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Dolphins Dolphins Everywhere with the Dolphins & Whales Forever Book Tour ~ 9

This is the nineth post from On the Road with Dolphins & Whales Forever book and event tour. To read the first post, visit this link.To read the additional posts, visit the links at the bottom of the page.

We arrived in Oceanside in the late afternoon to meet Laurie Reyon and several of her friends who had gathered there to enjoy a meal and the book signing event later that evening.

The following day we drove to Dana Point to enjoy a boat trip where we saw 500-600 common dolphins, a few sea lions, and 5 blue whales.

Dolphins, Whales, Dolphin trip, Roberta Goodman

The next day I put Roberta on a plane back to Hawaii. What a wonderful adventure we shared together!

Have a deLightful day,

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P.S. To find out more about the the Dolphins & Whales Forever book, visit this link.

Takara Shelor, Roberta Goodman, Laurie Reyon Dolphins & Whales Forever

Takara, Roberta, Laurie, and Master Cat Puddah

Takara Shelor, Roberta Goodman, Laurie Reyon

Continuing to speak about Dolphins & Whales Forever after it became chilly in the evening

Laurie Reyon Master Cat Puddah

Laurie and Puddah

Takara Shelor book signing

Takara signing books in Oceanside, CA

Roberta Goodman

Roberta speaking to the group before our boat trip began

Takara Shelor Roberta Goodman

Takara and Roberta

Takara Shelor, Laurie Reyon, Roberta Goodman

Takara, Laurie, and Roberta being wind blown on the boat

Blue Whale

Blue Whale

Common Dolphins near Dana Point, California

Common Dolphins near Dana Point, California

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