Dolphins & Whales Forever Book Tour 1

The Dolphins & Whales Forever Book Tour and Adventure Begins ~ 1

This is the first post for On the Road with the #1 bestseller, Dolphins & Whales Forever, book and event tour with Roberta Goodman and several other authors from the collaboration. Visit the links at the bottom of the page for the additional posts.

I headed out on Tuesday June 24th to drop off my son at the Charlotte, NC airport and to begin the 6-week book tour adventure with Dolphins & Whales Forever.

Things started off a bit rocky as his plane was delayed. All air traffic was delayed going through Dallas because of storms.

Once he was safely aboard, I started heading south. I ended up in a major traffic jam in I-26. Things were backed up for miles and I was caught up in the mess for 2 hours. After that I was too wiped out to keep driving. So I stopped for the night.
The next day I arrived in FL and proceeded to drive almost all day making my way to Crystal River and Aripeka. There, I got to meet Roberta Goodman for the first time face to face. Roberta and I have known one another through email, phone, and skype for about 17 years or so. I’ve been her webmaster for about 10 years. So we were very excited to finally meet in person.
We spent the evening enjoying time and great conversation with two of Roberta’s dear friends and one of the delightful mermaids of Weeki Wachee.
Roberta’s friends gave us a tour of the surrounding areas. We got to see the gulf from high atop a viewing stand at a park. While there we saw otters.
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Dolphins & Whales Forever plane delays

Plane Delay in Charlotte, NC

Dolphins &Whales Forever dolphin statute

Welcome to Florida

Dolphins & Whales Forever Aripeka Florida

Aripeka, FL

2014 06 26 08.26.21

We were staying at a place that does fishing charters

Dolphins & Whales Forever Roberta Weeki Wachee mermaid

Roberta, Weeki Wachee mermaid, and her lovely daughter

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