Summer Solstice, Energies of Manifestation, and Cultivating Your Dreams

Ah, glorious summer!  For many, it is a time of joy,

For me, it is a time of joy, sunshine, water, and outdoor activities.

Having spent grade school in Texas, a few years in Southern California, and 10 years in New Mexico, I adore the sun and the warmth and activity of the summer. I prefer it to all other seasons. Although I really do love it in the spring when everything seems to come back to life and begins to bloom.

In the turning of the wheel … represented by the image (above) of a 9-Fires Medicine Wheel we built in Santa Fe, NM several years ago … summer is the time of activity.

In the spring we planted.  In the garden, we planted vegetables, herbs, and flowers. In our lives, we planted ideas and things we desire to manifest.

The summer season is our opportunity to work to assist those things in growing.

In the garden, we have to nurture the plants, clear out the weeds, devise ingenious ways to keep out the critters, and continuously focus on and care for our precious little plants. Do they need water? Do the leaves look O.K. or is some sort of bug eating them? Does the color look right or do we need to add something to the soil to assist the plants to thrive and reach their full potential? If severe winds are anticipated, we have to figure out a way to protect them. And on and on the care goes.

In our own lives, we have to nurture our dreams. It is not nearly enough to just decide what we wish to create in our life and let the Universe known our desires. We have to take inspired actions. And in the summer season, often what’s required is a lot of action. It is the time for such action.

It’s no longer time to plan.

It is time to do.

Make the phone call. Write the book. Apply for the job. Shop for the vehicle or boat. Hire a coach and do the things they suggest. Put up a website. Make some brochures and signs for your business. Just like all the activity required to bring forth healthy plants, dreams require focus and action as well.

There are Avatars who can manifest out of thin air. But most people are not yet at the level of consciousness necessary to do that. If you can hold out your hand, close your eyes, see an apple in your mind’s eye and an apple suddenly appears in your hand that you can then eat, then it is safe to say you have attained masterhood. Until then, you have to take actions towards your dreams like the rest of us mere mortals. LOL

Visualizing what you desire is massively helpful.

Summer Solstice is the perfect time to re-examine and reaffirm what you desire. Do some sort of ceremony in nature. If you have a medicine wheel in the yard like I do, then stand inside your wheel and speak your desires. Give thanks for all your blessings. Send blessings to others, the earth and all her creatures. Or do something else that you feel inspired to do. Just know that the energies of Solstice provide the perfect time.

To state your dreams, goals, and inspirations properly, you have to be crystal clear about what you want. Raising your vibration and staying in the space of what I call the Noble C’s (Calm, Clear, Confident, Divine Connected, Courageous, etc.) radically speeds up your ability to manifest.

From there, though, the Universe often inspires you with little whims of thoughts of things to do. You might suddenly find yourself thinking of someone. Unless you have unfinished business with them (perhaps you need to forgive yourself or them for some reason), thoughts of that person can mean you should call that person and out of the conversation comes a giant step towards achieving your dream. Unless you make the call, you would never know that.

The higher you go in consciousness, the more clear you become physically, mentally / emotionally, and spiritually / energetically, the easier it becomes to notice when the”still small voice” whispers from your Higher Self and the Universe about actions you should take. If you can’t notice them, then you will never take those actions.

Doing what I call the “1 right thing” is far better and effective than taking 100 only semi-helpful actions. So catching those inspirations (inspired from the Divine) is the most important thing you can do.

You can’t let fear get in your way. You have to get over yourself and make the call, show up at the event, introduce yourself, speak to the person, send in the application or whatever action you are being inspired to take.

It takes courage and commitment, but it is Oh So Worth It!

Sending you lots of love, joy, and blessings this solstice season.

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P.S.S. In the southern Hemisphere, it is Winter Solstice and the time of inner reflection. For more information about that, visit this link on my Dolphin Empowerment site:

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