Activating Cosmic Consciousness Higher Chakra Workshop
I’ve been talking about the need to be able to “hover” for quite awhile (like decades) … now is the time … to not get caught up in the chaos, the fear, the confusion, the distortion and misinformation, the anger and hatred running rampant right now. Things are shifting and changing at breakneck speed and the truth is, few of us know exactly what’s going to happen next. We are all being forced to get comfortable with being uncomfortable (as I always say to anyone looking to change their life or achieve their goals, that’s a skill one has to cultivate).
For the Lightworkers in the crowd – this is why you showed up on the planet precisely at this time … you have a specific role to play. So it is paramount that you find center, balance, peace within and “hover” … rising above in consciousness, awareness, as well as vibration.
For those who don’t identify as Lightworkers (maybe aren’t even aware of what the word means), do whatever you do to find balance and inner peace … for most of us, nature is the answer … even if its only listening to nature sounds on headphones. Sitting by the ocean or a stream or river is very soothing to the soul. Hearing birds, feeling the wind, even wind chimes can be quite calming for some of us.
Staying glued to news and what’s happening “out there” is counterproductive to inner peace. Yes, be aware of what’s happening, but don’t dwell on it.
In my new class starting on Thursday (6/4/20), we’ll be activating and working with some higher chakras (beyond the main 7) and various energies that allow “hovering” to happen in a much easier way.

Activating Cosmic Consciousness

Learning to Raise Your Vibration and Hover Above the Chaos and Fear

Course Available on Line
Helping you remember the truth of who you really are as a multi-dimensional being. Assisting you in accessing higher wisdom and living at a higher frequency..
A few of the things we will cover include:
  • learn how to raise your vibration, align with higher dimensions and your own Higher Self so you can hover above the chaos and fear running rampant right now on planet earth
  • experience a significant number of powerful transformational processes to help you access, activate, clear, and more fully utilize your higher dimensional chakras
  • do processes that assist with karmic release, breaking vows and contracts from multiple lifetimes, plus much more
  • discover the difference between octaves and dimensions
  • connect in with energies and helping spirits (power animals and more) that you worked with in previous/alternate lives and learn how to bring them in to this one for assistance whenever you need it
  • bask in 5th, 9th, 13th dimensional energies plus all the additional higher frequencies I access and bring in
  • learn more about various dimensions including a powerful visual to help you connect with dimensions 5 through 9
  • find out how working with those particular dimensions can greatly enhance your energy healing work
  • enJOY working with Archangels and several other Beings of Light
  • learn who they are, and how to work, with my favorite energetic protectors
  • experience teaching and transformational processes from numerous sources including the energy and information I bring in “from an extremely high place.” (according to world famous oracle, Judith Moore)
  • plus, as always, storytelling by yours truly that activates and unlocks specific codes, memories, and energetics within you.

Get ready to hover!

Takara Shelor
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