Global Marine Meditation every Equinox at Noon (wherever you are)

Global Marine Meditation

The Global Marine Meditation is held every Equinox (both Spring and Fall) at noon wherever you are in the world. Below are the words to the meditation.
Before doing the meditation, you may wish to visit the “Calls to the Heart” channeled by David J. Adams to help you set the right intention and focus to have while doing the meditation.

Global Marine Meditation

Blessed ones, I greet you and embrace you with the Rainbow of my Love.

Open your heart to the wondrous beauty that is each and every one of you. Feel that beauty grow and expand beyond the confines of your physical being.

You are Love ; You are Light ; You are ONENESS with ALL THAT IS.

Embrace the Light within yourself ; Embrace the Light within each other ; For in Light and Love we create the Brotherhood of Healing. Light Beings of all Dimensions are joined with you in Brotherhood, for you have called upon the power of Love to Heal the Earth Planet. Feel our energy join with your energy, open yourself to the purity of our Love. Allow our Love to flow into your being as a pulsing beam of Golden Light, feel it vibrate within you, attuning your Being to the great Cosmic Spiral of Healing. Let your own Love flow into the Spiral of Healing, that each Light Being may be touched and blessed by the Divinity within each one of you.

Now we are ONE, a single Heart, a single Voice, a single Soul in all Dimensions, fused in Love and Light to embrace and Heal the Earth Planet.

Focus on the Ocean that nurtures the Earth Planet. Imagine it in turmoil, abused and misused, filled with pain and despair, choked and dying. Weep for it, weep for yourself and all mankind, for as we destroy the oceans, we destroy ourselves. Let your tears flow. Open your Heart and your Soul. Do not hold back, for your tears will replenish and cleanse the oceans of the world.

Now see the water begin to change. As you share its pain, you ease its pain. Focus your Heart and Soul on the water. Feel the cleansing power of Love flow through you into the water. Imagine it as a pink Light flowing from deep within your Being, connecting you to the water, radiating outwards to embrace the pink Light of the person next to you and the person next to them.

See the water begin to vibrate with a new life, a new joy, a new purpose. As the pink glow spreads further and further from the shore, call out with your Love to all the creatures of the sea – to the Dolphins and the Whales, to the Turtles and the Dugongs – to all God’s creatures. Embrace them with your pink Light. Ask them to share this empowerment, to carry our message forth world wide, that this is a New Age, an age of Love and Caring, an age of ONENESS. Together we can create a new balance, a new respect, a new Healing.

Let your tears of pain become tears of joy as they flow into the sea, for we have accepted and joined the Divinity within each one of us. We have become a single Heart, a Global vibration of Love. We join together to empower the ocean with Loving energy that the ocean may be healed and nurtured and that the ocean in turn may heal and nurture Mother Earth.

Now, let your joy become the overwhelming, overpowering vibration. Express it as openly as you expressed your pain. Fill the sea with your joy. Fill each other with your joy. Fill yourself with your joy. Dance to the vibration of that joy. Sing with the Whales and the Dolphins, for we have not gathered together for a funeral, but for a birth – the birth of a new direction, a new spirit of ONENESS, a new joyful Healing.

You are Love. You are Light. You are ONENESS with ALL THAT IS. Embrace the Light within yourself. Embrace the Light within each other. For in Light and Love we create the Brotherhood of Healing.

PEACE, BLESSINGS, LOVE be with you all.

Blessed ones, I greet you.

Further information: Spirit of Crystals, PO Box 111, Old Noarlunga, South Australia 5168. (08) 8 326 4194

Feel free to photocopy and share this meditation with others.