Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness - Freedom From Tyranny

As Americans have gone about celebrating the 4th of July and their liberty and independence from what they considered tyranny and British oppression, I am reminded of the many ways in which humans continue to struggle with freedom in its many forms.

The definition from – lib·er·ty [lib-er-tee] – noun, plural lib·er·ties.

1. freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.
2. freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.
3. freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.
4. freedom from captivity, confinement, or physical restraint:

Many years ago, I heard Abraham through Esther Hicks say, “We are freedom seeking beings.”

I’m convinced that some of us are and some of us are not. Those of us who feel this deep call from within to rise in consciousness and awareness and throw off the shackles of our self-imposed prisons are definitely freedom seeking beings. Those Americans who headed off on horseback or wagon train towards the great unknown to settle the west were definitely freedom seeking beings.

Those who leave their spouse, another relationship, a job or career because they no longer feel joy and are not being loved, honored, accepted or appreciated for who they are definitely qualify as freedom seeking beings.

Yet so many are still caught up in the need for conformity, the fear-based “should” and “should nots,” the desire and need to do it “right.” These people are terrified of change and often spend a great deal of time judging others for their desire for freedom. They do what they are told and what is expected of them and they never dare to do anything outside that little “box” of comfort.

Anyone seeking joy, and the desire for continuous communion with the Divine, has to eventually take a long hard look at who they are and what they believe. They will eventually have to find the courage to go against the norm. Thankfully when the student is ready the teacher does appear and many are given the tools and the support they need to make the changes necessary to go after and achieve their own freedom.

Control and the demand for conformity happens on so many fronts: religion, education, government, peer pressure, corporate culture, and within families.

Despite this external push for control and conformity, a person’s worst manipulation often comes from within.

The three core human fears of rejection, unworthiness, and abandonment keep most people completely tied up emotionally. They don’t dare do anything against the norm for fear of being rejected or abandoned and being alone. They lack the courage to do what their heart truly desires because they feel a lack of worthiness. These are the issues at the heart of all fears and they must be addressed if you are going to find true and lasting happiness.

When you watch a dolphin or whale breaching, it is such a reminder of breaking free from everything that encumbers you. As they leap from the water it causes me to experience such a rush of joy and sense of freedom.

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