vibration or work on increasing frequency you assist your body in becoming more healthy, your mind and emotions to be calmer and uplifted, and much more. This free article explains much about the subject.

Indigo Children, Crystal Children, and other Sensitive Children – Indigo children and other sensitive children are having a rough time living in our world. They are greatly affected by electromagnetic radiation and other disharmonious energies. Learn how to help.

Industrial Engineer to Dolphin Communicator and Alchemist – The story of how Debbie “Takara” Shelor, an Industrial Engineer and front line supervisor in the Pharmaceutical Industry became a dolphin communicator and an Alchemist.

Inspirational Quote by George Addair

Intent… What Is All the Buzz On “Intent” Anyway?

Introduction to Her New Monthly Column for Here’s to Your Magnificence

Intuition and the Ability to Discern Truth from Falsehood

Intuition as a Superpower in Business and in Life

Intuition is Required

Intuition Isn’t Always Logical

It is Now Time to Open the Gateways to the Soul of the Whales and the Dolphins

It’s a New Year, Why Not Experience a New You?

It’s Not Always Easy to Walk Your Talk

It’s Time for a (R)evolution

It’s Vital That You Use Your Thoughts And Words Wisely!

Japanese Devastation ~ Is Mother Nature Sending a Message?

Jesus Teaches Love – And That Includes Your Enemies

Judgment, Hatred, and Fear are Extremely Destructive!

Judgment vs Discernment, Good and Bad People … Do They Exist?

Judgment vs. Discernment – What’s the Difference and What Can It Do For You?

Keeping Your Website Legal

Kyanite is a Bridge of Light, Bringing Harmony to Self and Relationships

Lasting Friendships and Romantic Relationships Require Courage, Commitment, and a Fair Bit of Confidence

Law of Attraction Flower Essence Aromatherapy Kit

Leading with Your Heart and Not Your Mind

Learn How to Improve Intuition For Greater Success & Wellbeing

Learn to Manifest by Doing the “One Right Thing,” a Transformational Lesson from Stuart Wilde

Learn to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams!

Learn to Receive When Magic Happens

Learning to Live in the Moment

Learning to Ride the Waves – Enjoy this article by Debbie “Takara” Shelor about how to deal with what life hands you like riding the waves on a surfboard.

Letter to John Kerry about Children’s Healthcare

Life as a Spiritual Journey

Life Improves Dramatically When You Listen to Your Intuition!

Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness – Freedom From Tyranny

Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Weight Loss

Light Workers – The Light Brigade – Has Been Called – A spirituality article by Debbie “Takara” Shelor indicating to the Light Workers of the world that the time is now to move into action and begin doing what they came here to do.

Listen to Your Inner Guidance ~ It KNOWS What It’s Talking About

Live Call for Empowerment, Reclaiming Your Magnificence, Overcoming the Past, Connecting with the Divine and more

Living the Golden Rule – How the Law of Cause and Effect can Assist You – Knowing what to do in each circumstance becomes easy when you apply the Golden Rule and the Law of Cause and Effect to your life. It becomes easy and obvious to make the right decisions.

Living Outside the Box

Lolita – A Captive Orca Whale

Long Distance Energy Healing with Debbie “Takara” Shelor –

Longing For Communion

Look at the World Through the Eyes of a Newborn, See It As Infinite Possibilities

Looks Like Armageddon ~ Or Is It?

Lose Weight – Finally

Love and Worthiness Lessons from a Wild Boar 

Love Is In the Air, But You Have to Make Room For It

Love Relationships, Romance, Rejection, and Taking Care of You

Love Simply Is the Energy and the Essence of Source by David J. Adams

Love Yourself First – Be Your Own Valentine

Free Articles M – R

Magnificent Nutrition for a more Magnificent You

Magnificent U Online – Soon to Begin

Manifesting All Your Desires – Is the Law of Attraction Using Your Current Situation Just as a Warm Up? – Do you want to manifest all of your desires? Sometimes when you actively work with the Laws of Attraction things don’t always turn out the way you’d planned. Here are some examples and an explanation of what is really going on.

Manifesting, Law of Attraction, Creating Your Reality, and Being in Joy

Manifesting the Simple Things with Divine Assistance

Maximize The Leverage Of Your Blog Content by Caylie Price

May You Be Blessed this Glorious Easter

Medical Proof that the BioElectric Shield Protects Against Electromagnetic Radiation

Meditation Quote from Peering Through the Veil by Takara

Meditation Quote 2 from Peering Through the Veil by Takara

Message About the Global Equinox Meditation – About the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing

Metamorphosis and Transformation Sometimes Looks Like “Stuckness”

Metaphysical Fundamentals – Following Your Inner Guidance and Life Lessons – Learn various metaphysical fundamentals. Discover how following your inner guidance can assist in making life lessons easier to deal with.

Michael Jackson – Angel or Devil?

Miracles Can Happen When You Are Calm, Clear, Confident, and Connected!

Moonstone – the Healing Power of Gems and Crystals

More Dowsing Pendulums

More Freedom on the Horizon for the Orca Lolita (Tokitae)

Mother Nature Video with Julia Roberts

Multivitamins, Multiple Choices

My Dilemma as a Spiritual Teacher by Debbie Takara Shelor

My Love for Native American Culture

My Top 15 List of How to Be Healthy and Happy Over 40 (Or Any Age)

Nature and Artificial Chemicals Have Never Been a Good Mix

Natural Solutions for Healthy Pets

Negative Energy Protection – Practical Energy Healing Tools for Everyday Life – Practical Energy Healing Tools for Everyday Life – Discover various ways to provide negative energy protection at home and anywhere else that you need it.

Negativity is the Destroyer of All Good Things

New Dancing Dolphin Essence Sizes

New Dancing Dolphin Gem Essences

New Dancing Dolphin Formula Now Available

New Pendulums for Dowsing Now Available

Niki – A Dolphin Story by Annie Spurgeon

Nirvana and Living in a Spiritual Location

No Amount of Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Energetic Abuse is Acceptable!

No Insurance and the Great American Dream

No Offense to the Irish ~ But I Won’t Be Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Nutrition & Herbs, Aromatherapy, & Flower Essences – Nature’s Natural Healers – Enjoy this informative article about how to make sure you are getting the finest quality in nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy, and flower essences.

On a Wing and a Prayer – Following Faith, Intuition, & Trust – Sometimes you need a little more faith, a bit of intuition, and a lot of trust in order to deal with what life sends your way. This article offers an example of how that works in reality. It offers a spiritual journey or pilgrimage as a way to learn life’s spiritual lessons.

One Divine Moment is All It Takes by Takara


Online Business Success Consultant – What One Can Do For You

Open Your Hearts and Allow the Earth to Sing Its New Song for You

Orbs, Shamanism, Earth-Based Spirituality, Energy Healing, and More

Paganism is On the Rise and More

Past Life Trauma – Rising From the Ashes Like the Phoenix! – Discover how past life trauma can negatively affect your current life and circumstance. Find out how to heal from it.

Peace and Mother’s Day

Peering Through the Veil hits the Bestseller List at Amazon

Peering Through the Veil Hits #2 in Self Help on Amazon

Peering Through the Veil is a Must Read

Pendulum Dowsing –

Pendulum Dowsing Articles at Magnificent U

Penelope Smith Endorses Dolphins & Whales Forever!

Personal Evolution and the Alchemy of Dancing Dolphin Essences

Personal Growth Requires That When Faced with Changes, you Have to Start Making Different Choices – When personal growth and happiness are your goals, then you have to begin making totally new and different choices. Here’s a great article about how such changes can positively affect your life.

Personal Spiritual Evolution

Photo Shoot with Andi & Jonathan Goldman in Virginia Beach

Planetary Healing – Jamestown and Washington D.C.

Politics and the Golden Rule

Politics, Patriotism, and Poor Choices –

Powerful Meditation and Manifestation Insights with Bestselling Author D. Takara Shelor

Precession – a Fabulous Word and Concept from Buckminster Fuller

Prep and Words for the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing held each Equinox

Press Release for #1 Bestselling Book Dolphins & Whales Forever Goes On the Road This Summer

Project Yourself From the Light Within Your Heart ~ Not the Shadows Within Your Mind

Proof of Reincarnation

Psychic Healing Meditation

Quote from Peering Through the Veil by Debbie Takara Shelor

Radical Trust – Life is quite an adventure when you learn to follow your intuition and operate with radical trust that the Universe has your best interest in mind at all times.

Raise Your Vibration – Hover Above the Chaos and Fear

Realign Yourself with Earth Changes

Realigning Yourself with Earth Changes

Reality Check and the Hawkins Scale

Reclaiming the Passions of Youth – Remember back to your youth and how much passion, playfulness, and hope you had. Life has a way of bringing hardships that cause you to forget your hopes, dreams and how much fun life can be. This free article helps you reclaim your passions of the past.

Reclaiming Your Personal Power –

Raise Your Vibration – Hover Above the Chaos & Fear

Rejoice When Things End

Relationships in Harmony – What’s Good and What Isn’t?

Remembering: HerStory, MyStory, YourStory

Resistance to Love – Find out why people have a resistance to love. What is holding you back from receiving what you deserve? This free article tells you all about it.

Responsibilities of a Dolphin Ambassador and Those Called by the Dolphins and Whales

Responsibility, Personal Empowerment, Spiritual Growth

Revenge is a Bad Idea … Let the Universe Take Care of It!

Rising in Consciousness and Awareness, All Spiritual Paths Lead to Love

Roberta Goodman Heads to Bimini and the Book & Event Tour is About to Begin

Free Articles S – Z

Sailing Through Homeschooling

Sacred Space Energy Healing Video

Savoring the Diversity and Uniqueness of People From Different Cultures

Self Love Allows You to Love Others

September is for Cetaceans

Sending You Blessings and Gratitude this Thanksgiving

Setting Clear Intentions and Following the Still Small Voice Within

Shamanism Books and Earth Based Spirituality

Shamanism Training – the Fundamentals of the Shamanic Journey for Healing – Find out what should be covered in a basic shamanism training course. What fundamentals are being covered? Will you be experiencing actual shamanic journeys?

Shattered Fields and Other Repairs and Maintenance of the Human Aura

Shoulds Can Destroy Relationships and Self Esteem

Slavery and the Movement Towards Freedom

So . . . the World Did Not Come to An End ~ Psychic End of World Predictions, Channels, Jesus, Buddha, and More

Some of Takara Shelor’s Core Teachings

Soulmates and Soul Family

Southern California with Dolphins & Whales Forever ~ 11

Speaking Presentation Tips by Takara

Spirit: A Journey in Dance, Drums, and Song by Robert Mirabel

Spiritual Activism – It’s ALL about Love – A Sierra Essay and Vent

Spiritual Councils, Dolphin, Whales, and Human Assistance

Spiritual Gifts: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Spiritual Glass Cleaner – Learn about the things that need to be released or cleared in order to be a pristine channel of information or energy.

Spiritual Practice – In order to grow, heal, experience more joy, and thrive in life, you have to repeatedly practice all the spiritual skills that you’ve learned.

Spring Cleaning & Clearing of Body, Mind, Soul and Environment

Start Each Day With a Smile and Other Ways to De-Stress

Staying Calm and at Peace in the Face of Uncertainty and Chaos

Step Into the Truth of Who You Are, Who You Have Been, & Who You Are to Be with Lapis

Stone, Gem, and Crystal Meanings and Properties –

Stop Making Mountains Out of Mole Hills

Stop Sitting, Start Standing for Health with DIY Stand Up Desk with Exercise Option

Struggle, Strife, and the Stinkin’ Thinkin’ that Often Causes It

Stuart Wilde ~ a Tribute to My First Teacher and Life-Long Metaphysical Mentor

Summer Solstice 2010 and the Gulf Oil Spill

Summer Solstice, Energies of Manifestation, and Cultivating Your Dreams

Summer, The Secret, Expansion, Doing, and the Time of Action

Sweat Lodge – Are You Ready for a Deeper Spiritual Connection? – Learn about the sweat lodge and what to expect if you participate in one.

Sweat Lodges and James Arthur Ray

Sweat Lodge – Powerful Ceremony

Takara Goes on the Road with Dolphin and Whales Forever –

Takara’s Current Creations, Books, Programs, and One’s Being Developed

Takara’s Interview with Sarah Pencil on Awakening in Austin

Taking Responsibility for Your Health, Wealth, Happiness

The Benefits of Healing Trauma

The Blame Game – Do You Participate?

The Dolphin Journey of Self Discovery – Discover how life lessons and unexpected events can turn into a powerful way to heal emotionally and become empowered.

The Esoteric Side of Debbie “Takara” Shelor –

The Evolution of Energy Medicine

The Goddess Within by Debbie Takara Shelor

The Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing  – Join Debbie “Takara” Shelor and the dolphins and whales each spring and fall equinox for the free guided meditation, the Golden Water Activation. It assists in raising the vibration of all the water on planet earth – including the water inside your body.

The Healing Power of Shamanism

The Heart Test by David J. Adams

The Importance of the Content Above the Fold on a Website or Blog

The International New Age Trade Show

The Journey to Personal Freedom –

The Judgment and Hatred in Our World Needs to Change

The Kind of Water you Drink is VERY Important … Choose Wisely!

The Light Brigade (Light Workers) Have Been Called

The New Energy and Finding Center and Balance

The New Image for Magnificent

The Orca Lolita Tokitae Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut Finally Swims Free! – The article reflects on Lolita Tokitae Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut’s journey from captivity to freedom and her recent passing. It discusses how her story inspired the author to seek personal freedom and make life-changing connections, including a deep bond with orcas and dolphins. The author emphasizes that Lolita’s true essence transcends her name, emphasizing the love and soul resonance shared with her and the importance of releasing hatred and judgment.

The Past – Does it Stop You, Define You, or Support You in Becoming More?

The Past is the past is the past is the past…. GET IT??????????

The Power of Dolphin Orca Healing Energy

The Power of Gemstones and February’s Amethyst

The Power of Words – Using Conscious Language to Manifest Your Desires – Learn how the words you use can make a huge difference in manifesting what you desire. Conscious language has more power than you probably realize.

The Salvation Army No Support for Gays – Learning to Love, Honor, Accept, and Appreciate Everyone

The Significance of Dolphins and Healing – Discover how dolphins and dolphin energy affects humans on many levels particularly in the way of emotional healing.

The Spring Equinox Celebration Rocked – What a great spring equinox celebration can be like. What ceremonies are performed? What intentions are held? How the space is set.

The Technical/Medical Research Behind the BioElectric Shield –

The Trifecta of Transformation Video to Achieve the Noble C State

The U.K. to Censor Esoteric Websites

The Virginia Tech Tragedy and Planetary Healing – An alumna visits the University days after the Virginia Tech tragedy hit this college campus. Memories. Prayers for planetary healing of these terrible wounds.

The Wonders of Water – Discover the physical and metaphysical benefits of water.

There’s Only Plan A … Creation

There’s Only Plan A … There is No Plan B

Things Happen for a Reason ~ Even Terrible Things

This Spring’s Golden Water Dolphin Meditation was Very Powerful

Time to Shatter the Glass Ceiling and Achieve Equality for Women

Tips to Easily Spell Correctly Since In Business Spelling Often Matters

To “B” or Not to “B”

To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise – Saving Chase

To Everything There is a Season … hummm?

Tokitae (Lolita), Wild Orcas, & Captivity

Tokitae Song – Lolita We Love You – May You One Day Swim Free

Tools for Your Journey of Self-Discovery –

Tornados, Hurricanes, Mother Nature and Energetic Power

Trailer for my Bestselling Meditation Book, Peering Through the Veil

Travel & Experience Places & People Unlike Yourself to Appreciate Cultural Diversity

True Healers Are Born, Not Made – How to Tell?

True Responsible Spirituality – Learn what it takes to experience responsible spirituality. What is true power, leadership, support, friendship, and maturity?

Truly Great Video About Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

Two New Extraordinary Goddess Flower Essences – The article discusses experiences with various goddesses during guided vision journeys and the creation of flower essences from Lotus and Dahlia blooms, infused with their energies. It offers the opportunity to purchase these essences.

Use this handy reference table to help you choose the perfect flower essence, gem essence, or aromatherapy roll-on for your needs

Using Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products with a Group You Are Leading

Using the Platinum Ray to Neutralize Radiation and Nuclear Meltdown

Using Wordpad As a Plain Text Editor for Your Personal and Autoresponder eMails

Using Your Gifts, Talents, and Skills as a Spiritual Expression

Violet Flame Flower Essence Aromatherapy Mist – Enjoy the transformational properties of the violet flame in roll-on and mist form with the Dancing Dolphin Essence called Violet Flame.

Violence, Loss, Toxicity and Suicide

Walk-Ins, Walk-Outs, Possessions, and Upgrades –

What To Do When You Are In Reaction Rather than Response Mode

Want to Lose Weight? Eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup as a Smart Start

Want to Stop Lowering Your Vibration, Raise Your Vibration?

We are in Awe of the Illumination that is Radiating Forth From the Earth by David J Adams

We Are One in Light and In Love – We Are One

Welcome to Dowsing with Debbie

Well Behaved Women and the Girl Effect

Wellness – Taking Your Health Into Your Own Hands

What are Gem Essences and What Are Their Benefits?

What Are Your Highest Priorities?

What do Triple Numbers Mean? Or Crystals, Animals, etc.

What Do You Do When the Universe Sends You a Curve Ball?

What Does the Golden Rule Have to do with Education and High Self Esteem?

Whatever You Do … Make it Magnificent!

What Exactly Are Dancing Dolphin Aromatherapy Products and Flower & Gem Essences? –

What is All This Spirituality Stuff About Anyway? by Takara

What Is Self Love?

What is the Mission of Twin Flames?

What is Vibrational Medicine or Energy Healing? – A comprehensive article by Debbie “Takara” Shelor describing what Vibrational Healing is and how it works. Includes information about various forms of energy medicine including aromatherapy, flower essences, tai chi, hands on healing and more.

What Labels Do You Give Yourself and Others That Keep You From the Divine Truth?

What to Expect from a Long Distance Energy Healing Session with Debbie “Takara” Shelor –

What Will 2012 Bring You? by Michael Brill

When Dreams Become Reality – Attaining the Magnificent Self

When the American Dream Becomes a Living Nightmare – Discover how the American Dream is killing the American people – causing stress, disease, and making happiness that much harder to find.

When WordPress and Other Blogs Load Too Slow or Not at All

When You Are On Social Media, Be Social!

Where Are the Powerful Energy Vortexes?

Where Are You In Your Mourning Process? – Learn what the mourning process is and several examples of when it is required.

Where Do You Come From? Knowing Is Empowering

Where is Your Energy? – Maybe You Need a BioElectric Shield

Who Are the Dolphins? – Enjoy this article that explains what dolphins have to teach humanity.

Who Are you Being & What Do you Believe? – Free self-help article about discovering your Divine truth and what you believe. Discusses helpful ways to get to the truth including references to the Divine, the Bible, God, Lightworkers and more.

Why Dogma & Freedom Don’t Mix

Who Is In Your Inner Circle?

Who is Jesus?

Who Would You Spend A Day With and Why?

Why I Choose to be Pescetarian Rather Than Vegetarian for Good Health

Why Tropical Beaches?

Why We Absolutely Love the Pretty Woman Movie

Why We Study What we Study for Personal Empowerment and Spiritual Growth

Why WordPress Sometimes Kills My Creativity

Wild Dolphins and Whales For Me Thanks!

Will Humanity Ever Evolve?

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Winter Solstice – a Mystical Magical Time of Year for Celebration

Winter Solstice – A Time of Inner Reflection –

Winter Solstice, Yule, Love & Honor this Sacred Time of Year

Wise Women Global Gathering for Peace

Wolves Making a Positive Difference in Yellowstone

WOW, How I Love Pendulums and Dowsing

WOW – Lots of Energetic Clearing Needed These Days

You Are Never the Victim of Circumstances, You Are Always the Product of Your Own Choices

You Can Be Magnificent

You Can Be Magnificent ~ Interview Audio with Takara

You Can Change Your Life by Takara

You Have to Heal the Past in order to Manifest Your Dreams

You Just Never Know What to Expect from People

You Know When You Are In the Universal Flow – Find out how to tell if you are in the Universal Flow and discover the secrets to making it happen more often.

Your Heart Does Not Sit in Judgment of Others, It Sits in Oneness with Others

Your Opportunities for 2013

Your Passion is Calling – In this article about passion, you will discover why you are searching for it and how to know that you have found it. Includes an example.

Yule Christmas Hanukkah Solstice Traditions from Around the World

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