Giving Thanks for the Tax Man
“I’ve put it off long enough. Time to face the taxes.” I thought about posting that on Facebook recently and then I changed my mind.
Why not turn tax time into an exercise in gratitude?
Its not always fun to go through the receipts and fill out the forms or prepare them for the tax accountant. But what if I remembered why I’d made those purchases and all the people who’s lives I had the privilege of touching because I live in a country that lets me have my own business – a business of my choosing.
What if I allowed the receipts for:
  • bottles to be a reminder of the wonderful people who have received the energies and aromas I place into them?
  • organic coconut, jojoba, and red raspberry seed oils remind me of the joy on a person’s face as they begin to feel the energies when they use the products for the first time?the graphic designer to be a reminder of the amazing cover on my book, which eventually became a bestseller?
  • all the postage I’ve paid to ship products remind me of the connections I have with all those deLightful people who received them?
What if every single receipt was money given to a vendor that let them feed their children, or their employees to feed theirs, or allowed them to experience a fabulous vacation to somewhere they could not if they had no customers? What if paying money to these places is actually a gift to myself and to others?
Yes, that feels like the perfect way to prepare my taxes.
I encourage you to look at life that way. Where is the gift? Where is the blessing? Instead of getting upset about having a bill that its a stretch to pay, why not find a way to be thankful for the service or product it provided?
Every day we have the opportunity to smile and give thanks for the many blessings we receive. The more gratitude you experience, the more things you have to be grateful for. That is the Law of Attraction in action.
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