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Who are the dolphins?

I find the question, “Who are the dolphins?” pretty challenging to answer.

After years of interaction, study, and telempathic communication, I feel I only grasp, or understand, a fraction of who they really are. How do I go about describing a being, or more aptly a consciousness, that is more advanced than I am?

First and foremost they are teachers.

They are also extraordinary healers.

They have taught me about energy, vibration, healing, communication, and joy.

They have been my primary teachers for the past twenty years. I’ve literally written thousands of pages of information, insights, and technologies that they’ve sent to me using the telempathic process.

Telempathy is a term coined by my friend  and co-author, Join Ocean, to describe dolphin communication as being both telepathic and empathetic.

My explanation of it is that they send a bundle of energy containing a large volume of information. A person might see images, hear words, and/or feel a feeling. And the person has instant understanding of the information being sent. I’m one of many individuals who seem to be naturally “wired” to receive information from the dolphins.

Everything the Dolphins and I have done together contains the common theme of empowerment. This begins with the elimination of the things that cause us to be disempowered, such as limiting beliefs, fears, and judgments.

To become fully empowered required that we reclaim our Divine heritage. We have to reclaim our joy, our freedom, and all our spiritual gifts.

We are love.

Everything else is illusion. Our personal growth and spiritual journey (unique to each individual) allows us to transform from being limited to being love or fully empowered.

It is literally a rewriting of the blueprint. It involves erasing the limiting auxiliary programs that have been attached to the pristine blueprint we came in with and rewriting the blueprint back to its original Divine form – our fully empowered Divine Self.

I’ve found that the more I learn from them, the more similarities I discover between what they teach and the teachings of Christ.

True love has many characteristics. One of the most important, and challenging, is acceptance. That means not judging another’s actions as right or wrong. But allowing them to be who they are without having strong opinions about how they “should” be.

I can’t speak for all people on the planet, but the society in which I chose to be born, the United States, is amazingly judgmental.

We have opinions about everything. What is right and that is wrong. This person shouldn’t be doing whatever they are doing. And on and on it goes. Opinions about the rightness or wrongness of something are everywhere – in the paper, on the radio and TV, in the schools, even discussed over coffee.

Instead of compliments for others and gratitude for the diversity in the world that keeps things interesting, we think to ourselves, say to our friends, or even worse tell the person directly what we think is wrong with them. As if we, the person having the opinion, are so perfect! (I’m being sarcastic about that of course.)

I’m reminded of what Jesus said to the crowd that was about to stone someone to death, “Let him cast the first stone who is himself without sin.”

It is impossible to love and accept another, if we haven’t first learned to love ourselves. We are most critical of ourselves. The amount of judgment we throw at ourselves is more than enough to cause severe illness – which it often does.

When we grow spiritually, we learn to observe our thoughts and actions. As I learned to observe myself, I was amazed at the judgments I held. I would stop at a traffic light and look over to the person standing on the corner. I would think to myself, “What a hideous outfit.” As if that had any relevance to anything whatsoever! What a person wears has nothing to do with who they are inside – which is all that counts. And inside everyone is a Divine being.

We are being given many opportunities right now to judge situations and individuals. Will we continue to judge, or will we use this as a growth opportunity and learn to move beyond judgment?

To embrace our Divinity, to remember who we really are, to truly reach our highest potential and make the difference we came here to make, we must exude love and joy in every moment under all circumstances.

Can we truly observe everything in our world with compassion and detachment? I know we can. And I also know many wounds must be healed in order to reach that place within ourselves. The dolphins have taught me many ways to heal the wounds. We are here to grow and evolve.

It is a continuous process. We are here to become love. Love is nothing more than a particular energy band or frequency. In order to sustain that frequency and stay in that particular band, we must say goodbye to anything less than love that is part of our experience.

Who are the dolphins to you? (Reply in the comments)

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The dolphins have shared many fast and effective methods for remembering that we are love. Check out Dancing Dolphin Essences to experience their healing energies and the complementary ebook Dancing with Dolphins to learn more. To experience many of the energies and techniques in a deeper way, join Takara in a workshop on land or at sea.

To learn more about how energy-healing works, read What is Vibrational Healing?

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