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Diamond Within 1 on 1 Spiritual Coaching, Transformational Consulting, and Energy Healing Sessions. Step into your Divine Diamond multi-dimensional self.

Experience transformational consulting, spiritual coaching, and energy healing sessions where:

  • life flows with greater ease and grace
  • conscious manifestation happens more readily
  • joy becomes your natural state of being
  • the past is firmly behind you
  • wisdom is more accessible
  • Divine connection is more pronounced
  • intuition has been activated and fine-tuned

Sessions are non-refundable.

Transform Your Life with Takara Shelor Spiritual Coaching

Single Session With Takara

6 Sessions With Takara

3-Months (12) Sessions With Takara

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Experience a metamorphosis from within!

A few of the things you can experience while working with Takara:

  1. Learn to live in mastery,
  2. Enhance and fine-tune your intuition,
  3. Align with the Divine,
  4. Develop greater self confidence and self esteem,
  5. Get into perpetual flow with the Universe,
  6. Know who you are and what you are here for,
  7. Activate your latent gifts, talents, and aspects of self,
  8. Let go of and move beyond your past,
  9. Find inner peace and inner knowing,
  10. Overcome limiting beliefs, fears, judgments, and the other 9 Veils of IllusionTM,
  11. Discover your life purpose and mission,
  12. Remember the truth of who you are as a Divine being,
  13. Develop a deep connection with your Higher Self and Guides
  14. Receive channeled insights and transformational journeys that Takara “brings in” from multiple dimensions

You can learn more about Takara’s energy healing sessions and spiritual coaching here.

What Happy Transformational Consulting Clients Have to Say …

“Takara is an Extraordinary and Wonderful Lightworker, Healer and Teacher. She has a beautiful heart and genuinely cares about her clients. During our sessions I feel So much Love and Gratitude for her. She is Kind and Supportive and always helps with bringing greater clarity and understanding, especially in regards to others, our world, and Higher Beings and Realities. She brings the best of both worlds, with a science background as an Engineer and a Strong Spiritual and Metaphysical understanding and connection with the Divine Feminine, she is able to communicate and speak with both hemispheres of the brain, the left more analytical and the right more abstract. She brings forward a Beautifully Divine Place for Healing, and while in a session, I had an image of her working as a Healer, Priestess, and Goddess in Higher Realms. I Love how she works with an Exceptional and Amazing Team of High Dimensional Beings, Ascended Masters, ArchAngels and Dimensional Dolphins that All assist you in a Heartfelt and Balanced Healing. Takara is Wonderful for anyone looking to Heal, Evolve and wanting to learn and gain Higher and more Expanded levels of Consciousness.”
“How do you thank someone who comes into your life and because of her influence your life is changed forever? Takara has graced my life with her many talents and skills. Especially through her healing arts, I have made quantum leaps forward in my life. At one crisis point she was able to facilitate my integration of a significant shift in only 10 minutes! I had been beside myself for 2 weeks. Her knowledge and keen ability to share it have enriched my life forever! Perhaps due to her engineering and teaching background she has an amazing ability to take extremely complex concepts and information and boil it down to bottom line usefulness with clarity. She makes things implicitly simple and understandable to a lay person. Her extensive studies in metaphysical and philosophical areas allow her to create freeways for those of us who don’t have time to sift it all out. The clarity she creates with her accelerated techniques allows you to quickly come on-line with the information (provided you are ready to run with it), to transition, and to push past limitations.”

“I found Takara after having been activated and needing a teacher to help me understand more of the ‘woo world’. Takara’s gentle, kind, fun approach is what has kept me attending her classes and learning so much from her. She is genuine, caring and whoa boy, when she channels she is a force. I have learned so much that now my other ‘woo’ friends consult with me. I can’t exclaim emphatically enough how gentle Takara’s approach is. Rather than cutting cords she dissolves them and returns energy, rather than reflecting negative energy back at the giver she recommends using the violet flame or dissipation. Very few practitioners have such a gentle approach and it forever endears me to her.”

“. . . you (Takara) have been so guided, so intuitive, so “ready” that you were given information ahead of most of us. I just wanted to acknowledge you for your inner wisdom, your willingness to share it, and the love that you are.”
“I had a healing session with Takara . . . I could viscerally feel the energy pulsing up and down my meridians . . . The synergistic energy was electrically surging through my body. I felt so energized. I have three fused discs in my spinal column and deal with chronic fatigue. It’s the most energy I’ve felt in 3 years.”
“I am actually feeling odd but definitely in a great way…..a little younger at heart, a little less “weighted” if that makes sense. Not taking things so seriously and I’m noticing how rushed the world seems. It’s refreshing …”
“It was an absolute pleasure working with you …  I certainly felt a lot clearer and centered and slept like a log! The meditations you suggested are awesome, feels like liquid gold flowing through me … Yay, someone who finally gets me.”

“Takara Shelor has been one of the dearest people in my life since I met her about nine years ago. She has a truly unique, Divine, and most special gift of calling in the Sacred Dolphins, and helping people to heal with Dolphin assistance whatever one may need healing with in their lives. She also carries a most beautiful ability to “tune in”, or “intuit” that which would most be helpful and beneficial to scenarios and persons she comes into contact with in her life. I have witnessed many of these occasions within the last nine years of knowing her. I feel extremely Blessed that our paths crossed, and she has been such a Shining Star of inspiration in my life.”

“My healing session with Takara was empowering and emotional. I sobbed as I released the grief in my heart.  She understood me completely, and with her insight helped me to know that my feelings have a good basis, allowing me to trust and believe in myself, leaving the past in the past and creating a series of brightly colored now moments! Her channeled essence which is unique to me helps me clear and surrender myself to my I AM Presence every day. She is truly a blessing in my life!”

When you do transformational consulting with Takara, she will utilize her highly pronounced intuition to guide you every set of the way … as well as using multiple energy healing tools including Harmonic RestorationTM: The Divine Alchemy (her multi-dimensional process that not only gets to the root cause of any issue, but also illuminates precisely what needs to happen in order to heal it. She has been co-developing this technology with the Divine for over 2 decades.)

These 3, 6, or 9 month 1-on-1 spiritual coaching, transformational consulting, energy healing session package includes:

  • weekly 1-on-1 phone or video sessions with Takara (4 per month)
  • videos, audios, written guides, and worksheets
  • guided shamanic vision journey meditations
  • activations
  • energy healing
  • and more.

Sessions are non-refundable.

Single Session With Takara

6 Sessions With Takara

3-Months (12) Sessions With Takara