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How to Manifest Your Desires, Letting Go of “How”

  When learning how to manifest your desires, NEVER get hung up on how the goal arrives, what it looks like in the end, the “how” of the way it should come into fruition. I have the perfect example to share. I’ve been wanting to take another cross country trip so I can stop in Austin […]

Travel & Experience Places & People Unlike Yourself to Appreciate Cultural Diversity

  Every time you go somewhere new, you become a new person … with a new perspective, new experiences, and new insights. The more you travel and experience new things, the easier it becomes to appreciate cultural diversity, and to transform your life. Tears started streaming down my face as I read the article and […]

Wild Dolphins and Whales For Me Thanks!

I can’t see a dolphin in a tank or a pen, even in a picture, without shedding a few tears. I have been shown again and again that their freedom represents our own freedom. I long so deeply for humanity to wake up and be free of their own limitations, fears, beliefs, judgments, expectations, mistreatment […]

Summer Solstice, Energies of Manifestation, and Cultivating Your Dreams

  Ah, glorious summer!  For many, it is a time of joy, For me, it is a time of joy, sunshine, water, and outdoor activities. Having spent grade school in Texas, a few years in Southern California, and 10 years in New Mexico, I adore the sun and the warmth and activity of the summer. […]

Nirvana and Living in a Spiritual Location

Someone was discussing how many people complain about living in a Spiritual Wasteland and think it would be much easier to live in a community in a spiritual location. Someone else in the same discussion mentioned how living in a place like Santa Fe or Taos would be absolute Nirvana. Both agreed that one can […]

Beginning Each Day in a Natural Way to Improve Health and Reduce Stress

Beginning Each Day in a Natural Way Starting your day this way will improve health and reduce stress. Find out how. How do you start your day? I begin my day before 6 a.m. – before anyone else is awake in my household. I intend to wake up that early and I do so without […]

Manifesting, Law of Attraction, Creating Your Reality, and Being in Joy

In my Manifestation Mastermind, I share many tools, techniques, guided meditations, and ways to heal inner issues in order to harness the Law of Attraction and create the reality you desire.  Some people on a spiritual path go into a state of simply allowing, simply accepting whatever is and whatever comes without having any desires. […]

Homeschool Parenting For Successful Open-Minded Kids

Parenting isn’t easy. Homeschool parenting is even more of a challenge when the goal is to develop successful open-minded children and adults. As a homeschool parent, I definitely take the “parent” thing much more seriously than some. I took the school’s responsibility completely out of the equation. It was both a terrifying and deeply humbling […]

How to Develop a Deep Nature Connection

People today have lost their nature connection. Instead of sitting on the earth, they now sit in a vehicle while stuck in traffic on the way to a building where they sit all day at a desk under artificial lights.  I have never understood the mentality of abusing and mistreating others, animals, or the earth. […]

Trailer for My Bestselling Meditation Book Peering Through the Veil

For anyone looking for a meditation book to help them become centered, balanced, and at peace regardless of outer circumstance. Meditation is the answer you’ve been seeking. In my bestselling meditation book, Peering Through the Veil, I walk you through numerous forms of meditation and help you experience and sample them all so you can […]