Box 1225260 64453907Living outside the box is a very revolutionary idea and not an easy one to accomplish. Its something I’ve found myself working on a lot lately.

What do I mean when I say living outside the box?

I mean looking at what I perceive as my reality and taking off the box that I’ve placed around it so that it can be in its truth, not my perception of what truth is. Or it can transform into the reality I want to have versus the reality I currently perceive and perhaps don’t necessarily like all parts of. Wow, sounds a little out there.

O.K. one of my jobs is to take rather complex, esoteric, energetic or vibrational concepts and boil them down to very simple terms so others can easily understand. Its one of the reasons I was compelled to become an engineer. Of course I never choose easy things that almost anyone could get on their own. I have to choose really complex ones that leave me stumped for a while.

I was reviewing a video of a workshop I taught in Denver for Manifesting Your Beloved: A Relationship in Joy.

When I’m teaching, I usually put together a skeleton (the backbone) of the ideas, the flow, and the points I want to be sure to cover in the workshop. Then I leave a whole lot of space, or time, for the workshop to unfold and go in whatever direction is needed specifically by the individuals present. At least 70% of what I present is channeled in the moment.

There are usually several good things that come out of that. First, when you tap into the Universe, pretty much every statement you make is clear, concise, and exactly what one or more people in the group needs to hear. At least that has been my experience of what happens when I do it.

Second, you often tap into, and bring forth for the group, information that you haven’t even considered before with your rational mind. That’s very good because you don’t have time to have an opinion about it. Its much more “pure” in its presentation since you haven’t had time to make up beliefs about it.

We’ll talk about that in a moment.

The not so good thing, from my perspective, is that even though I hear the words and I resonate with the message, so much is being conveyed through energy and information transfer, that I don’t remember some of it. I feel very blessed by recording equipment. It allows me to also consciously learn from the information presented.

So, as I was reviewing the tape, I came across the segment where I explained about “the box.” And I thought boy I really need to write about that so others can benefit from this really important idea.

We live in a box. It’s a box that we made up. We’ve been designing and reinforcing our box since the moment we got here – well maybe since before we got here. The box is made up of those things I talk about all the time that we must transform – fears, limiting beliefs, and judgments. All of which are false you know.

We are love.

Fear cannot exist where love is. Limitations cannot exist where love is. Love has no judgment. We are love. We are nothing more and nothing less.

But, planet earth is this magical place in which we forget that very fact. We have experiences that we don’t like and we make up rules about how life is based on those experiences. We literally absorb the fears and beliefs of others. And we receive the beliefs held by our ancestors through our blood.

The truth is only love exists.

Yet we believe, strongly, that these other things are real.

Your entire life is based on your beliefs.

You create your world every moment of every day. And there are NO exceptions to that. Your life is the result of your thoughts, words, and actions. Whatever you focus on, you create – end of story. No exceptions. And, whatever you focus on with strong emotion – either positive or negative – you experience faster.

Now the tricky part is – you trick yourself. You hide from yourself the very fears you harbor. They are held deep within your subconscious. Now I can tell you that if you look at the patterns in your life, the fears become VERY obvious. There are some pretty standard fears: fear of abandonment, fear of the world not being safe, fear of not being worthy (or loveable).

Can You Imagine a World Without Fear?

I started toying with the idea of a world without fear. What would that really look like? And what I found most interesting about the idea is the number of entire industries that wouldn’t exist if fear were eliminated.

  • There would be no need for insurance – of any kind.
  • If people stopped fearing getting sick, most of them wouldn’t – so there would be very little need for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. Of course there’s a little more to it than that. Our environment and what we take in through food, air, water, energy and thoughts affect our health. A medical study in Germany indicates that a huge percentage of cancer is caused by geopathic stress zones going through the home.
  • The only reason to have banking would be the ease of money transfer – not because of being afraid of having piles of money around that someone might steal.
  • If no-one feared that their money could run out, they wouldn’t even need to have a pile because they would know that more was always on its way.
  • If no-one feared (even subconsciously) that they might be victims, that someone might take advantage of them in some way, hurt them in some way, take something that belongs to them, etc. then there would be no need for alarms, fences, locks, guns for protection, military & police, or lawyers.
  • If the fear of not having enough were eliminated, then everyone would have enough – enough food, enough shelter, enough of everything they need or desire.
  • If no one feared being abandoned or not being worthy, then everyone would have the loving relationships and all types of relationships that they truly desired.
  • If people stopped fearing that they have nothing of value to offer, then they could all choose a vocation that they really loved and were passionate about. And because they would have no fears about success, they would not only be very fulfilled in their work, but it would provide them with the income they desired.

As you can see, the list could go on forever.

Am I saying we should try to attain that? Am I saying that we should try to create a world, and everyone in it, that lives life like I’ve described above?

The answer is no.

Everyone has the free will to choose the world they want to live in. You don’t have the right to change it for someone else. The only world you need to change is your own. So, let’s get back to the box.

Everyone’s box looks different.

We all look at television and see the state of the world and we think that we all live in the same world. But that is also false.

Your world looks very different than my world.

The people in your world act exactly as you believe they do. YOU NEED TO REALLY GET THAT. It is one of the most important things you will ever come to understand.

People act differently around you than they act around me. People are pliable. Sure they all have natural tendencies, but watch them. The same person will be very animated and fun around one person. And that same person will be quiet and reserved around another. Why? Because every person has beliefs, fears, and judgments that cause others to act a certain way around them. And whatever you believe, you will find ample evidence to support your belief. That’s how beliefs work.

So what do you do if you don’t like the box you’ve created?

What if you don’t like the way people act around you, the way relationships seem to go, the amount of money in your bank account?

That’s where living outside the box comes in.

You have to be willing to let go of the thoughts you’ve had about the way life is in order to create life the way you want it to be. View your life from an observer standpoint – without judgment or emotion. You really have to look at the patterns to discover the underlying fears. And asking for spiritual assistance is very beneficial. What do I mean by that?

Pray about it.

Ask to be shown any fears, beliefs, or judgments that you hold that are preventing you from experiencing the health, the wealth, the happiness, the fulfillment, etc. that you desire.

I have a Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing roll-on that works exceptionally well to help with this. It is called Point of Origin.

It helps you to access and heal the “issue” at its point of origin or where it began – even if it was as a thought, even if it is anchored cellularly, even if it was projected at you from someone else, even if it came from a past life. A truly remarkable energy tool. It took me 15 years to attain the necessary level of consciousness and understanding of energy in order to be able to make it. 

You can get Dancing Dolphin Point of Origin here.

Once you hear, see, feel, or discover in some other way what the various beliefs might be, then have a conversation with yourself that explains why that belief has served you well, but is no longer something you need in your life. Then pray (ask) for assistance in its permanent removal. The essence helps to take it out of your energy system and field.

Then later on if you experience something in your world that you would rather not be experiencing, say to yourself, “That must be the box I’ve created. Let’s look at that and dismantle the box.”

Blessings to you on your journey,

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Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature
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