Finding Harmony & Balance in the Midst of Chaos and Confusion

Things are really rocking out there! Aren’t they?

Finding harmony within becomes more and more important the more rocky and crazy things get in the world.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, deaths, police shootings, bizarre traffic accidents, missing planes, and a whole lot more have been happening. And that’s just within the last little while.

Last month was  a pretty wild ride. And things are just going to continue to be wilder still.

So, hold on to your surf boards kids, the emotional seas are a bit rough right now. Reminds me of the talking shrunken head on the Night Bus in Harry Potter. It says, “Its going to be a bumpy ride.”

If course I’m not really into predicting the future. Because when you just change one factor, any “reading” done about your life becomes completely null and void.

For anyone experiencing turbulence, rocky seas, chaos, conflict, or trauma drama of any kind the last few days, here are some tools to help you regain your center and balance. I know you will find them beneficial at other times as well.

Dolphin Spirals

When was the last time you did the Dolphin Spiral Clearing & Infusion Techniques? How to do the basic exercises can be found in my ebook Dancing with Dolphins. More advanced healing, transformation, and activation exercises can be found in my more advanced programs.

Time in Nature

I recently got a call from a client in San Diego and my recommendation to her, and to you, is head to the beach. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the sand. Go into a quiet and centered place through meditation (Peering Through the Veil) or by simply walking and noticing nature.

Be in silence. Walking in nature while talking on a cell phone, to a friend, or listening to music is NOT communing with nature. And if I’m out there enjoying the silence, listening to the birds, the sound of water falling over rocks in a stream, or the sound of waves on the shore, I do not want to hear someone playing music (I don’t care what kind) or riding around on an ATV disrupting the glorious sounds of nature with the sound of a motor instead.

When I attended Warriors in the Mist, the 8-day training with Stuart Wilde, any time we were in motion, we were to be in silence – whether we were riding a ski lift to the top of the hill for our freaking early morning meditations, walking to various locations or riding in a van on our way to enjoy horseback riding. And even horseback riding was done in silence. I particularly enjoyed riding bareback. An amazing thing happens when you connect with the energy and rhythm of the horse in a way that you can feel his/her every move. Because of that experience and many of Stuart’s other teachings, I learned how to deeply commune with nature.

No beach … No problem!

Go for a walk anyway. One of the many reasons I wanted out of New Mexico was the inability to go barefoot very often. Where I used to live, there were these things called goat heads. On the underside of this harmless-looking plant were balls with some very painful spikes. The main spike could be 1/2 inch long. Thankfully we did have a lovely patch of grass in our outdoor sanctuary surrounded by trees, raised flower beds, and fountains.

Selo Black Crow, Lakota Medicine Man (deceased), told me that they (Native Americans) used to sit on the ground and then the white man gave them chairs. He went on to say they used to walk barefoot on the earth and then white man gave them shoes. He said we can no longer “see.” When you walk and sit on the earth in silence, you develop an ability to know and understand things.

When I was living on Palomar Mt. in Southern California, I spent hours every way walking through the fields of wildflowers and sitting on the ground writing. I was so in tune with nature and my own body that I knew the day I conceived. I knew right away it was a boy and later I knew he was backwards. I also knew what to eat and my intuition became greatly enhanced. I visited the ocean and walked and sat on the beach in silence at least once a week.

Nature is the great rebalancer and recalibrator. I am outside in silence every opportunity I get.

There is much more to nature than just the experience of silence and walking or sitting on the earth. Commune with the sun, the moon, and the stars. I grew up in Texas and later lived in New Mexico. Its sunny almost all the time in both locations. In between, I lived for a short time in Portland, Oregon. I loved Portland for many reasons. I loved the mountains, the huge river running through the middle of town, the lushness of the vegetation, the festivals, the people, the culture, the art, skiing on Mt. Hood, hiking, microbreweries, and so much more. From July through October, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. But the rest of the year – forget it. The rain and overcast skies were simply beyond my ability to bear. I need the sun.


The sun is a powerful energizer. Vitamin D is very important to your health,  which you get by spending time in the sun. I think most sunscreens are harmful. And … BIG and … never allow yourself to get a sunburn.

I always wear sunglasses except for a few moments each day when I take them off to allow natural light to reach my eyes. Never look directly at the sun.

Since I don’t use sunscreen, unless I absolutely must, that means I start SLOW and build up to longer periods in the sun. Now that its warm enough to shed a few layers of clothes and spend time in the sun each day, I limit my exposure to 15 to 20 minutes on each side if I’m sitting or lying down. I have very fair skin. I burn easily if I’m not careful, until I build up a base tan.

When I flew to Fiji to live on a yacht for a while, I did not have a great tan already. So, the first week on the boat, I had to use sunscreen. I didn’t like it. I used the most natural products I could find. But as soon as the tan was there, no more sunscreen for the duration.

My philosophy is that its better to gradually increase exposure to the sun each day than to use sunscreen. It is also very important not to ever burn. If the skin turns red, or even a little pink, it was exposed to the sun for too long. So, if I’m going to be outside for longer than my skin is ready for, I cover my body with clothing that has built-in sunscreen ability, wear a hat to protect my face and neck, and use sunscreen on the parts that will be exposed too long. If I accidentally burn despite these precautions, I use aloe vera, organic coconut oil and other organic nurturing lotions to assist in healing, and I avoid the sun for a few days until the burn has completely healed. Then I begin again to slowly building up my time in the sun each day.

Much of this article was written while I was siting outside in silence letting the sun warm my skin.

There are so many more ways to commune with nature and to rebalance and recalibrate. Hope these are of benefit.


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*These ideas are my opinion only. If you have a skin condition or are under the care of a trained healthcare provider and their advice is to do something different, follow their advice.

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