So many people are in an uncomfortable position right now experiencing this unexpected personal evolution. Life was going along a certain way and then suddenly, wham, everything changed … stores and businesses closed, social distancing and not getting to see loved ones became commonplace. Soon fear about health and finances began running rampant along with a new obsession with the latest news and death toll numbers. Sadly worry has completely replaced joy for many.

On the other hand, there are numerous among us who have been preparing for this moment (or one like it) their entire lives. In fact, many of us believe it is why we are here on this planet at this time. Just like each of us (the Lightworkers I’m talking about) have gone through our own dark night of the soul and spiritual awakening as part of our own spiritual journey and evolution, the whole of humanity is being given that opportunity en masse right now.

While the masses are getting to face their greatest fears being dredged up from the depths of their subconscious minds and the collective consciousness of humanity, those of us who have been through a spiritual awakening and attained a certain level of personal vibration are being asked to use every tool in our metaphysical tool box to achieve and maintain an even higher level of vibration, to remain calm and at peace at all times, and to radiate love and healing energies to the world around us now and into the foreseeable future.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. We are those teachers stationed (on purpose in specific locations) all over the world to assist others as they navigate their individual and collective uncharted waters of uncertainty and change.

Its time to be the lighthouse, the beacon in the night, the kind word, the friendly smile, the beaming radiance of Divine love that you are. That is why you are here.

Providing transformational training, tools, and technologies that help you do that is the reason I am here.

Personal Enlightenment

Just as I have grown and evolved significantly over the years, my product line, Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergies, have transformed immensely over the years as well. They began in 1998 as traditional under the tongue elixirs like Bach Flower Remedies. Then the Divine guidance came to infuse them with healing sound. That’s when I became friends with world renowned sound healing pioneer, Jonathan Goldman and his deLightful wife, Andi. (Jonathan and I went on to create some extraordinary Dancing Dolphin products together).

The essences soon transitioned into topical oils. Those oils went through their own metamorphosis from the original olive oil base (which really didn’t work very well) to organic fractionated coconut oil which is downright heavenly and can keep its precise delicate aroma even in desert heat. And now they have again evolved into fabulous lotion and soon body butter.

The alchemy involved in making them has also evolved significantly over the years going from the additional of sacred sound to a quadruple layer crystal grid with hundreds of crystals, gems, sacred symbols, a gold-plated pyramid, sand and hundreds of shells from all over the globe, feathers, stones from sacred sites, and much more all placed in a specific configuration that continues to evolve. Those are just the tangible physical items that help activate and set the alchemy. The invocation, intention, and visualization I do as I make and label every single bottle has evolved radically over the years as well.

Dancing Dolphin Essences Are Extremely High Vibration and Very Finely-Tuned Precision Frequencies

Fifteen or so years ago professional dowsers checked out several of the Dancing Dolphin oils and were amazed to discover that every single one of them read 600 or above on the consciousness scale. They had never tested any products that were that high before. And they had been testing products for many years.

When Completion Mist was sent off to an aura testing facility, the guy making the aura video excitedly called me on the phone. He said he had tested thousands of products and had never ever seen a product do what the Dancing Dolphin Completion Mist did. Everything first lit up with Divine white light. It then turned violet. Eventually it went turquoise. And finally turquoise and violet everywhere … even the bottle itself and the bottle’s aura showed up turquoise on the video. Those are the healing frequency of the Divine, the Divine Feminine, ocean, dolphins, and other multi-dimensional healing energies that come through me to create Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergies. All of the oils and mists have those frequencies happening. In addition, they each have a specific focus and precise frequency to assist you in a particular way.

A dear friend, David Jonas, who is one of the most vibrationally-sensitive and energetically fine-tuned individuals I’ve ever met said recently … (paraphrased) “Your Finally Free oil is perfect for what people are facing right now.”

Finally Free Mountain Laurel Essence

I absolutely agree. Finally Free is an oil and alchemy designed specifically for these times.

Many blessings dear ones!

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P.S. If you want to take an even deeper drive into becoming Finally Free, check out The Finally Free Invocation to Freedom webinar. You get a full workshop on letting go of the past, plus a powerful transformational guided healing meditation and the Dancing Dolphin Alchmical Synergy oil – Finally Free.

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