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May 2013


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(The Circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the Crystal bowls.)

Let the resonance of the bowls sit within your Hearts, uplifting the Light and the Love deep within you, allowing you to soar into your Soul Dimension, for it is within your Soul Dimension that you will now perceive the world around you, and perceive your own place within that world.

I greet you Dear Hearts, I am Hilarion.

I come tonight to say to you, this is not a time for standing stillThis is not a time for letting go of your dreams and your visions !  There are times we know that you feel disappointed that things within your world are not moving forward at the pace that you would like, at the pace that you assumed would happen after the Great Shift, but remember, Dear Hearts, when you were small, when you came into this world in this lifetime and started to look around and see magnificent things, but were not in a position to grasp those magnificent things, because you still had growing to do.

Most of you here will, at some stage, have learned to swim, but you did not do so by leaping into the centre of the ocean and expecting to make it to shore.  No, you started small, perhaps a few yards out into the pool and back to the side, and each day as you grew in confidence, and you grew in assurance of your own abilities, you began to move further and further until you could go from one side of the pool to the other.

Some of you may have been quite content with that, and got out of the pool and walked away, others however sought to learn more, and to do more until indeed, they were able to step into the ocean and swim quite some distance.

Well, Dear Hearts, you have moved into a new Dimension, you are ‘newborns’ once more, and there are magnificent things that you are seeing, that you are feeling, which you are not yet able to grasp, because you have learnings to do within this new Dimension, you have to learn once more how to swim in this new ‘Ocean of Oneness’.

You see, the Dimension of Oneness, Dear Hearts, is quite different to the Dimension of separation.  You have to learn new skills, new understandings, you have to work with different aspects of yourself, aspects that were undeveloped in the old Dimensions, but are so important in the Dimension of Oneness.

You need to learn to work from within your Hearts, to perceive everyone and everything upon the Earth Planet as part of yourself, and amplify the knowing within yourself that whatever you think, whatever you feel, and whatever you do ripples out and connects, and becomes a part of everyone else, and everything else upon the Earth.

This is quite different from being separate, Dear Ones.  It is a whole new ocean.  So this is not the time to stop, this is not the time to give up simply because you are not seeing the progress that you are making.  It is indeed a time to intensify the intent within your Hearts and within your minds, and to embrace this new Ocean of Oneness.

Imagine yourself once more as a newborn, looking at the world through new eyes, reaching out, touching, feeling with new senses, for being in ‘Oneness’ is much more than the physical senses you have experienced and worked with previously, the Dimension of Oneness encompasses ALL your senses.

Yes, in the old Dimension there was some talk perhaps of a sixth sense.  The sixth sense is but the start.  You are opening to more and more ways of sensing and seeing, and perceiving, and knowing the Earth on which you live.

You are a Cosmic Being, a Multidimensional Being.  You are no longer limited by those senses you used in the Dimension of separation.  You are a newborn.  Look out upon the world – this new Dimension of Oneness – with the wonder of a newborn.

You see, a newborn has no limitations, they have not learned to limit themselves, and this Dear Hearts is what we are inviting you to do now, not to limit yourself anymore, but to simply open yourself to the experiences of this new Dimensional frequency.

There will be energies coming in from Cosmic sources to assist and aid you in this new endeavour, some may be a little like the floatation devices you may have started your swimming with.  They are designed to assist you; they are not designed to entrap you.  This is the Dimension of Oneness.

Open your Hearts, look at the world through your Hearts, not through your eyes, or through your minds, but through your Hearts, and embrace every Being, every creature upon the Earth as a part of you, and you begin to feel the difference, and you begin to open to a new wonderment, and you begin to reach out to touch, to feel, to embrace and to create a wondrous New Earth.

Dear Hearts do not lose hope.  Do not be despondent if the world does not move as fast as you would like it to move.  You need to crawl before you can walk, and you need to walk before you can run.  This you know, but for this moment you are a newborn. 

Look at the world through the eyes of a newborn, see it as infinite possibilities, and take it into your Heart and mould it.  Mould it with Love and you will grow more quickly than you ever imagined.

I bless you Dear Hearts and I look forward to being with you on your journey.  I too see the New Earth through the eyes and the Heart of a NEWBORN !

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom



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