1 Bestseller Dolphins Whales Forever Book Tour 2

Dolphins & Whales Forever Book and Event Tour Heads to Sarasota, FL ~ 2

This is the second post from On the Road with Dolphins & Whales Forever book and event tour. To read the first post, visit this link.To read the additional posts, visit the links at the bottom of the page.

After saying goodbye to friends in Aripeka, we headed to Sarasota to meet up with Mary J. Getten, her husband, and enjoy their lovely home there.

Once again it was my first time getting to meet Mary.

We enjoyed a visit to her favorite beach.

We also got to see manatees. I had never seen them before.

We enjoyed the DaVinci Machine’s exhibit at a local museum and had yummy, yet VERY melty (lol), ice cream at the pier.

Have a deLightful day,

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100 2642

Beach in Sarasota

100 2644

At Sarasota Beach

100 2657

Manatee in Sarasota

100 2661

Downtown Sarasota

100 2670

One of many DaVinci machines – this one is to walk on water

100 2677

Inside the infinite mirrors by DaVinci

100 2682

Roberta and I with the Mona Lisa in Sarasot

100 2699

Be careful, there are Manatees here – near Sarasota, FL

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