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Takara offers many empowering online programs on numerous topics related to energy healing, transformation, manifesting & Law of Attraction, spirituality, enhancing intuition, metaphysics, ascension, and more. They range from single hour-long classes to in-depth online courses with multiple modules, lessons, audios, videos, and workbooks.

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Sacred Circle Goddess Circle Online Training

The Sacred Circle at Magnificent U

For all of those feeling called to awaken, activate, and accelerate along their personal spiritual journey. Step more fully into your true Divine Power, your Magnificent Self. Discover the truth of who you are and become it, live it, and radiate it out into your world to affect change in your own life and the world around you. It includes activations and initiations, of various kinds at appropriate intervals. We are working with spiritual lineages from all over the world, honoring the turning of the wheel, enJOYing shamanic vision journeys (that Takara channels during each class, along with fabulous multi-dimensional energies, for healing, experiencing insights and a radical rise in consciousness and awareness) and learning to dance with the cosmos. Now is the perfect time to join the Sacred Circle!

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