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Free Guided Meditation Audios

Two deeply-relaxing & transformational guided meditations (vision journeys / shamanic journeys) gently guide you on a walk through a beautiful forest by bestselling meditation author, D. Takara Shelor.

Benefits of listening to these extraordinary recordings:

  • meditations such as these can help you de-stress, lower blood pressure & reduce brain shrinkage (aging), assist in focusing more fully on the present moment, enhance creativity, experience fewer negative emotions, and much more.
  • powerful personal transformation is made more easily possible when the brain is gently guided into the theta brainwave state (which these special meditation recordings do)

What’s Included?

  • an 8-minute meditation for those in a hurry or new to meditation, and
  • a longer meditation where you enter a sacred healing pool in the middle of a beautiful forest for those ready to truly relax and let go of all their cares and worries. Come out feeling completely refreshed and renewed!

Each meditation contains beautiful music, real ocean and whale sounds, plus binaural beats embedded underneath the music to gently take you into a deeply relaxing theta brainwave state where stress just seems to melt away.

Listen with headphones and enJOY!

” … this was exactly what I needed. Felt … like you were speaking directly to me/for me.” ~ Kate Buck Jr.


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