Recently I was asked how to develop psychic ability and intuition. I’ve been immersed in vibrational healing and subtle energies for so long that I forget what a foreign subject it is for most people.

We ALL have the ability to SEE, HEAR, and FEEL the subtle vibrations emanating from the energy that exists all around and through us. I call these the subtle, psychic, or intuitive skills. All of us have these abilities. Few people have them “turned on.” Telepathy, ESP, being clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and all the rest are God-given talents we all have access to.

How to Develop Psychic Ability

Most people are born with all these abilities.

A small child might tell their parent that there is someone standing in their room. Since the parent can’t see the “being,” they tell the child that there is no-one there. They often start making fun of the child and saying the “boogie man” is going to get them or they accuse the child of lying and actually punish them. Either reaction makes the child question what they thought they saw – because parents know everything. And, the ability is shut down in the child. By the time a child is in the first grade, they usually have completely shut down these psychic abilities.

A few people are able to maintain these subtle psychic skills. They often are ridiculed as being weird and they themselves often wonder if they are really insane – hearing voices or seeing things that others don’t see.

As we grow and mature in our spirituality, we begin getting back in touch with these psychic and intuitive skills. In the beginning, we may only have access to one. Or, one of the skill sets is easier for us.

I personally FEEL things – meaning I am clairsentient. I have an inner knowing that is beyond the rational mind. I hold a crystal and I FEEL a pulse or vibration or warmth or coolness. I’ve always loved feeling things. I walk through clothing stores and touch the fabrics. I love the softness of a dog or cat’s fur. I love the feeling I get when I step into warm water – in the bath or the tropics. I love how a storm feels – the power, the wind, the intensity of energy. I can feel the anger, tension, or love in a room – or a person.

I HEAR and SEE on occasion as well. I have found that taking a Shamanic journey or participating in a guided meditation allows me access to these subtle psychic skills.

Some people HEAR voices or sounds. That is called being clairaudient. Many of you have experienced hearing a ringing or high pitched tone in one ear for a short period of time. At first, you may think that it is a hearing problem or some mechanical device nearby. It is actually high-frequency tones being sent to you. Many people literally hear angelic choirs singing.

Energy is vibration. Everything that exists is giving off a vibration. All vibration creates sound – usually out of our hearing range. Some people can tap into that. Your guides and angels, nature spirits, the ascended masters, etc. are all present right here right now. They just exist in dimensions that vibrate faster than ours. Most people can’t see or hear or feel them because you have to raise your own vibration in order to tap into those dimensions.

Everyone has one or more Guides that work with them and communicates continuously with their soul. Some people actually SEE these beings. It may be crystal clear, as real as you and me, or it might be a very bright light, or ghost-like, or shadowy. I’m sure there are as many ways to see them as there are people.

People who SEE are always commenting about the dolphins they see around me. A person who can “see” psychically is called clairvoyant. I often hear that there is a 6-foot dolphin just behind me and to the left. I just have to take their word for it because I haven’t seen it myself. People can literally see angels and archangels, fairies (fairy’s), ascended masters, negative or detrimental energies, energetic cords – the list is endless.

I must interject a word of caution here. Whatever a person hears, sees, or feels is tainted by their own beliefs, fears, and judgments. A person may hear voices – from a very high vibrational being such as an Ascended Master. But, what the voice says and what the person hears can be very different. Never blindly believe what a person tells you they were “told.” Check it out in your own heart and see if it feels like truth. If a person is caught up in their own anger, fear, past life crap, disease, or whatever, what they tell you isn’t always 100% accurate. So, please use caution. This is also true of books, seminars, well-meaning friends, etc. We are all human and all have limitations. Channeling can be fascinating, but the information is only as clear as the “channel” it is coming through.

I personally have very strong intuition. I’ll be talking to a person and I’ll just have a KNOWING about something I need to tell them that will help them in their life journey. As I begin to speak the words I often receive a confirmation about the TRUTH of them by having chills and rushes of energy run up and down my body. Often others receive the same chills or rushes of energy as they hear the words. Because I am a FEELing person, my subtle skill confirmations come in the form of feelings. Someone else would hear a voice saying yes or see something that is a confirmation of what their intuition is telling them.

Tears are another tool that my guidance uses to point me in a certain direction. If I read, hear, or see something that speaks to my soul, tears will form. I’ve learned to acknowledge the tears and follow the guidance. It has always led to magical things.

You can “tune in” to plants, animals, crystals, anything really. You can tune in to why the car broke down. It is as simple as asking “What message do you have for me?” or “Why did this happen?” The more you practice, the better at it you get. Clear yourself by working on eliminating your beliefs, fears, and judgments and then play with subtle energy often.

Some powerful ways to enhance your intuitive skills is by spending time alone in nature, in silence, and in meditation.

One of my favorite tools for developing your psychic ability and intuition is called a pendulum. You clear it. You practice with it until you constantly get clear yes and no answers. Then, if you aren’t sure what your heart is saying or you ask your guidance system and aren’t getting a clear yes or no answer, you can ask the pendulum (the device that assists you in getting messages from higher wisdom). It is a great way to begin. After awhile, you will know the answer before you ask the pendulum and the pendulum is simply a confirmation. Dowsing, focusing on the pendulum, and asking questions of the Universe, helps a great deal in increasing your sensitivity to subtle energy and developing your intuition.

Dowsing for Divine Direction – ONLINE

In this hands-on class, discover how to effectively use this incredibly empowering tool for healing, insight, enhancing & fine-tuning intuition, finding lost objects, clearing, personal transformation, decision making, and much more. As with all of my  products and technologies, I offer insights and enhancements that I receive directly through Divine Revelation about unique ways to better utilize this very empowering tool. Find out why people the world over have been dowsing for thousands of years, including notables such as Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci.

I highly recommend the mastery of this tool to everyone.

Step by step instructions to learn how to: 

  • choose the perfect pendulum to get answers about your health, relationships, career, and more,
  • hold a pendulum so it quickly and effectively gets to the answers you are seeking,
  • know when to dowse and more importantly, when not to,
  • use charts for the fastest answers to your most pressing questions,
  • frame your questions for the best, most accurate results,
  • program your pendulum so you know it’s coming from Divine wisdom and not “somewhere” else,
  • practice dowsing so you can feel confident in the answers you are receiving, and much more.

Pendulum Dowsing is my favorite tool for radically fine-tuning and enhancing your intuition. It’s something I’ve been teaching for nearly two decades. My initial training was with Walt Wood, former head of the American Society of Dowsers. She went on to learn additional techniques from numerous dowsing professionals including Raymon Grace.

Learn how to pendulum dowse here!

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hi,i always been interested in my physic abilities and in ghosts.i resently when to a median and she senced i have abilities which made me want to learn more.when i was little i saw spirits and i heard things but now i hardly do.i want to be a median one day but how can i practies my abilities more???


Hi my names Tony and you just gave me an idea.  Well I’m not home now but when I do go back I am going to find a median and see where I stand in abilities and what I need to do in a positive way to enhance a possible gift and knowledge.


I have abilities and have been trying to tap into them more than ever now than I did before. I can see spirits and they can talk to me to to pass along messages to loved one. I just don’t know how to fully develop all my abilities. I get the high pitch ring in my right ear every day as well. any help would be appreciated.


If anyone was actually “psychic” it would change the entire world. If you are “psychic” why would you ever need any money? I believe that 95% of so called “psychics” are frauds. The other 5% are delusional


I personally do not believe that anyone is all-knowing.  But I do believe that the universe works in such a way that people get feelings when something is about to happen, or see signs, etc.  It’s no different than how the full moon works with the tide and affects us.  We come from the earth.  It only makes sense that it would affect us.  I would never claim to be all-knowing, but when something bad is about to happen in my family I can usually feel it coming.  When someone is pregnant in my family or will be soon, I dream about pregnancy, death, and major change.  I am, by no means, psychic, but I follow and believe what my body tells me, and 9 times out of 10, it’s been correct in my life.  I can’t speak for others, but you thinking that I or people who claim to be psychic are frauds or delusional doesn’t hurt my feelings at all, and is absolutely okay. :)  I myself know that unless I feel, see, or hear something for myself, I have a difficult time believing it.  I wish you nothing but good if you’ve earned it and hope you’ve had a happy and fulfilled life since this post (3 years ago).


Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.


Thank you for your insight!

For liedetector… you really don’t need to interject your opinion on a matter you don’t believe and on site where others are seeking. If you are not into this site, just move along, everyone stopping by did so of free will.


I dont know how to access my abilities but I am constantly being communicated to by either spirits or im going crazy,  which all I see is glimpses out of the corner of my eyes or I get this feeling Im being stared as almost as if there is a party going on and I cant see the guest I will be doing nothing and I will hear a person talk to me on the right side of my ear but interesting enough its not a scary voice, a womans voice almost warm feeling to it, literally seconds and gone as if someone leans in and talks not a whisper just a voice out out the blue or sometime I will feel hot breath in my ear as if someone wanted to speak and they stopped themselves. There are times I feel the air almost as static next thing you know it garbage lid fly off garbage when its been secured or a glass in a shelf will shift or I will feel like finger running through my hair. Rumors are in my family that my grandmother was a gypsy and she always spoke to spirts but she died when I was young so I dont really know if they stories are true. I just want to know if I have some type of ability or am I going crazy.

These are my experiences I have had occur, making me believe that I may be a medium or someone with just coincidences occur alot.

-Dreams with people I have no clue who they hell they are, but they are always talking or im watching them as a tv show in my dream.
– High pitch ringing and static air when crazy stuff will occur
-I dont know if this is a ability or not but since I was a child I can wake up at anytime of the night on the dot by simply talking out loud in my room and if I said I need to wake up at 5:45 I will get shaken out of bed or a voice and woke up on the dot sometimes pushed out of bed.
– The hairs on my neck are constantly going up as it gets later in the night
– This experience happened twice to me when a family member has died before I am notified I have started crying uncontrollably at the exact moment of their death to realize when notified when they died I had cried at that time earlier.
– have had conversations like normal conversations with people I shift my head and they are gone, maybe Im just going crazy
-I cant enter funderal homes because I feel heavy like heavy pressure when I enter funeral homes same with hospitals.
– I cant sleep with the light off because I always see things in my room Im a grown man but its almost as if the light keeps the weaker ones from bothering me
– Have had moments I woke up and felt pinned to my bed this occurred a few times in my life like I was being held these occur all the time when I have slept with the lights off.
– weird gut feelings to not do something than moments or hours later the even that was to occur happens to someone else, example I was a kid hanging on the corner with friends, heard my mom yell to come in, run to the house wondering why my mother was screaming and mother telling me she didnt call for me, 5 minutes later a shoot out occurred on same corner. another example I had a job interview in NY and that morning I had this bad feeling in my gut and a voice ringing in my ear to go back to sleep like a nagging voice, I got sick to stomach went back to sleep, my interview was at the world trade center the day that the attack occurred if I would of went I would of died my interview was on the top leve with merrily lnch. Another time I was living with ex girlfriend and she was telling me she was someone else, different name and everything all day, I thought she was having issues, and at the end of the day of my girlfriend acting weird she said ty for talking to me all day and so you know Im sorry for possessing your girlfriend next thing you know my girlfriend goes to sleep and woke up and she remembered nothing, I thought it was a bad joke but nothing she remembered she still thought it was that day and was screaming at me for letting her sleep all day. Well I got more stories but these are just example, am I going crazy or do I have a gift I dont know.



I’m so intrigued by this and want to learn more.

I’ve always had really great intuition, when something isn’t right or something is going to happen, my stomach is in knots. I used to not pay any attention to it, but as I’ve gotten older I started trying to figure out what it means. I will get a thought telling me to grab “something” before heading to work. Sometimes it seems like it’s just to stall me for a few more minutes, sometimes it’s something I will need later in the day. I often get a ringing in my ear; I always just say someone is talking about me. I look at the clock every time it is 11:11. I often pick up my phone right before I get a call or text, which is always an odd feeling. It’s really hard for me to not absorb the energy others are giving off, such as if someone is angry around me; I feel angry, same with sadness and happiness.  I read about one of my friends having poison ivy on Facebook, I woke up the next day with poison ivy. I read about one of my friends having an eye twitch on Facebook, the next day my eye started twitching. On Vacation 2 years ago, while my husband, I and our neighbors were driving down to Florida, my neighbor said his ear had been bothering him. I ended up having an ear ache in the exact same ear he did the entire vacation. We both walked around with cotton in our ears. His was due to a hole in his ear drum; I had no explanation for mine. I also have a tendency to say exactly what this neighbor was about to say or was thinking about saying before he does. He is always like; I was just going to say that. Are these things coincidental or am I just being crazy? If I think about someone I haven’t heard from in a while, I get a random text or phone call from that person, sometimes right then and there, sometimes the next day. I get random cold chills as well, just out of the blue, I’m super cold, and then I’m fine again. Sometimes when someone says you will never get what so and so did, I just spit it out without even really knowing what they did, and they are like, how’d you know? I have no clue how I knew, I just did. It’s all very strange, but I want to know if there is any significance to any of this.

Sorry this was sooo long. I end up writing novels….


Hey schaef, you are going to have to somehow learn to block this stuff.  Obviously you are sensitive, I don’t need to tell you, you already know this (but need confirmation).  All I can suggest is once you hear/read/see/feel – flick it off of your fingers (as if you are drying your hands).  Imagine the emotion or ailment and flick it off.  It is important to watch your hands doing this.  Just drop it and don’t pick it back up again.  You will understand what I am saying when you do it.  Heed my warning – Taking in these emotions and ailments onto yourself can be dangerous.

Also what has stood out to me in your story is – 11.11.  I don’t know from what country you come from, but I am an Australian.  On the 11th day of November is our “Remembrance Day”, and on the 11th hour we have a minutes silence to remember those who were killed in WWI.  This came instantly to mind when I read it.  It may mean something – it may not; you would have a better feeling of it’s value.  Obviously you are being told something, if/when possible, slow down, an close your eyes. Trust the images that come to mind.  You will have doubts, is this real or my imagination (that is normal), but you will know in your heart what feels right; go with the flow.  No doubt, you will get an answer to your “why 11.11?”.  Blessed be schaef.  Trusting in yourself is and can be scary.


Hahaha – my name says it all. I have been a sensitive all of my 45 yrs, but not understood it.  A circle of women who are like-minded have crossed my path, and now I don’t feel so alone “freakish or abnormal (crazy)”, and have helped me understand more about myself.

My earliest memories are of “seeing and feeling” without being alarmed.  As I grew older, for some reason I grew to fear the things I was “seeing and feeling”.  So whenever I felt/saw a spirit (instant goosebumps and feelings of being watched) I would tear out of whatever room very briskly and surround myself with loud television and family; that still happens now and again I must confess.

Now that I am older and more in tune with other people; with a touch more life experience, I find I can tune into other people’s emotions and on most occasions, the spirits that are around them.  I hear or feel words or a brief sentence.  I can also place where they are “standing” around that person.  It is hard to explain, so I am doing my best to explain it.  (I can also find spirits in a house/location the exact same way.)

Along my life’s journey I have been confused with “paranormal” and where on earth do I fit into that.  Am I an obsessed ghost hunter come psychic come witch come sensitive clairvoyant wannabe (hahahaha)?  What the hell am I?  This self inflicted pressure became all too stressful; so I slowed the pace down by not trying to put myself into a pigeon hole.

Since then I discovered that to build my psychic abilities I had to accept myself and not look for a label.  I’m me.  I can do this and this and this.  I’m not abnormal or freakish and most importantly – I’m no better than anyone else. I’m me. Since accepting me, I find that the messages come in louder and clearer.  I have more confidence relaying the messages and I’m not doubting my abilities (as much), thus allowing me to be of more help/support or whatever to the person I am talking to.  Bottom line – I took the focus/energy off of my martyring self and onto the ability instead.

I am not interested in which part of my brain or how much of my brain is used (who really cares?).  I can do this.  Forget all of the jargon – face it, you got an ability.  Stop juggling with it in your head (am I or aren’t I?), and get to work. Use it.  The more you use it, the stronger it gets.  This is my philosophy, and all you can do is try it.  If it doesn’t suit you; try something different. I promise I won’t be hurt.


I agree with Megan and helpme ! Think of it like broadband only small amount of it the bandwidth from each section gets used ! To its full capacity .


it’s not that there is one specific area not being used, every part of the brain is used, just not to the extent that it could be used. We have the ability to use it more than we do, when you close your mind to a possibility, the possibility no longer exists


I followed what you said, I followed it so well that it scared me. I hope you are real and that I am not some freak of nature who senses things that no one else does.

Angelrose Marjorie

Hello.I have these tendencies where a thought suddenly passes or forms in my mind and they actually happen sooner or later, making me feel like “de javu”, like the thoughts are being projected physically. also it feels like  what’s happening in reality happened in one of my dreams before and i just can’t pinpoint when or if i really did have it some nights passed, and that they are being played again in the real world making me wonder if i’m daydreaming or just hallucinating.; Also there’s this, when something catches my attention/eye and suddenly i just get this feeling that later in the day, i’m gonna have a need for it.for example, i get a feeling that I should bring a bandage and sure enough, later in the day someone’s hurt and has a need for it(sorry for the lame example). i’m curious if I really do have the ability or if those incidences were just plain coincidence. It honestly scares me sometimes. and you mentioned that there are those people who can hear weird sounds especially a ringing in an ear, and yeah, i often experience it(i noticed it when i was listening to a professor’s lecture, and it happened several other times too) and even considered going to the doctor. it all just happens suddenly. i would just suddenly find myself spacing out or catch myself wanting to carry something, i would cover my ears hoping to stop the ringing as well but it’s no use, it would go on for a minute or more maybe. I’m not sure what i should really ask i just want someone to tell me if these are nothing or if i should worry about something.


Hi all,i need to know if i am in tune with spirits.for quite a number of months now i have been awoken around 2 to 3am,as though im being nudged awake,my alarm clock as been making strange beeping sounds all through the night but not in the day.but the strangest one yet is whilst standing on my landing i heard a very loud high pitched unhearthly sound,a noise like a bird makes but on a much higher frequency,this carried on for approx 5 minutes,changing notes some sounding like talking,others singing.please can someone enlighten me as to what could be going on,im not mad by the way


This is very interesting…today i have been looking for more answers on spiritual and metaphysical things…and i happened upon this website. Now, about a week ago or less i took a picture of these clouds. They were diff. to me. I didnt see anything specific. I stopped on the side of the street and took the picture of it. Later on the next day, i actually looked at the picture i had taken. I immediately realized i had taken the picture of a dolphin in the sky. It was amazing. Also on the left cloud, there is a clear (to me at least) face within the cloud. I cudnt explain it, but i just KNEW this was meant to be and that the dolphin was somehow connected to me specifically. And through me, to you, i have found the connection. I dont know it all, but i have been struggling very much with a higher power or forces being with me. You saying that we all have guides constantly with us has truly helped me and is exactly what i was i was guided here for.Thank you for helping my guides tell me they are here through you.They directed this moment. I will never forget the woman who dances with dolphins…

Kelly Laemmle

Thank  you-  I am feeling just like you describe on your web page.

This is all very new for me.  I am 34, and have been hearing, seeing, and feeling these spiritual things/gifts from god for about a year now.  I believe my gift was truly given to me the day after I helped save a man from suicide.  Thank you for your help.


I feel energies around me all the time. my daughter who’s 16, when she was 8 she felt ‘things”  when my mother passed away in 1995, i felt her and smelleed her!  my daughter has had children visitors in her room  for the past 3 years.   And the weird part of it is that little kids always follow her, living or dead!  I feel the other person’s “alter ego”   I can feel what they are thinking and want to say.  I feel like someone is looking into my window but nobody is there kind of feeling.  i can always know when my mom is around because i can smell her favorite perfume. I can hear her saying my name as if whispering as well as a sense of calm.


Hi Debra,

Like you i too just know about certain things.And i frequently hear sonds like radiowaves in my ear. I would be interested if you could gude me to someone in India who could help me develop and channelise my abilities. eagerly wait for your response


What am I?I can SEE,FEEL and HEAR.


Lately I have been able to hear what people are thinking before they say it, or even if they have no intentions of saying them. I’m curious if there where ways to control such things, becuase i dont want to continue to be surprised when i say something they werent thinking of voicing out loud. Not only have i been able to “hear” what people are thinking but i have been able to do it at somewhat of a distance. I cant do it on command or even control it when i do, and i would like to learn how. If you can help me Thank you so much. otherwise thank you for trying.

Dante Bernardino

Hi, I want to Enhance my ability of being psychic,, but how



Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information and insight!  I sometimes feel things too, such as when I see a scar it creates an uneasiness on my own body in the same location. I never realized that this may be intuitive because I had never heard of clairsentience before.


hey, my name is joseph cristpher johnston, i live in lake echo forrest drive , i have known i was physic for about 5 months now, i have up to 30 people a day communiting to me, people are trying to steal parts of my physic abilty, i have recently tryed to commet sucide and fear hosplition, i need help on how to turn it off for good. there are love spells and black magic hexex being put on me evrey day all i want is some peace and quiet, i would abreacet it if u e mailed me befoure u tryed to contact me, like i said i fear hosplition, whenu contact me dont belive any of the things you may hear they are lies. these poeple that i use to go to school with are communiting to me in my head and pertty much harresing me, this has been going on for a few weeks now and as im typing this they are trying to intrept my thought patterns, they also are projecting them selves into my subcouses mind i cant help but feel helpless. e mail me at us2b7@hotmail .com. iv tryed several time to reach out for profecional help but i cant seem to find any, ps i looked this up on the internnet, they are feeding me negtive engery and keep useing vooodo spells and black magic they aslo clam they can take my physic abilty. im not crazy. tap into my physic abilty first i have reason to belive that a ex high school crush is goin on my hotmail


I turned 55 November 1, 2011. For my birthday I went and received a free aura cleansing. I have never done anything like that before. Today I began reading on vibrational frequency. Now I desire to raise my vibrational frequency to 500 or above. I want to share some thoughts with you. I am spiritual, not religious. I believe in the Creator. I desire to receive the gift of psychic, psychometry, and raise my intuition ability. I also desire to learn remote viewing to help me as a consultant or private investigator.

Once when I was 6,7, & 8 years old I played the piano by ear. That was a gift.Then one day I fell off a swing and hurt my head. I was in a hospital and diagnosed as being epileptic.I have not played the piano since then. I read that persons can acquire a gift called Lucid Dreaming. In this Lucid Dreaming I could learn to play the piano better than before, but I do not know how to Lucid Dream. I do not possess any college degrees. I am logical. I do not consume liquor nor alcohol. I do not smoke. I do not consume any type of drugs I take L-Glutamine to control my epelipsy. I do pray to receive gifts and have persons who can help me with those gifts, put on my path, so I may learn from them. All these years and finally at this age I desire to acquire all these gifts. Could it be that the Creator planned to bless me with these gifts at this time? Could it be that you Debbie are the person the Creator has put in my path to help me somehow acquire these gifts? I can hardly wait for you reply.  Alfred

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