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I contacted my dear friend, Randolph Craft, head of the Fuller Edutainment Group (Randy was personally mentored by Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller and was given the huge responsibility of sharing his wisdom with the world) so that I could share with you some information about Precession.

Takara: “I need to say something about precession and I’m thinking you must have an article somewhere about it that I can point people to before making my post.”

Randolph: “Of course. What is it that you are saying about precession? It is a vast and wide concept for humans to “grock.”

Takara: “I know I know. Just the bit about you are doing something in front of yourself – expecting the return to come from there, when it fact, it comes from the unexpected 90 degree angle. If you have that written in much more correct terms, I’d love to point to the article when I share my little story that illustrates the point. LOL”

Randolph: “I will direct you to “The Rules.” These were my “marching orders” from Bucky if I was to proceed in my work and include him… I have to walk this talk…

Takara: “THANK YOU my dear dear friend. I had to absolutely laugh out loud when I got to your comments about III.A.1. I have, all on my own, concluded basically the same thing and have devoted much of my latest work to “changing one’s environment.” He was doing it with tangible physical things. I am doing it more on an energetic level, shifting the energies of a space with specific items. So fabulous to find acknowledgement or corroboration from none other than Bucky himself.”

Takara:  “Precession REALLY works for me. I’ll be doing things I feel or intuit to do. On the surface they often seem to make no sense, and actually seem like a waste of time or to be a distraction from the “real work” – such as spend lots of time on social media. And then I’ll post an idea I’ve “received” through meditation or contemplation, I’ll put out something educational or advocating for dolphins and whales, or I’ll reach out to someone I feel “inspired” to contact, and as soon as I do those things, orders for my products pour in – not from those I’m speaking to directly who needed my help or are seeing my messages, but through precession, from other individuals I’ve had no contact with. Its the craziest thing.”

Takara:  “I love the part about not advertising. I’ve had an aversion to it for what seems like forever. On the rare occasion when I actually have paid to advertise, it rarely bears fruit. However, through precession, through word of mouth, through some online google magic or other, people find me, hire me, and buy my things. Thank you for sharing why that is so much more effective for me. It definitely has to do with a level of consciousness. Because advertising really does work for some people. O.K. I’ll stop hijacking your wall. LOL”


“Thank You, Takara Shelor…

Nice little “mental mouthful” for me to revisit before I answered your request…

It made me look at my marching orders… once again…

They are rough, and every time I re-visit them, I learn again – from who I am now –

I’d suggest that EVERYBODY paying ANY attention to me or whoever you think I am…

take a look at “The Rules.”

before you make your new year’s resolutions…

The question is…

“Do you have the courage to go with your minds,

or are you going to go along with the crowd?”

– Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller 1981

Be careful what you AX for…

The reason I asked Randy for the information on Precession is because I have found that whenever I follow my intuition and post an advocate type message about dolphins and whales, meaning letting others know about the hardships and mistreatment they face, as well as other things to help others without doing it for personal gain, I almost always get a big order for my products immediately afterwards.

The way Randy explained Precession to me many years ago is that when you give service, it is typically to the person standing in front of you. And most people expect their income or reward to come right back to you from that person. According to “Bucky,” Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, the real reward typically comes at you from 90 degrees, from an unexpected source.

What that means is that do what you feel guided from within to do … assuming of course that you are clear and not running fear or hidden agendas … and stay open to the opportunities and gifts that come your way. Learn to receive. It makes life VERY interesting.

Precession applies in many more circumstances other than giving service and receiving payment form another place. As Randy mentioned, it is a vast subject that most humans can’t really “grock.”

I find it quite fascinating and beneficial.

So thank you Randy and Dr. Fuller for your wise words.

Have a deLightful day,


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