Enter the Heart of the Goddess

Welcome to the Heart of the Goddess

My name is Takara Shelor and I will be your guide …

Heart of the GoddessTM is:

  • a place of celebration,
  • a safe and sacred space in which to be nurtured and healed,
  • a place to grow and evolve into your greatest potential,
  • a space in which transformation and personal evolution are made more easily possible, and
  • a portal of Divine feminine wisdom and nurturance.

Our Story

Heart of the Goddess began many moons ago (1988) in a suburb of Philadelphia. It was founded by two extraordinary women, Suzanne (Sue) King and Hemitra Crecraft, holding a vision for a beautiful, uplifting, magical space for women to gather, delve deep into the mysteries, the Divine Feminine, and their true essence self. Famous authors and teachers from across the globe came there to teach classes, give workshops and talks, and facilitate sacred rituals and ceremonies including Merlin Stone, Susan Weed, Z (Zsuzsanna) Budapest, Joan Borysenko, Lane Redmond, Vicki Noble, Anodea Judith, Margot Adler, Marlise Wabun Wind, Richard Nicholson (Nic), Carol Bowman, Ted Andrews, and many others.

It housed a beautiful teaching space, a large book and gift store, and separate spaces for readers and energy healers of every sort. It was a haven for spiritual-minded women for 15 years.

One of the primary programs offered was Women’s Wisdom®, a 9-month highly experiential course containing teaching, ceremony, shamanic vision journeys, and much more. The course met for an entire weekend every month for 9 months. It was an incredibly deep dive into these subjects. Those who had the great good fortune to attend Women’s Wisdom® were profoundly impacted by it. A few of us are now on the faculty here at Heart of the Goddess at Magnificent UTM.

The Original Intention of Heart of the Goddess by the Original Founders:

“Heart of the Goddess is a holistic learning center and gallery which offers educational programs and resources to enhance personal growth, empowerment and balanced leadership.

Most programs are open only to women. The reason for the female exclusivity is simply that women are responding at such a deep level in their collective healing process that a gender specific environment holds greater safety and intimacy.

At the center of this work is the exploration of women’s heritage from a cross-cultural perspective and the concept of Goddess, or Feminine Principle. Goddess not as the female counterpart of the Judaeo Christian male God, but rather as the power within all life to relate fairly, love and nurture.

As author Mary Daly states, “Goddess is a verb, not a noun, our very be-ing.”

Our purpose is to bring the Feminine back into balance. This is brought about by restoring the self- esteem of women affirming the beauty and power of their bodies and their natural cycles

  • to encourage them to speak their truth
  • to honor the Earth and her sacred holidays
  • to live in “right relationship’ with all of life and
  • to assume full participation in the governing of our communities.

We envision a world moving away from the dominator model, power over, of the past several thousand years toward a partnership model, power from within, where men and women will be valued equally and the Feminine Principle of nurturance, compassion, and right relationship will be applied at every level of society. The current global healing crisis demands that something be done to restore balance. We view women as holding a central role in this process and Heart of the Goddess functioning as a local community center for this transformation.”

Faculty, Healers, Readers, Transformational Coaches

The carefully selected faculty and practitioners available through Heart of the Goddess at Magnificent UTM are unique in that all of them are elders, wise women (or men), crones. In Mayan and other indigenous cultures, one is not “wise” or an elder until they are 52. All of our faculty and practitioners are not only 52 or older, they are also all people with literally decades of training and experience successfully helping students and clients.

The Vision

The vision for Heart of the Goddess at Magnificent UTM is held by a sacred circle of feminine advisors including Sue King, Hemitra Crecraft, me (Takara Shelor) and several others.

What’s In the Heart of the Goddess at Magnificent UTM

You can learn about each of the areas of Heart of the Goddess in the video above. Below you will find a summary of what you can experience in each section of the website.

Enter the Sacred Goddess Temple

The section you are currently in … it offers a welcome and introduction to Heart of the Goddess at Magnificent UTM, the purpose, the vision, and a brief summary of all the other sections.

Whenever you feel you need individualized support, visit the Goddess Guides. Here you will find elders, wise women, and men who have been teachers, healers, coaches, midwives, readers, and more for many decades. They offer private sessions to assist you when you need it most.

Goddess Guides Energy Healers Teachers Readers
Goddess Circle group membership training

The Sacred Circle at Magnificent U meets live on Zoom twice a month. Takara teaches about Goddess culture, how to become your highest potential, overcoming the past, advanced energy healing, transformational processes and much more. With each of the sessions, she guides participants through a shamanic vision journey or an advanced energy healing process … sometimes both. The archive contains over 80 hours of previously recorded Sacred Circle gatherings. Members of the Sacred Circle receive access to the archive and to some of Takara’s other programs. Heart of the Goddess at Magnificent UTM membership is also included … which gives them access to the Learning Library and much more.

Sue King and Hemitra Crecraft were marvelous at finding incredible books, jewelry, and other products to include in their gift store at Heart of the Goddess. Later, Takara spent years curating a variety of empowering tools and products to enhance your spiritual journey. She has also collaborated with several extraordinary artists. Takara and Sue are now curating all the products we will be carrying in the Goddess Gifts Gallery. This section of Heart of the Goddess at Magnificent UTM is still under construction.

Goddess Gifts art books energy healing tools
Learning Library Sacred Wisdom Esoteric Knowledge

The Learning Library is a hub of audios, videos, and pdfs by famous spiritual teachers, pioneers of the Goddess Movement, and inspirational messages and teachings on spiritual, metaphysical, Divine feminine, energy healing, shamanic wisdom, and much more. It also contains hundreds of rare recordings and pdfs by transformational channels and teachers. Many of these materials are available exclusively in the Learning Library.

Takara was guided to bring together specific visuals and audio recordings to help you unwind, feel nurtured in the beauty of nature, find center, balance, and inner peace once more. Any time day or night you can come here to be uplifted. Each of the powerful spaces inside the Sacred Garden are infused with powerful healing, nurturing energies that Takara “brought in” and infused the space with. EnJOY! This section of the website is also still under construction.

The Sacred Garden tranquility inner peace music meditation
The Sacred Garden tranquility inner peace music meditation

Basic Heart of the Goddess Membership includes:

Ever Evolving

Each of the sections will continue to grow and evolve. Look around, visit the various sections, and enJOY your time in the Heart of the Goddess!