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Healing Can Be Easy with Vibrational Medicine or Energy Healing!

Wouldn’t it be an ideal world if all we had to do to overcome illness and disease was to lie back and listen to beautiful music? Well it’s not as far-fetched as you may think! From hands-on healers standing next to surgeons in the operating room to physicians calling psychics for assistance in diagnosis . . . the latest technology in the health arena is called “Vibrational Medicine” or “Energy Healing.”

Not Some New Fad!

Interestingly, vibrational healing is nothing new. It has been successfully practiced in numerous forms all over the world for thousands of years. Only recently has it come to the forefront in western society. That’s because scientists have finally developed instruments that are sophisticated enough to measure how and why this mode of healing works. Considered “quackery” in the past, many of these “alternative techniques” are now being used in tandem with mainstream medical treatment. My chiropractor has recently begun treating patients with acupuncture. The American Holistic Nurses Association is now training RNs to use therapeutic grade essential oils, also known as aromatherapy, in a clinical setting.

Ancient Indian texts accurately describe the human energy system. Information and diagrams not only detail where the main energy centers are located but also, what part of the endocrine system each energy center works with and how imbalances in the energy center affect the physical, mental, and emotional state of the person. Specific vibrational tools are suggested for correcting imbalances depending on the particular energy center involved. These energy centers and the energy field surrounding the body can now be seen using Kirlian and other special photographic equipment.

Vibrational Medicine Energy Healing

Tai Chi is a Form of Energy Healing

The Chinese studied human energy for many years and came up with their own unique methods of working with it. What they discovered is that just as we have veins and nerves running throughout our bodies, we also have lines of energy called meridians. If the flow of energy along these lines is moving smoothly, we are in a state of good health. If the energy is blocked or there is too much or too little energy in a specific area, we are in a state of dis-ease. Chi Kung and Tai Chi contain movements that open up the flow of energy along the meridians. Chi Kung exercises are designed to move and balance energy throughout the body. Tai Chi is a series of movements that works with the energy channels as well as increasing strength and flexibility of the physical body. It is now recognized by the MS Society as a valuable therapy.

Everything in the universe is energy. Nothing is actually solid. Instead objects are made up of microscopic particles vibrating at such a fast rate that they appear solid. Our limited sense of sight doesn’t let us see the movement, or vibration, of the particles. Every object, including human organs, have a natural healthy vibratory rate referred to as “resonance.” If a part of the body begins to vibrate out of resonance or harmony, it creates what we term dis-ease. Jonathan Goldman, a dear friend of mine and author of Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics, says: “If parts of the body become imbalanced, they may be healed through projecting the proper and correct frequencies back into the body.”

Vibrational Medicine looks at the energy anatomy within and around the physical body. Imbalances and disharmonies are treated using frequencies from flower and gem essences, sound, therapeutic grade essential oils, radionics, homeopathics, acupuncture, color, hands-on healing, crystals and more. Each individual sound, color, crystal, or flower essence has a specific quality that is beneficial for a particular human organ, system, or emotion.

Low Frequency Equals Poor Health

Researchers found that “the normal frequency range of the human body is between 62-68 MHz; but if it drops below that, the individual becomes a candidate for illness . . . Cold symptoms appear at 58 MHz, flu symptoms at 57 MHz, candida at 55 MHz, epstein bar at 52 MHz, cancer at 42 MHz. . “. . Stated simply, if we can keep the body frequency high enough, and well oxygenated, we will be free of disease.”

Disease Prevention is Possible

Part of the intense interest in the field of vibrational medicine is the knowledge that disharmony shows up in the energy field long before it becomes a problem in the body. If imbalances can be detected while still in the energy field, theoretically dis-ease can be avoided altogether. Another plus for vibrational healing is that it seems to have no negative side effects. It does, however, tend to produce more smiles, more energy, and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Most vibrational medicine techniques are complementary to one another and to traditional medicine.

Essential Oils are High Frequency

The higher the frequency, the more life force an object contains. More life force means better health.

Life force is called Chi in China, Ki in Japan, and Prana in India. Each of these cultures has developed elaborate ways for humans to increase and balance the amount of life force they have within their bodies. Researchers discovered that “processed/canned food had a zero MHz frequency, fresh produce had up to 15 MHz, dry herbs from 12-22 MHz, and fresh herbs from 20-27 MHz. Quality essential oils started at 52 MHz and went as high as 320 MHz, which is the frequency of rose oil.”

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to treat physical and emotional ailments. Jean Valnet, M.D indicates in his book The Practice of Aromatherapy that essential oils are not only used to clean and disinfect European hospitals, replacing harsh chemicals but are also used to treat patients and are sometimes even ingested. In one test, it was found that when a person drinks a cup of coffee, his/her frequency can drop by as much as 10 MHz. It can take 3 or more days for his/her body to return to its original frequency. However, if they use an essential oil of 75 MHz or higher immediately after drinking the coffee, his/her frequency returned to normal in less than 1 minute.

In addition to their use as vibrational healing, quality essential oils provide many other key roles in improving health. Essential oils serve the same function in the plant as blood does in the human body. Their complex chemical constituents cleanse, protect, oxygenate, nourish, and offer many therapeutic benefits. Many powerful essential oils have antiparasitic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. They also dissolve the petrochemical microfilm coating on human Growth Hormone (hGH) receptor sites. This microfilm prevents the receptor sites from receiving hGH properly which directly contributes to premature aging and a myriad of other health issues. That is why essential oils are included in my Dancing Dolphin Sacred Healing Oils and other vibrational healing products.

Negative Emotion Creates Disease

Gregg Braden, author of Awakening to Zero Point, Walking Between the Worlds, and many other books has research results which indicate that negative emotion causes the frequency of the body to decrease. On the other hand, feelings of love, joy, laughter, and other positive emotions cause the frequency of the body to increase. Jane Buckle, MD, international lecturer, and former Nursing Assistant to the Queen’s Physician of England, told me that if a person has an auto accident and doesn’t deal with the fear and emotional unrest that it caused, within 2 years it will show up as disease in the body.

The Harmonic Scale of Emotion, as described by Robert Tennyson Stevens, indicates which emotions are high frequency and which ones are not. The highest frequency emotion is enthusiasm. Love and joy also fall into this category. This is followed by pain (emotional or physical) which is followed by anger. The next lower frequency emotion is fear, which is followed by grief. Below grief is apathy. Finally, the lowest frequency emotion is unconsciousness (meaning it is so awful we have completely blocked out those situations from our lives). If we are experiencing anything less than enthusiasm in any area of our life, we have lowered our frequency and are running the risk of dis-ease. In order to be healthy, people must increase their frequency.

Energy Healing Vibrational Medicine

Much of my work and products address how to raise your frequency in order to stay healthy and happy. I often share unique exercises to help you heal the past permanently and keep your vibration high instead of being stuck in fear, anger, resentment, and the other lower frequency emotions. One well-researched technique for reducing stress and improving positive emotions is meditation. (I invite you to download my two free guided healing meditations here. I also have a bestselling book on meditation.)

Protection from Electromagnetic Frequencies and Negativity is Available

Most practitioners of Vibrational Healing use dowsing or a technique called Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine what frequencies would be beneficial for a person. If a product or frequency is beneficial the person will be strong. If the product or frequency is detrimental the person becomes weak. A test I often do as an example for my students involves a cell phone. When the cell phone is turned on, the person becomes weak. This happens because electromagnetic waves from the cell phone are disharmonious, disruptive frequencies for the human body. After spending a day at the office in front of a computer screen and under fluorescent lights most people feel wiped out. In truth, they are feeling the detrimental effects of electromagnetics in their energy field. Thankfully there are scientifically proven products, like The BioElectric Shield, that can protect a person from electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

Flower and Gem Essences Aid in Healing on All Levels

Flowers contain the greatest amount of life force found in plants. Flower essences contain the energetic signature of the flower trapped in water through the use of sunlight. Each flower represents one or more qualities or emotions expressed by humans. The use of flower essences aids in balancing those qualities or emotions. This in turn aids in healing the physical issues caused by the imbalances. One of the beautiful qualities of flower essences is that they are self-regulating. This means a person can’t take too much. When an optimal level is reached, the body and energy field simply stops accepting the essence.

Richard Gerber M.D. wrote Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves which is considered the definitive text on vibrational healing. In it he describes what he terms “The Human Multidimensional Energy System.” An egg-shaped energy field (or body) surrounds the physical body. There are several layers that make up the energy body. They go from the lowest frequency of the physical body at the center to higher and higher frequencies as you extend out toward the outer edge. The names he gives the various energy layers are the etheric body, the astral body, the mental body, and furthest out the causal body. Dr. Gerber indicates that homeopathy only works with the physical and the etheric bodies. Flower essences, however, work with all the subtle bodies, the physical body, and even higher spiritual bodies. Regardless of the origin of the problem – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual – flower essences can aid in healing. Many individuals and practitioners prefer my line of flower essences and aromatherapy roll-ons called Dancing Dolphin Sacred Healing Oils to all other brands. (I’ve heard many people say they are the most effective essences they have ever tried and professional dowsers indicate they are the highest frequency of any energy healing product they have ever tested. The video on the page you visit if you click the link above is done by a company that does aura videos daily of products. They contacted me after making this video and said “we’ve never seen anything like it, the person’s entire aura turned turquoise. Even the aura of the bottle is turquoise.”) 

Sound Can Be a Powerful Healer

Sound moves in waves through the air and is measured in cycles per second. According to my dear friend and sound healing expert, Jonathan Goldman, humans only hear within the range of 16 to 16,000 cycles per second. Dolphin sonar is around 180,000 cycles per second. Richard Daab, in an Interview with my friend Ilona Selke, writes that, “Dolphins recently have made the news as being better therapists than many humans. People in pain receive relief from swimming with dolphins when nothing else has helped. Autistic children suddenly become cooperative and interactive, where only a wall of silence was seen before.” Perhaps it is because dolphins emit such a high frequency that people experience healing while in the water with them. (Just as an fyi – I am adamantly against dolphin captivity, as are many of the co-authors in my bestselling book, Dolphins & Whales Forever. My Dancing Dolphin products and programs are designed to give people “the dolphin effect” without them having to be in the water with them.)

Healing with Sound can be accomplished in many ways. Sound healing practitioners can play instruments, use their voice, play CDs or stream music online. They can even have the client lie on a bed with speakers and circuits arranged so the music waves literally flow through the entire body. This special bed is often referred to as a “sound chamber.” At the beginning of the article I mentioned just lying back and listening to beautiful music in order to heal … this is what I was referring to. Remarkable experiences have been reported with the use of sound.

Jonathan Goldman and I have put together a powerful series of sound healing energy elixirs called The Essence of Sound. We’ve infused his sacred healing music into my Dancing Dolphin oils.

Hands-on Healing is a Powerful Way to Raise Vibration

Reiki and Therapeutic Touch are but two of the many names for Hands-on Healing. While a person sits or reclines, high-frequency energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to the client. The various types of hands-on healing use different hand positions and movements. Several scientific studies have been performed which clearly show that a greater amount of energy is emitted from a healer’s hands than from a non-healer’s hands. Apparently, we all have the ability to channel high-frequency energy through our hands. We simply have blocks in the energy channels in our body, which prevent us from doing it. Through the practice of Chi Kung exercises or the formal study of Reiki and other techniques, we are able to open the necessary channels to be hands-on healers. A few individuals are born with the channels open and they are considered “natural healers.” The most famous practitioner of hands-on healing was Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus).

At the beginning of the article I mentioned hands-on healers and psychics aiding doctors in their practice. These are the specific examples I was referring to. Julie Motz, a healer from the U.S. and author of Hands of Life, accompanies an open-heart surgical team. She does hands-on healing with the patient before, during, and after surgery. Recovery time is much shorter for patients who receive this treatment as compared to those who do not. Caroline Myss is a medical intuitive and author of numerous books including Anatomy of the Spirit. Norman Shealy M.D. began calling and supplied her with a patient’s name and age. With just those two bits of information she could provide a diagnosis of the patient’s medical condition, as well as the emotional trauma or belief that caused it, with greater than 95 percent accuracy.

Energy healing can also be performed long distance. I offer The Seed of Divine Restoration long distance energy healing sessions. Many people swear it was the single most transformational experience they have ever had.

Prevention is Always the Best Policy

Gabriel Cousens M.D., in the Preface to Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas, says, “Although we often misperceive disease as something that happens on the physical plane, the true cause of disease comes from a conflict between the mind and the soul. While vibrational therapies such as flower essences can help overcome these problems, even stimulating healing of physical diseases, inner tranquility and calmness to prevent and overcome the real causes of disease can only be obtained through spiritual practices such as meditation.”


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  1. Jim Kaszyk
    Jim Kaszyk says:

    Hi Debbie, Thank you for this great info! Could you please tell me how I might do frequency measurements like you mentioned… Researchers found that “the normal frequency range of the human body is between 62-68 MHz; but if it drops below that, the individual becomes a candidate for illness . . . Cold symptoms appear at 58 MHz, flu symptoms at 57 MHz, candida at 55 MHz, epstein bar at 52 MHz, cancer at 42 MHz. . “. . Stated simply if we can keep the body frequency high enough, and well oxygenated, we will be free of disease.”

    Thank you,

    • Takara
      Takara says:

      Hi Jim:

      I So wish I could help you with the frequency meter. The man who invented it, Bruce Tainio, sadly has died. When I contacted his family about the frequency measurement device, they said they wanted nothing to do with it.

      Doing a google search on “measure human body frequency,” I came across this: Not sure if it’s helpful. But you could continue with the google search and perhaps find something else.

      Best of luck,

  2. Delphi
    Delphi says:

    Great article! Music and sound are some of the world’s first medicines, used by traditional healers to cure illness and regain one’s spirit. Let’s spread the word how sound healing is important nowadays.


    allways remember to to thinkof more then just ourselves no matter how painfull or trubled we ared in our ownelives andyou will tend to see just how much we areall conected to everything around us like the trees or the water and the wild life
    it all moves through existance as ONE.


  4. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hi Tekara, i am contacting you to see if you would give me permission to use excerpts from this amazing article on the new Blog i am busy constructing called Cancer Buddy, to share my experiences. .
    I am 74 years old and live in South Africa where i manage a large charity that provides Community and Social development services and support to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families living in poverty ravaged communities. In August 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer that has spread into my liver, lungs, lymph and my entire bone structure. As i watched my wife pass away from aggressive chemotherapy in 2005, over a very traumatic period, I decided i would choose natural nontoxic therapies. I was very grateful to have found a local Energy Therapist with over 25 years experience working mainly with stage 4 cancer patients, as well as a very competent Chiropractor, my healing progress has been a miracle. My cancer marker was 2,800 in august ( 1-6 is the healthy range), and 150 in January, 5.5 in April, 2.8 in may and 1.99 in July. I am due for a bone scxan and a CT scan at the end of this month. Much of my postings will cover what these 2 amazing ladies have done for me, however i would like to include additional supporting information from your article over a period of a few months. Although i am still building the Blog and only plan to launch it in August, it is visible in its current uncompletedstatus, you could see iy at – Please let me know if you are willing to grant me permission, obviously i will include all of your references and the appropriate credentials in any Post i use your info. Suggest you reply on my mail address below.
    Thanks for the amazing article.

  5. Liliana
    Liliana says:

    Hi Takara,
    Thanks for posting all this valuable information and for giving your knowledge to all.
    My question is about patients with cancer. What could be a recommended essential oil and how to administer? This specific patient has also asthma and none of the four chemotherapies worked. He has lymphoma.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Takara
      Takara says:

      Hello Dear One:

      First of all, I’m not a licensed doctor and therefore can not diagnose or “treat” dis-ease. All I can offer is supportive suggestions for those in need. I actually create energy healing elixirs with aromatherapy added … not straight up essential oil blends.

      When it comes to the safe use of essential oils, I only turn to one source for advice: The Robert Tisserand Institute. His book is considered the bible on essential oil (EO) safety. He also keeps up with the latest research and I trust the things he publishes. I did a search on his site for you and found this: – It lists several articles specific to cancer patients and use of essential oils.

      Sending lots of love and healing energy to you and your patient.

      Many blessings,

  6. Marjorie
    Marjorie says:

    Thank you Debbie!
    Lots of great information here!…how about using a chart to determine the strength and health of the energy field, and what % our frequency is?
    Thank you again!

    • Takara
      Takara says:

      Charts are a great idea to check out various things. I would be careful trying to determine frequency. It is so easy for the ego to get in the way sometimes of getting an accurate reading for something like that.

  7. Sam
    Sam says:

    Great Article, I know quiet a few people who have practiced sound healing at Seeds of Satya and have sung its praises. She uses gongs and chants.

  8. Georgia Dee Salmon
    Georgia Dee Salmon says:

    Hi Takara, I was wondering if you have explored the changes that our devices make to sound vibrations. We can hear the change when we speed up or slow down our you tube videos. Do different device manufacturers devices function at different speeds and therefore frequencies…? So, if I play 432hz music on 2 different devices could it produce two different frequencies? How can be sure that 432hz music I listen to will actually be 432hz once it gets from it’s source to me? If it is different what would you suggest we do to get the actual frequencies we want? Singing? Playing instruments (gongs bells etc.)? Thanks for your time and help in answering my questions. Hope you are having a High Vibe Day : ) Georgia

  9. Glinda Neva
    Glinda Neva says:

    Hi! Thank you for this awesome and nutritive peace of information, I was wondering if you could grant me permisiion to use some of the data you gave us in my soon to be realese podcast “Sólo por hoy” (Just for today in spanish). I will of course give you credits for it, in the audio and in the written description of the episode. The firstt one is gonna be about vibration and how everything is vibration.

    The podcast is thought to be a space of self growth and self knowledge using techniques that i’ve encounter in my own healing journey. I’m a reiki practitioner and last year I had a mastectomy, and then went through chemo and even though I’ve always been close to the spiritual world, now I feel closer to it, and whats spirit if not pure love energy,

    Thank you so much for this,
    best regards,


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