The Past is the past is the past is the past…. GET IT

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The past is over… done… gaput…  we don’t get do-overs….  We LEARN from the past… We DON’T, however, get do-overs.  So take what you have learned…. And apply it to the NOW.  It is interesting because I really have never done the “past” thing.  I have (before the past few years) always lived in the future. Living in the NOW has been a difficult transition for me – but I am making the leap…. Well, most of the time.

So why “live in the past”?  Folks do it to have someone to blame, for an excuse not to go forward, remembering that is when things were good for them (at least they remember it that way), they don’t know how to go on,  etc.  What is problematic is… that YOU DON’T GET DO OVERS… IT IS GONE.

The thing to remember if you are one of those folks who keep bringing up a past indiscretion, a past betrayal, etc. is how much of the NOW, the today, your 24 hours that you have in a day… are willing to give to something you cannot change?  If you are giving away your NOW, the person who did the betrayal, etc. wins…. You lose… it is as basic as that.  You don’t need to forgive them… you do, however, need to forgive “the self”  YOU…..  You say, why do I need to do that?  Well because there is always a part of us… could be totally subconscious, that thinks perhaps if we would have done something different, said something different, been something else, then the “act” wouldn’t have happened…. So forgive “the self” and get on with your life.  One way to do that is to figure out what you learned… and YES, you will have always learned something… it might be as basic as “I don’t deserve to be treated like that.”  So don’t be.  Learn from the situation and live in the now.!!!!

So my motto:

Past:  I leaned that whatever happened in my past, made me stronger and wiser.  Everything has experientially made me what I am today.  Bad experiences are equally important as the good ones.  I forgive myself for all the mistakes I did and the people who “wronged” me.

Future: Nobody knows what will happen in their future, and that is the whole point which makes life exciting.  Whatever happens, I know that at the end of it, it will be all right.  I will be happy no matter what and will always have some people by my side who love me for who I am.  I will have more learning experiences like I have had in the past and I will also make many more good memories to remember in the coming time.

Present:  The time I have now will never come back.  I cannot live it again, so why not make the best of today?  I will do whatever makes me happy.  Spread love in the lives of people who share my life.  Whatever decisions I make in my present will affect my future, so I will make my decisions wisely, but I will not worry about the outcome.

My NOW is begging for some coffee… so I will live in the present……

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