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Takara offers many empowering online programs on numerous topics related to energy healing, transformation, manifesting & Law of Attraction, spirituality, enhancing intuition, metaphysics, ascension, and more. They range from single hour-long classes to in-depth online courses with multiple modules, lessons, audios, videos, and workbooks.

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Zoom Classes & Other Events with Takara

Sacred Circle Goddess Circle Online Training

The Sacred Circle at Magnificent U

For all of those feeling called to awaken, activate, and accelerate along their personal spiritual journey. Step more fully into your true Divine Power, your Magnificent Self. Discover the truth of who you are and become it, live it, and radiate it out into your world to affect change in your own life and the world around you. It includes activations and initiations, of various kinds at appropriate intervals. We are working with spiritual lineages from all over the world, honoring the turning of the wheel, enJOYing shamanic vision journeys (that Takara channels during each class, along with fabulous multi-dimensional energies, for healing, experiencing insights and a radical rise in consciousness and awareness) and learning to dance with the cosmos. Now is the perfect time to join the Sacred Circle!

Pre-Recorded Courses to Start EnJOYing Now!

Magnificent U Manifesting Mastery Program

Take a deep deep dive into how manifesting and the Law of Attraction really works. There is much more to the art of conscious manifestation than most people understand. In this extraordinary in-depth training, Takara leads you through various techniques, tools, guided meditations, and levels of understanding so you can have much more success in achieving your dreams and goals.

In this training she also shares with you the various ways to let the Universe know your desires and how to know precisely which way is the best, most effective way, for you. There is a primary indicator and few people know about it! Much of this course contains channeled information and guided transformational journeys that can be life changing.

Begin achieving your dreams with the Manifesting Mastery Program! ⁠

The Dancing Dolphin Way

The Dancing Dolphin Way of Healing and Enlightenment is about discovering the beautiful, powerful, magnificent being that you are inside and learning to live it and be it in every moment. It assists you in achieving balance and being healthy, happy, and whole on all levels and in every area of life. The Dancing Dolphin Way guides and supports you as you evolve into a better way of life, one that is Divinely guided, happier, has more meaning, and is chock full of passion, purpose, love, wonder, and a sense of fulfillment. It helps you feel worthy of surrounding yourself with people who accept, honor, love, and appreciate you for who you are, not some facade or false persona you feel obligated to pretend to be. It facilitates your ability to be authentic. Ultimately it helps you become the person you want to be and make a positive difference in the lives of many others along the way.

Start transforming your life now with The Dancing Dolphin Way of Healing & EnLightenment.

Magnificent U Meditation Program

When you are ready for your life to change, meditation is the best way to begin. The more you meditate, the more tranquility, joy, and inner peace you will begin to feel throughout your day. Enjoy the numerous benefits of deep theta brainwave meditation with these powerful, deeply relaxing, and nurturing guided meditations channeled by the soothing comforting voice of bestselling meditation author, D. Takara Shelor. Each of these guided meditations include beautiful music, real ocean and whale sounds, with embedded binaural beats hidden underneath the sound to assist your brain to gently move into a slower, deeper theta brainwave … where all the magic happens. Get the Magnificent U Meditation Program Today! ⁠
Pendulum Dowsing Course Divination Course Program

Dowsing for Divine Direction

One of the most empowering tools you will ever learn! Pendulum Dowsing is the best way to radically fine-tune and enhance your intuition that I’ve ever found. Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and so many others used it to “tap into” Universal wisdom. Now you can too!

A few of the many reasons to use dowsing:

  • to find water, minerals, and lost objects
  • to discover the underlying cause of an issue
  • to clear your energy field and your space resulting in feeling instantly more centered, balanced, energized, and at peace
  • to heal and balance the chakras
  • to find answers to your pressing questions
  • to enhance and fine-tune your intuition

Start getting answers with Pendulum Dowsing for Divine Direction! ⁠

Advanced Chakra Training Course Program Chakra Healing

Advanced Chakra Training & Activating Cosmic Consciousness

In this course, you will experience a deep dive into the in body and higher chakras, how to activate, align, balance, and harmonize each one, ways to accelerate your personal transformation and spiritual growth. Over 20 hours of in depth charka training. Highly experiential. Many transformational meditations.

Individual Single-Session Classes & Programs

The online programs, classes and recordings in this section are individual sessions. Some come with a Dancing Dolphin oil. Some of these recordings contain powerful energies and information that Takara channeled in (received through Divine Revelation in the moment) on various topics. Read the descriptions to learn more. Most contain a transformational meditation or process of some kind.

Finally Free Energy Healing Meditation Training

Finally Free – Freedom Series

Breaking free of core issues. The class comes with one of the most powerful Dancing Dolphin oils and energies Takara has ever “brought in” to help you move beyond your past, dissolve the subconscious limiting beliefs and fears you had passed down from previous generations, and other things keeping you firmly stuck wherever you are. Find your joy, your passion, your purpose by clearing out the past. Use the information shared in the class and Dancing Dolphin oil get to deeper and deeper levels of hidden subconscious “stuff” in the way of your true personal freedom, empowerment, and enlightenment. $44

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Forgiveness Energy Healing Class Meditation Transformation

Forgiveness – Freedom Series

Forgiving yourself and others with this workshop and Dancing Dolphin Forgiveness oil. Takara insists that EVERYONE should go through at least 1 bottle of Forgiveness at some point in their spiritual journey. Let her guide you in ways to forgive yourself and others with the wisdom and transformational healing journey (guided shamanic meditation) you experience with this recording. $44

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Dolphin Energy Healing Equinox Meditation Celebration Equinox Traditions

Energy Healing Class 3-19-2020

In this special video recording for Spring Equinox, complete with a Powerpoint presentation, Takara shares several powerful exercises and meditations to help you find center, balance, raise your vibration and connect deeply with dolphin and whale consciousness. It begins with a grounding exercise that includes a full chakra tune up. That is followed by a pineal activation. Finally the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing including new inspirations that “came in” as Takara was leading it. She also includes commentary on numerous Equinox traditions from across the globe. Altogether it is very uplifting and puts the listener in a wonderful place vibrationally. $20

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