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Blast through your blocks and limitations with this powerful private energy healing experience. When you are ready for things to radically change, this is the perfect choice. And it’s a great way to get started working with Takara and the Divine tools and technologies she provides for your personal evolutionary journey.

Book your Seed of Divine Restoration energy healing session with Takara now! ($88.00)

“I had the Seed of Divine Restoration done several months ago and I have been enjoying your book as well. Since then, I have been feeling like a totally new person. I see the world so differently now. I am so much happier with myself and my life. I also have a deeper understanding and love for other people.” – Robin Tauzin, Phoenix, AZ

The Seed of Divine Restoration Long Distance Energy Healing Session is an extremely powerful private long distance session for anyone seeking radical shifts in consciousness and life. Many people like to do this process periodically – as a turbo booster. Perfect for anyone dedicated to their own spiritual evolution. A great place to start in working with Takara as your guide for personal and spiritual growth.

“I want to thank you for your phenomenal distance healing. It is very clear that all sorts of stuff is shaking free … am feeling pretty darn good vi’s a vi’s self-image and peace within the past stuff. I love that you were a big part of this happening. Many Blessings.” – Eliza, New Mexico

Takara has the ability, through a long distance energy healing session, called The Seed of Divine Restoration, to assist you in removing the old limiting belief systems and structures that you have been operating under that are keeping you unhealthy, unhappy, and unfulfilled.

“My healing session with Takara was empowering and emotional. I sobbed as I released the grief in my heart. She understood me completely, and with her insight helped me to know that my feelings have a good basis, allowing me to trust and believe in myself, leaving the past in the past and creating a series of brightly colored new moments! Her channeled essence which is unique to me (custom blend) helps me clear and surrender myself to my I Am Presence every day. She is truly a blessing in my life!” – Aliza Muzleah

Once she sends you this loving seed of light (individuals who are clairvoyant describe it as a star or sun), it begins to emit waves of healing energy that literally restructure who you are from the inside out. It transforms the distortions in your beliefs back into your Divine Truth.

The distortions in your beliefs came from:

  • your ancestors,
  • what you’ve been taught related to God, yourself, and the world,
  • physical and emotional traumas you have experienced (this & other lifetimes), and
  • what mass consciousness believes to be true.

Amber’s initial experience: “The evening of (Seed of Divine Restoration Long Distance Energy Session) . . . clearly felt tingling up the entire spinal column and then immediately received a counter clockwise spiraling energy into my third eye….I have never experienced this vivid imagery of spiral energy before. I also felt your presence clearly and saw your energy essence as brilliant white and pale blue light streaming. It’s really difficult to explain with words! In the days since, I have often had this same energy flow over me with persistence…not too sure how else to describe it. I am experiencing powerful shifts, daily. It’s really quite incredible! . . . until I read it in one of your testimonials, I forgot to mention that I also experienced this ‘wave rolling over and through me’ action immediately upon my settling into the meditation for the Seed of Divine Restoration. ‘ THIS’ is what my soul has been yearning for. I honor you for the energy you carry and share Takara.”

A few weeks after the initial session: “I wished to up-date you regarding my experience with the”Seed of Divine Restoration” and how this exchange has impacted my life… I heard a very smooth voice (the second time in my life) very clearly, being neither male or female, say: “God Loves You”… and instantly ping pong sized Sapphire blue lights which glowed with golden light from within appeared and began encircling me…. and EVERYTHING has changed since then! I have a renewed energy that I have never experienced before in my life! I feel more myself than I ever have. Energies are streaming towards/into me that I have never experienced. And I am manifesting continuously. I am filled with compassion. And the anger that I used to feel has dissolved. My addictions have dissolved. My Soul Center is calm for the first time in my physical life. I truly feel re-born. A door has opened….wide. Thank you …thank you…thank you! – Amber, Castlegar, British Columbia

Book your Seed of Divine Restoration energy healing session with Takara now! ($88.00)

These distortions cause you to operate from a place of hopelessness, judgment of self and others, victimhood, shame, blame, fear, and separation. And when you are operating from that place, freedom, success, and happiness are not possible. Distortions make it practically impossible to make good decisions, interact well with others, and have your life work.

“When I was first led to your site, I thought, here we go again, another fixer upper. But yet something told me to give it a try and so I wrote you. I’ve had the Seed of Divine Restoration and I’m into my 11th day of you sending my healing energy. The first few days were hard for me. Many old family issues came to surface. But thanks to your Fear to Freedom book, I came to find out I never dealt with a lot of things. I only found ways to camouflage them. But this time I dealt with them head on … I know it was the best thing and was so grateful being led to your site … Dearest Takara, know you are truly a blessing and your work for helping others is honest and true if one is up for complete truth because this is what it takes to change, truth about yourself and the courage to change.” – Donna Carr

“You are truly a blessing to me right now and at this very moment I feel such love and peace in my life … (after having the Seed of Divine Restoration Session) I feel so relieved and like I lost 20 pounds … I feel so loved for the first time in my life with no strings attached.” – Donna Carr


The positive effects of the Seed of Divine Restoration continue to increase over time. Once you have the seed, you experience ever increasing levels of:
  • clarity,
  • joy,
  • insight, and
  • empowerment.

“I wanted to give you some feedback on how my Seed session went … I was laying down on the couch with crystals in each hand. I relaxed and then I felt chills and tingles all over my body … I’m telling you that ever since that day … things have not been the same. I have a more positive outlook in every circumstance and person that I encounter. I enjoy and relish life every single second! I have bundles of energy. I have become more focused on my life’s purpose, and am directed to those events and peoples that are for my highest good … Thank you very much, Takara. The Seed session was amazing. Blessings,” – Karen

Once the session is complete, Takara continues to channel energy to you for 21 days – which nurtures this seed of light, helping it to germinate and begin to grow – assisting in the transformation of you and your life.

(Many clients periodically get an additional Seed of Divine Restoration Session – each one taking them to an entirely new level of transformation and clarity.)

“I asked Takara for an energy session and was delighted with my outcome on the first session. I had been going through for some time an inability to move around in the world very easily, as my sensitivity was just too much to feel comfortable. Noise and things in a general sense were just overwhelming. From the day after the session, my whole frame of reference to everything was different. It put me in a place of feeling free to be myself and to want to share that freedom with others. It lifted a cloud of not knowing the way, to a connection to anything I might want to experience. Not what I was having to settle for because I wasn’t sure of how to proceed. It was such a wonderful experience for me and I have told all my family and friends about Takara’s work and most of them have requested her Energy sessions themselves with the same awesome results. Truly a gift for all those seeking quick changes for a whole new reality. Thanks Takara and much Love.” – Betty Reed, Llano, Texas

The Seed of Divine Restoration Session is like a rocket launcher that shakes up and begins to restructure everything at the cellular, DNA, adamantine particle level.

The Seed session is a powerful healing energy available exclusively through Takara. She “received” this activation / initiation / healing energy while on Vision Quest high atop a sacred mountain in Northern New Mexico. She sends to you this loving vibration during a long distance energy healing session.

“About a year ago I received the Seed of Divine Restoration distance healing … I found this work very powerful and have seen it create big changes. I am very pleased with the depth and immensity of the results I am seeing. … When I asked the reader I go to about the effectiveness of the distance healing session (I have gone to this gentleman for about 3 years and find his insight consistently on the mark for me), he confirmed for me that yes the ‘seed’ planted is indeed real and effective, and yes that it will continue to work for the rest of my life. He described it as a sun planted inside my body. I love that image, and it is very apt for me. I could never connect with the ‘this little light of mine’ image, or the candle flame within, but the sun in my body is exactly right for me. Thank you for the work, and I continue to see positive changes in my life and well-being: more confidence, more vitality, more strength to walk in the world, more joy, better job, stronger finances, more at ease in my own skin, increased unwillingness to settle for less in every area.”– Diamond

The session begins with a clearing of your energy field. Then the energy called the “Seed” is infused into your energy field and it begins to emit waves of energy that literally restructure who you are from the inside out. It transforms the distortions in your beliefs back into your Divine Truth. Once this seed of Divine Light is sent to you, Takara continues to channel energy to you for 21 days – which nurtures the seed, helping it to germinate and to grow – assisting in the transformation of you and your life. Life continues to unfold in miraculous and joy-filled ways. Over time, the changes become every more dramatic.

“It has been a wonderful and wonder filled time for me these last three weeks sharing in the experience of The Seed of Divine Restoration journey along with the processes in Freeway to Freedom. Thank you so very, very much. Much more than mere words could possibly express. Outstanding!!” – Ariel, Dayton, Maryland

Numerous people report that the energy session they experienced with Takara was the single most empowering thing they have ever done resulting in greater levels of happiness, self confidence, clarity, inner peace, and enhanced intuition.

“I got the Seed of Restoration, which was amazing, a year and a half ago. I have trust in you and see your light shining with skills and positive, joyful intentions. I have used your essences to excellent effect, very impressive.” – Mirium Aschur

The Seed of Divine Restoration is done long distance while you are lying down. It is NOT a phone consultation. It is a transference of energy. It is a vibration that assists you in reconnecting fully with Divine Source and remembering the truth of who you are.

After this energy transfer begins, it continues for 21 days. As the energy from the session progresses, issues from the past may surface to be healed. That is when you can work specifically with the technologies in the ebook and the essences.

Once I receive your order, I will send you an email with instructions on how to schedule your session.

Book your Seed of Divine Restoration energy healing session with Takara now! ($88.00)