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Do You Want to Connect More Deeply With Dolphins? Do You Want to Experience More Joy?

Dancing With Dolphins: Embracing Their Joy & Meet Your Dolphin Guide

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Dancing with Dolphins Free Ebook

In this extremely popular ebook (downloaded by thousands of people across the globe) and audio, bestselling author Takara Shelor shares with you how dolphins (Angels of the Sea) can bring you more joy. Experience a powerful guided meditation (shamanic vision journey) to meet your very own dolphin guide. Experience an energy healing process that instantly clears disharmonious energies & infuses loving healing energies into your body, energy field & life. Truly transformational!


“I read your article in the August issue of Maine WellBeing, and enjoyed it so much I decided to check out your website. Since then I have joyfully been reading all your articles and have indeed enjoyed reading my copy of your Dancing with Dolphins ebook. Takara, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when I decided to try your meditation and the first dolphin I met shared his name with me and we had a wonderful adventure together. I have since met other dolphins and love my time with them.” – Linda

“Your BOOK (Dancing with Dolphins) IS FABULOUS! Blessings for sharing with us your beautiful connecting Dolphin Spiral. I noticed an immediate connection to my Dolphins, I am closely connected and this heightened my awareness.” – Kennette

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Dancing with Dolphins

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