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It’s Time to Awaken
the Goddess Within

Is your soul longing for:
the mystical,
the meaningful,
the magical, &
the Divine …

Then we invite you to become part of the Sacred Circle.

EnJoy monthly “tune ups” of transformational guided energy healing meditations, energetic clearing, Divine activations, teachings on numerous topics, Q&A & community. PLUS enJOY some of Takara’s online programs as part of your membership!

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With Bestselling Author Takara Shelor

The Goddess Sacred Circle at Magnificent U
Tree of Life Sacred Circle at Magnificent U

Grow and evolve personally and spiritually

Sacred Spiral Goddess Circle at Magnificent U

Return to the sacred garden that is your true Divine nature

Yin Yang Balance Harmony Sacred Circle at Magnificent U

Find balance and harmony within

The Goddess Beckons

Oracle of Delphi Sacred Circle Magnificent U
Stonehenge Sacred Circle Magnificent U
Sisterhood Sacred Circle Magnificent U

If reading the Mists of Avalon awakens something deep within your soul,

Or the pyramids & other temples in Egypt whisper your name,

Or the volcanic power of Pele quickens the beating within your chest …

You are being called to the Sacred Circle.

If you long to commune with trees, animals, nature spirits, & the sea,

Or the sound of native drums pulses through your very veins,

Or moonlight, stars, sacred wells, and faerie glens make you giddy with glee …

You are being called to the Sacred Circle.

If Loreena McKennitt’s haunting Celtic vocals bring a tear to your eye,

Or you are intrigued by dragons and standing stones,

Or the thought of a circle of robe-clad women in a sacred grove stirs something deep within …

You are being called to the Sacred Circle.

If the scene in Outlander with women dancing and spinning near standing stones makes you stop everything and throw your hands up in the air, dance, sing, or even weep …

You are being beckoned by the Goddess to the Sacred Circle.

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Transform Your Life

” I am so grateful to Takara for all the love and wisdom that she shares in her healing, her meditations and her products! She holds us as a group and encourages our prayers and dreams in every way possible. Her wisdom and compassion encompass all dimensions, and create gateways and pathways to help shift our lives if we are willing. I have become so much more conscious, so much more aware … I don’t really feel like the same person any more. I’m a lot more connected to Source Energy, to my Higher Self. The meditations that you’ve done with us are incredibly deep and incredibly transformative. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us.” – Aliza Musleah, 

” I really appreciate your mentoring/guidance through your comments and group. I actually look forward to seeing your name pop up … because I always know I’m going to learn something.” – Kate Buck Jr., CEO & Social Media Strategist, KBJOnline

“Thank you so much for all you do for us all!!! I am forever grateful for the changes in my life through your teachings.” – Misty Gregg, The Sage Soapbox 

“Because of my struggle with ADHD I have never been able to meditate. I didn’t even think it was possible. I attended your guided meditation group and for the first time in my life was able to completely clear my mind and find complete peace. For the first time I had stillness! That led me to being able to meditate on my own and that in itself is amazing!” – Kristiane Lester

Meet Takara, Your Sacred Circle Facilitator

Takara has helped thousands of women all over the globe step into their true empowerment, discover their unique gifts and talents, learn to align more fully with the Divine, and get into perpetual flow with the Universe. She is the bestselling author of numerous books, has been “bringing in” guided healing meditations, insights, transformational energies and methodologies from multiple dimensions, and facilitated numerous women’s circles for over two decades. She began feeling “called by the Goddess” when she was 14. Through numerous synchronicities and an assortment of initiatory experiences related to the Divine Feminine and Avalon in particular, she has returned again and again to the sacred heart of the Goddess.

For her newest focus, Heart of the Goddess at Magnificent U, she is assembling a powerful group of wise women from numerous traditions and backgrounds, each offering unique skills and expertise in various Goddess-related subjects. Some of their wisdom will be shared inside the Sacred Circle.

  • "You (Takara) teach through story" - Colette Baron-Reid, famous author and oracle deck designer

  • Takara is a "Teacher of Teachers" - Richard Nicholson, famous astrologer / numerologist

  • Takara receives information from "an extremely high place" - Judith Moore, famous author and oracle

  • "Takara accesses 144 dimensions & all the planes & energies therein" - Cyndie Lepori, bestselling author and channel

  • Takara is the "Chalice of Divine Frequencies" and Queen of the Dolphins - Amanda Butler, Founder & CEO of Co-Create Your Success

Bestselling Author on Transformation and Meditation Takara Shelor
Takara Sacred Circle Magnificent U

What You Get Inside the Sacred Circle

When you join, you get training and support to help you come into harmony and rise in vibration.

Women praying meditating
Goddess Women Sacred Circle
Goddess Alter Sacred Circle
  • Powerful Guided Transformational Meditations

  • Energetic Clearing

  • Seasonal Celebrations

  • Exercises and Activations

  • Live Calls + Recordings

  • Online Training on Numerous Topics

  • Community of Like-Minded Goddess Women

  • Dolphin Healing Energy

  • Product, Program, & Services Discounts

  • A Safe & Sacred Space Where You Can Grow & Evolve

“Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. I’ve only just discovered your work, but already I want to spend the whole day reading. Your words help me to get past my own fears, and I know I’m not the only one.” – Caroline McGraw, creator, The Confidence Course Series, writer, A Wish Come Clear

“I am actually feeling odd but definitely in a great way…..a little younger at heart, a little less ‘weighted’ if that makes sense. Not taking things so seriously and I’m noticing how rushed the world seems. It’s refreshing …” – Kimberly Olah

” I just wanted to let you know that I have been feeling great since our group meditation. The synergy between the oils and your amazing guidance Takara, have created a much needed shift in my mind and body. Thank you so much.” – Patricia Kasik-Therriault, Albuquerque, NM

Participation in the Sacred Circle is Only $44 per month.

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