Learn How to Meditate, Meditation Training Program

Meditation is the Answer to So Many of Life’s Problems!

When you learn how to meditate, stress, worry, and mental confusion can often seem to melt away!

Are you (or someone you know) concerned about:

  • health and wellbeing
  • aging and mental decline
  • stress
  • depression
  • making better decisions
  • having better relationships
  • growing and evolving personally and spiritually
  • finding your passion and true life purpose
  • experiencing more joy

In every one of those situations, if you learn how to meditate, you’re likely to find a solution. And taking a meditation course makes that so easy. It can be done any place, any time, by any one.

Many of the following benefits have been shown to occur in only 8 weeks of a meditational practice … even if you have never meditated before.

Girl Meditating Learn How to Meditate

When you are centered, balanced, and at peace, life just works better. From that “state of being” it is easier to communicate without getting upset. It is easier to deal with life’s ups and downs. It is easier to be in alignment with Divine flow … meaning conscious manifestation is easier to accomplish.


A few of the benefits of meditation (scientifically/medically proven):

Benefits of Medicine

  • inner peace during the meditation that spills out into the rest of the day. The longer you meditate (weeks, months, and years of practice) the more peaceful you become for longer and longer periods of time throughout the day.
  • calming of emotion – instead of reacting to events, situations, and people, you begin to thoughtfully respond. The emotions calm down and bursts of anger or sadness become less pronounced. Wild volatile emotions begin to subside.
  • lessening of depression and anxiety.
  • lengthening of attention span.
  • lowering of blood pressure and better prevention of cardiovascular disease.
  • increased creativity.
  • improved mental clarity and ability – meditation studies show that people who meditate (even those completely new to the practice) begin to create new neurons in the brain. Instead of atrophying, as is typical with aging, the brain actually grows improving cognitive function, working memory, even executive decision making.
  • pain relief – it has been found as a way to help reduce and cope better with chronic pain.
  • stress reduction is a major benefit – with the calming of emotions I mentioned previously and the ability to flow with life’s unexpected changes and pressures much better.
  • a decrease in mental aging – in one study 50-year old meditators (long-term) had the same gray matter as 24-year-olds. The increase in gray matter can happen in as little as 8 weeks of daily meditation practice.
  • migraine reduction – both in severity and in number per month according to one study.
  • improvement in sleep patterns – the reduction of insomnia.
  • decrease in PTSD and anxiety disorder symptoms have also been markedly lessened with meditation practice.
  • improved chance of cancer survival – a recent study from Canada showed that cells are actually altered in a positive way that can help protect from disease.

After listening to Sacred Healing Pool

” … this was exactly what I needed. Felt totally channeled – like you were speaking directly to me/for me.”

Learn How to Meditate people smiling in joy

Learning How to Meditate with this Online Meditation Course is Part of an Overall Program for Health, Wellbeing, Personal Empowerment, and Spiritual Growth

Those who follow my work will know that meditation is one of the five (5) foundational practices I suggest everyone do routinely.

The others are:

  • time alone in silence in nature (when and where it’s safe to do so),
  • exercise that opens up the energy channels in the body (Tai Chi/Chi Kung, yoga Sun Salutations, the 5 Tibetan Rites, etc.),
  • pendulum dowsing (for clearing, fine-tuning & radically enhancing intuition – I offer an ecourse on the topic), and
  • working with energy practices and tools that raise vibration (lifting you up energetically to a place where there is more clarity & insight and in which healing on all levels can happen more easily – I offer many energetic tools including the Dancing Dolphin Alchemical synergy line).

Why I Know So Much About Meditation and Why I Recommend this Learn How to Meditate Course For You Too

1 Takara Crop2I had everything everyone chasing the Great American Dream thinks they want. I had a prestigious job with excellent pay, a gorgeous little red sports car, a handsome man in my life, a fabulous house, and I got to enjoy exotic travel really often. I was an engineer and the only female manager at the pharmaceutical manufacturing facility where I worked. Forty people reported directly to me. I was at the top of my game …

But along with the “great” career came a ridiculous amount of stress.

The place where I worked was installing a plantwide computer system to handle inventory, materials tracking, etc. It was my job to implement the system “on the floor.” I had to teach big burly material handlers (guys who hauled all the products and packaging materials to and from the line) how to use a computer. Some of them were uncomfortable just using calculators. As the system went live, every five minutes my name was paged over the intercom and I ran from one data entry disaster to another all day long. Sometimes several employees would be waiting in line to ask me questions and every answer I gave directly affected the bottom line production for the day.

One of my employees pulled me aside one day and shared that I looked like I’d aged 10 years in the last year. Sadly, when I looked in the mirror I had to agree with him.

The stress was literally killing me.

Soon after that, I woke up one morning feeling well and called in sick. In the next moment, I was crumpled on the floor crying hysterically having flashbacks of being raped when I was 18. I was now 33. I’d successfully kept the memories at bay for 15 years. But all the stress and all the worry blew the lid off my ability to suppress the memories any longer.

I hit the wall … and hard.

I took an extended leave of absence and sought all sorts of help. At first, the help was from psychologists. But soon it was as if a switch flipped somewhere inside and I suddenly “knew” things … my intuition just seemed to suddenly “turn on.” Suppressing the ugly memories had also been suppressing my spiritual gifts. Once the memories were no longer suppressed, I quickly began growing personally and spiritually. I felt guided to read specific books (over 300 in a 2 year period) and seek support from energy healers, shamen, spiritual teachers, meditation instructors, and so much more.

One of the greatest transformational tools that I was “inspired” to study was meditation.

It literally changed my life.

I went from a place of being constantly stressed and terrified of rejection, failure, and not being good enough to the extreme opposite: developing a profound level of inner peace and happiness, the ability to flow with life, a greater level of clarity and Divine connection, the ability to let go of the past, to live fully in the now, to receive profound insights and inner knowing often … the list of positive benefits keeps going.

Going Deeper

Over a period of more than 20 years, I was guided to experience numerous forms of meditation. So many forms, in fact, that I wrote a bestselling book on the topic. From all the study and experience, I came to the same conclusion about meditation that my metaphysical mentor, Stuart Wilde, had concluded so many years before. The fastest way to transform your life is using a guided meditation while you are in a theta brainwave state.

I spent 10 years looking for the “right” background music and sounds to gently guide you there. And, finally, I found it!

Each of the carefully selected guided meditations that I lead you through in the Magnificent U Meditation eCourse Program contain beautiful music, ocean and whale sounds, plus binaural beats designed to gently take you into a theta brainwave state where powerful transformation is made possible.

All you have to do is listen with headphones, follow my voice, and enJOY!

What You Get When You Learn How to Meditate with the Magnificent U Meditation Program

Free Meditation AudioIntro audio – A short introduction to meditation and what to expect as you progress with the program. (8 minutes)

Deeper Clearing – a clearing exercise demonstrated in the video (bonus) on energy clearing. A 4-minute deep cleanse of your body, mind, emotions, energy field, home, vehicle, the place you work, etc. An extremely important cleansing ritual to do routinely to stay in a pristine state of clarity without negative energetic interference. (4 minutes)

Magic Pool – a quick and effective 8-minute healing guided meditation for those in a hurry. (8 minutes)

Deep Forest Blessing and Relaxation – a delightful journey through the forest to de-stress, relax, connect deeply with nature and your true essence self. (30 minutes)

Receiving Insight Seeking Answers – discover a magical library hidden in a sacred forest. Meet your own personal guide and be shown around the library. Find answers to your questions. (13 minutes)

Sacred Healing Pool – a deep deep dive into healing and transformation. A nurturing experience being bathed in the magical water of a sacred healing pool. (37 minutes)

Meet Your Dolphin Guide – a powerful shamanic journey to meet your very own guide in dolphin form offering wise counsel. (13 minutes)

Step Into Your True Magnificence and Success – an empowering guided meditation that gets you in touch with your legacy and true success. It also assists you in finding those things that are in your way. (7 minutes)

The Magical Realm – step far outside “normal” reality and travel to alternate realms to encounter places and beings such as faeries, star beings, angels, and more. (27 minutes)

The Temple of Magnificence – An extraordinary experience inside a sacred healing temple that takes you to a whole new level of being, an energetic healing, blessing, activation, expansion of the pranic tube allowing in even more light and Divine wisdom, and an upgrade (literally a shamanic soul retrieval). (39 minutes)

Temple of Magnificence Revisited – A full-blown Initiation inside the Temple of Magnificence. Receive activations, upgrades, and a whole new level of empowerment with this meditation. (23 minutes)

Soundscapes – The same powerful theta background music used with the other meditations except without my voice guiding you. With these recordings, you can enjoy your own unique meditational experience. (10, 15, 20, & 24 minutes)

Chakra Healing Pool – This guided meditation is just over an hour long. It takes you on a deep journey into the chakras for alignment, balance, activation, clearing and more. The music is a little louder than with the other meditations so you go into an even deeper place within for this guided journey. (1 hour)

Receive Your Sacred Healing Gift – Originally intended as a meditation to heal the oceans, this powerful guided meditation provides you with a powerful healing tool to use anytime. (24 minutes)

Singing Crystal Cave for Healing and Rejuvenation – An experience deep inside a beautiful crystal cave. Includes an inner balancing exercise from the Huna tradition. Experience a form of tonal alchemy within the cave that moves throughout your body. Experience the vibrations that occur when I speak the Language of Light for healing, rejuvenation, and empowerment. (23 minutes)

Rainbow Chakra Clearing – A powerful clearing and reharmonization for in body and higher chakras. A deep deep clearing using rainbow light. It is step 1 in a 4 part clearing process … part of Harmonic Restoration, the Divine Alchemy of Healing(TM) This meditation is in video format. In the beginning, I describe the various chakras with a diagram and then the meditation starts. As always, listening with headphones will help your brain slow to a theta brainwave where transformation is more easily possible. (26 minutes)


Bestselling Meditation Book Peering Through the Veil

Bonus #1

A PDF of my bestselling meditation book, Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace.

Bonus #2

Video demonstrating an easy and highly effective method to clear out the negative energy in your body, mind, emotions, energy field, home, vehicle, place you work, and more.

Chakra diagram

So What‘s It Going to Cost … I’m Sure You Are Wondering