Improve Intuition with Pendulum Dowsing Expert Interview

Recently I was interviewed by Monique Boudreau Farrell for the Ultimate Power Series about how to improve intuition. A few of the things you will discover in this interview:

  • learn how pendulum dowsing can radically enhance and fine-tune your intuition, as well as help in so many other ways.
  • the 9 things standing in your way … no matter what you are seeking to attain such as better health, relationships, finances, more happiness, etc.
  • the 5 practices I recommend everyone do to become centered, balanced, and at peace, find their joy, live their passion, and rise in consciousness and awareness.



Takara: I’m good. Hi everyone!
Monique: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Takara: Sure. I was an industrial engineer working in pharmaceuticals manufacturing and I was a frontline supervisor and manager in pharmaceuticals manufacturing. I went through horrendous horrendous stress. I had 40 people that directly reported to me and every day my name was called over the intercom like every five minutes. People would wait in line to ask me questions and so eventually all the stress of that was just too much. I hit the wall and kind of had total mental / emotional meltdown. The reason I melted down is because I had suppressed so many bad memories. I had stuffed emotional mistreatment,  rape, I had all kinds of stuff that I had successfully put a lid on and didn’t deal with so that I could go out and be super successful which I was. But this stress took that lid off and all these emotions came flooding out. There’s anger. There’s sadness. There’s fear. There’s all this junk. I had no idea what to do with any of that because I never felt any of it before because I always just stuck it over there somewhere.
So in the process of putting myself back together, having realized oh my gosh I was raped and oh my gosh you know all this other junk, I got help. I got psychiatric or psychological help. But even the first couple visits I went to that person, it’s like
when I took the lid off the suppressed emotions, I was also taking the lid off of intuition. And as soon as all this stuff came spilling out, it’s like the switch just went flip to “on.” Suddenly I knew I needed to go here and I knew I needed to read this book and I mean it was wild. It was totally wild. It was very fabulous. But I
think that anytime we suppress anything, we’re also suppressing our spiritual gifts like clairaudience, clairsentience,  clairvoyance.
So what happened is in the process of waking up and having these intuitive promptings that say you know go to this bookstore, purchase this book, I learned to meditate. And the very first time that I ever did a guided meditation, I built this huge medicine wheel in my second bedroom. The first time I ever like walked the wheel in my mind,  I was at the south direction,
watching in my mind a coyote be very crafty and silly and you know it was being frisky and the things that coyotes do and all of a sudden it started chasing its tail, which is not coyote
behavior right ,but it in my vision whatever it was chasing its tail and the, next thing I know as it’s spinning around it morphed into a dolphin.
Monique: Wow
Takara: And it was my first dolphin encounter. And from that moment forward, every time I close my eyes to do a guided meditation I would see dolphins everywhere and I could feel them. It was like I was in the water with them. It provided a massive amount of emotional healing for me. So I went from very very left brain logical engineering manager, you know award-winning multi-million dollar project manager to okay now I see dolphins and do energy healing. It’s quite an interesting path I’ve taken.
Monique: That’s amazing. So the dolphin is your spirit animal?
Takara: Yes definitely. Definitely. And I would say very
specifically the Orca. Okay yeah I would say specifically the Orca because eventually I quit that job. I couldn’t handle the stress anymore and I moved to the San Juan Islands and I lived near the Orcas. You know, I could see them every day.
Monique: Wow yeah that must be not only amazing but calming.  I love watching videos with dolphins. I just saw a video with someone on a horse and the dolphin there.
Takara: Yes
Monique: Did you see that video?
Takara: Yeah I have. It’s, well, I lead a Facebook group. It’s all about wild dolphins. So anytime anything goes around, we put it on there. So I see most things that go around with dolphins in them.
Monique: I was like these dolphins just wanted to play with this horse. I thought it was so amazing and they are so
calming. They are. So it must be an amazing magnificent magnificant magnificent experience when every time when you close your eyes or do any readings and they’re there with you right?

Takara: Right. And my clients are the same way you know. I’ve got clients that were drawn to my work and then they’re drawn to dolphins and one of them recently said she was doing this meditation. She’s meditated for years and she said the next thing you know, there’s dolphins all over the place. She was laughing. It was adorable. They’re energy healers and I believe they are the messengers excuse me of the Divine Feminine. They bring nurturing just like the ocean you know it’s very nurturing loving Shekinah Holy Spirit kind of energy that they bring.
Monique: Very very interesting. I’m gonna have to look up more about dolphins and maybe try and find what my spirit animal is. I think that that’s something that I want to look into and I hope our audience wants to find more about what their spirit animals are and bring comfort from that. But you yourself have enhanced and fine-tune your intuition to such a degree you’ve had some extraordinary experiences. Can you tell us a bit about some of those experiences?
Takara: Right. Well you know that first experience of you know turning on the intuition. Since then, that was like 20 years ago or more. Okay, so since then all I’ve done is fine-tuned and enhanced, fine tuned and enhanced, fine-tuned and enhanced intuition. So because I’ve done that and a lot of tools that we’re going to get into in this interview,  I sort of just get these promptings.
These “like do this” now kind of instructions okay it’s not for me for me it’s you
know I’m sure there’s people on this summit talking about the difference between hearing and seeing and sensing
okay you know there’s people that there’s $0.06 their intuition is they see a flash they see a vision they see a
video me seen dolphins that’s not my normal what I call Claire hey I’m Claire
sentient I know and I feel that’s my normal thing so when I say I just know
really I just know so it wasn’t like I heard a word because some people do some
people hear clairaudient Li and they they hear instructions they hear the angelic choir they hear one of my
friends hears poems and songs it’s really interesting want you when she
asked question she literally gets words come to her that she hears and they always rhyme
it’s like wow like that’s amazing you know because it’s not coming from her it’s so fabulous
well anyway following that inner knowing that is a feeling a just an inner knowing I was able to close a business
deal in literally five minutes Wow that’s one thing I was able to get divorced in an hour and 15 minutes in a
state that supposedly they’d actually done in the newspaper there recently
there had been a write-up that said it took 51 days in New Mexico to do a
do-it-yourself divorce and I did it in an hour and 15 minutes Wow because I
absolutely knew that those papers had to be signed and given to the court on a
specific day was just burning in my head that it had to be a specific day so I
followed that instruction you know the most magnificent thing the most like
mind blowing deeply blessed things so far is that following a tuition I was
able to live on a million-dollar yacht in Fiji and the South Pacific Wow so
pleased that I got to see the dolphin swimming wait sorry how long ago was that that was four five years ago not
that long Wow and so you’re right there with all the dolphins and dolphins and gorgeous
water sands and island hopping we went to where they filmed the Blue Lagoon we
went to where they film cast ways we Island hopped all over the place it was amazing it was totally totally amazing
I’m not in it transforming totally and
if I had not followed whims of thoughts that’s what I tell people follow those
little whims the ones that if you’re not really paying attention you don’t even notice that you had that thought like
when I have a thought that you know I wonder what so-and-so is doing I stop ever
and I call that person and whenever I do that what ends up happening is the
person will say I was just thinking of you where they say that they had just
put up a call to the universe for help one of those two things is always what happens whenever I think was someone and
then I call but following intuition these little stray thoughts that’s how I manifested that trip and if I had a you
know I I didn’t like you know search the web or anything it was just through all these crazy synchronicities that seemed
to have nothing whatsoever with that end result well but I followed them thank
you so how do you know it because we all talk to ourselves right how do you know
if it’s your intuition and not just you talking to yourself
okay so later on hopefully as we have time we’re going to talk about some
specific practices that I recommend okay but one of those things on that list is meditation okay and if you do deep
meditation there’s there’s a place I believe we’re all I mean we’re all trying to evolve and grow and become our
highest potential a spark of divinity radiating out our I are I am presence I
mean ultimately being loving being kind you know manifesting what we want all
that sort of thing but I think what comes along with that evolutionary process for us is a state I call it the
noble seas where you’re calm where you’re clear you’re confident you’re
divinely connected and you’re courageous you take these big leaps me going on
that trip was a big leap okay and and but there’s this like again clarity and
calmness when you meditate and do these other practices we’ll talk about you get
into that place and so when you have thoughts
there’s a feeling to them and you’re operating from your heart you’re not
operating so much from the mind I mean yes you use logic you don’t do silly things and get yourself into
compromising positions and potentially lacking safety or whatever but you follow your heart you follow your
passion you follow these swims and the more you do the practices we’re going to talk about the more you will get in tune
with your own intuitive body your own feeling body and so this feels good this
feels bad I mean that’s the end of it like you just can tell this feels an official this feels detrimental you know
and so when you have these stray thoughts there’s no emotion okay they’re
they’re not a worry they’re not a I wonder if there’s things that just flit
through out of nowhere really like they’re not you contemplating they come
in like from over here somewhere and they’re not anything you were thinking about that’s how I know okay do you want
to tell us about the five practices to help us yeah so the first one we
mentioned already is meditation yeah you know I mean I wrote a best-selling book on the subject talking about a bunch of
different methods because there’s no one right way mm-hmm just like there’s no one spiritual path
that works for everyone there’s no one right way to meditate and so I gave a
whole cornucopia of different ways but to get really really deep and to really
get into a tossed calm state of being what I highly recommend is guided
meditations that get you into a theta brainwave all right and the kind of the
only way to get into theta I mean there’s a few ways to do it with specific music but you got to know what
the music is and the musician playing it has to know that it does that right but
their binaural beats that put you into a brainwave they’re usually if done well
get you in a hidden position like it’s you can’t hear them okay they’re buried in the music and then
someone guide you through a meditation that’s a really that step that’s number one okay number two is some sort of
practice that opens up your energy channels and I know of three that
specifically do that one is Tai Chi and Qigong two is the five Tibetan rites and
the third one is yoga Sun Salutations where you do multiple repetitions of
that which is the one of those that I do every every morning I meditate and then I do several set you know whole things
of yoga Sun Salutations and then another one is time alone in silence in nature
only when that’s safe okay take a friend and then you both go into silence for a
while do whatever you have to do the fourth one is called dowsing with a
pendulum and not that many people know about that not that many people have
heard of it but what it does is it fine Tunes and enhances intuition faster than
anything I know even though I mentioned meditation before it’s sort of a toss-up right but dowsing with a pendulum really
really fine Tunes your intuition and sort of turns up the volume on it so that you’re more aware more aware of the
visions more aware of the audio more aware of those feelings those sensations in your body and then finally I think
that doing stuff that raises your vibration like working with energy tools like crystals and color and sound and
like I have products that that do that as well there’s a hands-on healing Reiki
and that sort of stuff all of those things raise your vibration so those are the five so yours you would say the most
effective would be the meditation in the dowsing right those are a toss-up for me
that like they’re both I’ve been meditating everyday religiously no matter how I felt or whatever for twenty
years Wow but as soon as I learn to meditate I I’m sorry as soon as I learn to dowse I started
dowsing every day okay so I do I incorporate the truth is I incorporate almost all of
those every single day just because I believe that they’re all important but
you you know you take it a step at a time you learn this thing and you learn that thing and you make it fit into your schedule and because you need to be a
priority yeah and for a lot of people that are joining us they may never have meditated
before and it’s to find like you said there is different different types of
meditation and it is to find the one that best suits suit like who to bring
you and your mind and your you remind in your heart into the calmness that what
meditate should help open and open up the channels right soundly everyone
needs to and you said it perfectly everyone’s spiritual journey is different in how they are the pasta
they’re taking so for everyone just even because the meditation just starting
just to calm your mind it’s a big thing and to learn that type of meditation I
think it’s that’s a those five practices are very very interesting um there was
another question um I’m just sorry just reading this here the nine deadly sins
that that are holding back people right from reaching their highest potential can you expand a bit on on on what what
they are what they are and what it’s about okay so I’m one of those people
that you know I send up questions like I ask the universe questions all the time like I want to know this and sometimes I
find out the answer right away through like synchronicity read this book or some friend says some something right
but I asked the universe for a finite list of the things that are in the way
what is keeping us away from being happy what is keeping us away from being healthy what is keeping us away from you
know being successful as we define success and having great relationships and all those things and so it didn’t
come right away but eventually this list did come in okay okay I gave it the name the nine
deadly sins just because it’s fun you know it’s like give it a name okay these are the nine deadly sins because I
believe sin is wrong thinking okay and every one of these is how we’re thinking
wrong and most of them are not conscious thoughts their subconscious thoughts
mm-hmm but every single session we do class we take private you know life
coaches and healers and we’re all working on these nine things we’re
really trying to heal and release these nine things so here they are ready yeah first of all I usually write them down
and I didn’t so I’m gonna count on my fingers and hopefully I’ll remember them all okay the first one is fear and we
know I mean you know we fear everything and the three main fears the three
biggest fears are fear of abandonment fear of unworthiness fear that we’re
unlovable and don’t you find were taught a lot of those fears as we grow up absolutely absolutely and they were
taught to us because the people before us also believed them and we now know
that all these phobias and all this fear and all this crap passes down through the DNA we are just literally this
garbage dump of DNA bad mental junk right anyway the fear is number one okay
number two they all kind of go together but number two is limiting beliefs all
right we have limiting beliefs I’m too young I’m too old I could never do that they’re richer they’re I don’t know you
know we just put limits on herself I’m not good enough about everything about
everything we have limiting beliefs about everything number three fear living beliefs
judgments I’m scouting my finger’s regimen what we judge oh my goodness
that trips us up every time things we judge about ourselves things we judge about others I mean every one of these I
could do a whole seminar on each one great we don’t have time anyway okay
expectations expectations of ourself expectations of others
should should should should write that word a yes horrible man yet we all run
this we we all are working on all of these all the time okay like we you
never get to a place sadly where you don’t have some of these right you you
can heal tons of them truly but then every time you try to step up to the next level you want to grow you want to
do something new like when I went from being somebody who sat behind a computer
and and had a bunch of followers to a person that became a best-selling author there was huge hurdles I had to cross
inside yeah hey you have to become the person that’s a best-selling author and it wasn’t the same person that wasn’t
yet you know so there’s all that stuff so judgments and expectations
attachments to outcomes you can tell people have serious issues with
attachments because when a computer breaks down or their car breaks down okay when things don’t go the way they
anticipated people throw fits they like freak out they get angry they’re like ah
you know and that’s how you know there’s work to do in that area right because
the right thing to do if you’re calm and centered and balanced and you’re in harmony with the divine you’re like oh
this moment doesn’t look the way I thought it was gonna look what should I do right now okay and like literally you
can get to that place where in every moment no matter what the chaos no matter what the confusion no matter what
is going on and who’s being crazy you’re just like okay that’s what’s happening right now how can I respond to that what
action should I take to get out of this situation or you know take constructive actions to like I don’t know get
somebody fix the tire right so so attachments to outcomes that’s usually anger we get very very angry and
frustrated every one of these trigger us into going into negative emotion so we
have negative emotion that means there’s stuff stuff we can work on which are all these things okay the next one is guilt
guilt oh that’s a big it’s huge yeah and again that sort of ties in with
the shoulds from the other one but guilt is how destructive you know which and it
goes right along with the next one which is shame no you know and and anyone
anyone who’s been raped or had something like that go on they run shame they do thirsty there’s
ways to heal it but that is one of the thin your instantly you feel tainted you
feel unclean you feel ashamed right there is nothing that damages your
self-esteem more than that okay hugely detrimental and can be healed
I mean all of these can be worked on can be removed can be dissolved and and
fixed um so we have guilt shame the next one is blame okay
but it goes right along with the next one which is victimhood so feeling like
a victim poor me oh my gosh this happened when I was young so I just can’t ever you know that’s just a story
right everybody I know has those stories everybody has something somewhere along
the way that doesn’t go their way and it’s like we need to get over that stuff we need to stopping feeling like a
victim and those are the nine deadly sins those are I like how you said you
said at the beginning you gave it a name it affects everyone to a certain degree
but each one ties in with the other right all I’m going to tie in and it’s
amazing with because I earlier talked about it that internal dialogue yeah and
most people’s internal dialogue is you know judgmental to them towards himself
shame towards himself guilt and it’s like we wouldn’t say the things we say
to our self to our friend right right right it’s if so it is amazing hearing
you know you know you’ve listed them the nine and they are there are the dead nine deadly sins to your own happiness
exactly that people are facing day in and day out and right I like
they can be dissolved I like Edward dissolve and it’s it’s connecting not
only the mind thinking these things but the heart right right absolutely
absolutely so can you tell us about because we’ve talked about it a little
earlier in your when we talked about the five practices the dosing because you
you’re offering us of course I am so yep tell us about that so I teach dowsing I
teach pendulum dowsing and like I said it’s one of the fastest ways I know to rapidly fine-tune in and enhance
intuition and basically what you learn is how to ask questions of the universe
basically when you pick up a doubt a pendulum this is one I have laying here okay and and anything will do even I
teach people I don’t know if you can see that can you see okay I don’t know if if like people can use them you can use a
necklace like it doesn’t have to be a formal thing but you learn to ask questions and to get answers from your
higher self from your guides it’s it’s a way like when you pray you’re saying
you’re saying to God the universe your higher self whoever you speak with that you want help or you you’d like you know
assistance or or thank you or whatever you’re doing oh your intuition is the response that
you’re waiting for okay and this gives you the answer alright
this helps you it makes it a two-way street this communication and so it’s
super empowering you can figure out what’s the best vitamin a I should use should I take this job promotion should
I move across the country um you know it’s great for decision making it’s
really really good for picking supplements you know is is it your
intuition is as working through that pendulum and when you ask that question it gives you the answer can you maybe
answer that first and I’ll get excited with my question when we do my course
okay there are other people that teach it the American Society of dowsers has to programs but when I started working
with dowsing I received intuited was given a page worth like an entire page
worth of commands basically that program the pendulum okay so when I pick this
pendulum up this is my dowsing system even if it’s not my pendulum it’s my
system I’m calling in my Higher Self I’m calling in my guides is now a healing
device it’s now clearing device it you know it takes on all this other additional meaning and so when I pick up
a pendulum I’m saying that I will not mine you know my Higher Self I want you
to come in guides I want you to come in and together knowing my aspirations
knowing my desire to be healthy happy successful as I divine success that I want to make a difference in the world
for like all kinds of people knowing that or whatever I specify mm-hmm what
is the best course of action give me yes give me no give me a percentage I often check the percentage
of truth in a book sometimes I look at my email and I go show me the benefit or
detriment of reading this email you know and just like out okay now you don’t get away with that if it’s like your mom
right like he expects you to read her emails but you know it’s a way to make
decisions it’s not the end-all tool if you know it’s not like turn your life over to this device and like DES there
are people that take it to the extreme but it’s like one more piece of information to help you make great
decisions okay and so it’s it’s really powerful and along with it there’s
bunches of videos there’s a book that I wrote about it that comes in eBook form there’s a bunch of bonuses I even have a
dowsing app so the charts that I teach you how to use from yes no to
percentages to benefit detriment to all these charts that you can use you can literally pull it up on your phone and
like just douse right over your phone so there’s a and there’s also a tool that I
created which you spoke about in the beginning you want to know your totem
animal yeah I created a tool it’s a it’s a book that
I charge forty-four dollars for just separately but it’s part of the package that you get as an e-book thing where
it’s all these charts and one whole section is totem animals and so you
literally can dowse for your totem animal Wow yeah that sounds really interesting yeah
I got another quick question about the dowsing because I’m really interested in about about this and I think our viewers
are going to be as well can you with your pendulum could you answer will it
answer questions from other people or do does everyone have to do it to themselves right well I mean you can’t
ask for other people yeah all right but I put a lot of cautions to that okay in
the book that I wrote that people get I I’m very I there’s a lot of cautions around that one you don’t have
permission to invade somebody else’s privacy right oh you only ask questions for someone else if they ask you to
unless it’s a small child in your care like your child or something right so
there’s a whole bunch of scenarios where you should or you shouldn’t right but one of the things a lot of people ask if
they’re dowsing is may I can I should I before so you get the answers to those
so if somebody else wants an answer mm-hm you say okay may I ask this
question for them should I can I you know all that yeah and based on the
answers you know you can proceed I don’t like to get into projection mm-hmm I
don’t go Oh should I play that’s you know lottery today or should I get into the stock market or you know I look more
at what can benefit me now mm-hmm and it’s also great great great for
clearing energy for yourself and your home and your car and your kids because it makes a huge difference
I mean radically huge difference to just clear with a pendulum when you’re feeling off and off center and you do
this every day I don’t I don’t do clearing every day I pick it up I pick up the pendulum and I ask questions
every day but they’re clearing I do periodically always when I’m doing classes
online or whatever we all do them together we all douse clearing together but I do it when I’m feeling off-center
or if I’ve had a really strange conversation with someone and I feel weird afterwards you know or if I’m if
I’m having these thoughts that don’t feel like mine I’m an empath so I do attract and pick up other people’s
energy if I’m not feeling normal then I clear with a pendulum I pick up
people’s energy and it’s I try to ground myself but this this is a new and
interesting way you know to try and and clear that because it when you’re
picking up someone else’s energy sometimes it’s it’s very uncomfortable
well it is and and one of the cool things is when you know how to dowse mm-hmm you know how to just ask a simple
yes/no question which is like the first thing you’re taught right mm-hmm you the first question you ask is this weird
feeling I’m having is this mine mm-hmm is this my stuff like am i upset about
something that I’m not realizing or is it’s not mine because if it’s not yours instantly you can clear it instantly
with the pendulum oh that’s cute it’s huge I mean it’s fabulous it sounds huge and it does sound
fabulous that’s all right such amazing amazing information so I am
the one one final question for you the car you’ve given us so much information
today you’ve given us your time and we I really appreciate it how could I be of
service to you Wow Wow I don’t know come visit me sometime I
don’t know um I that’s such an
interesting question just tell people I’m a valuable an out here you know for
sure so I’m gonna get it with that sorry I was gonna say you know try some of my products and then tell people you like
them if you actually like them mm-hmm I’m going to I’m definitely going to be looking into it too
some of the stuff that you do because I I find it so interesting and like I said it’s so helpful
it sounds like transforming mm-hmm so I want everyone to check out two cars she
also has a frequent free gift check that out and check out her website wwm a
efficient eucom so that’s magnificent letter EUCOM and check out what she has
online and find out all the trans transformational stuff she has to offer
so I want to thank you Takara very very much from the bottom of my heart I want
to thank everyone who’s joined us today and until next time many many blessings
I’m your host Minik barrel number five bye bye

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