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It begins so innocently – with a simple thought. But soon there are more thoughts. And then you find other people talking about the same thing – the same fear, the same circumstance, that “wrong thing” that is going on in the world, or any number of other forms of negative thinking. Suddenly its like a tornado and you are being sucked down inside the cone. The walls are so steep and the energy pouring in is so powerful that you have no way of climbing back out. You are stuck at the bottom of a negative energy vortex – that you created by your own thoughts.

What Exactly is the Negative Thinking Spin? – or Getting Stuck in Negativity?

It can take many forms but it usually boils down to being stuck in negativity and not being able to get out. Being in a negative thinking spin is very detrimental. It can hugely impact your health, your relationships, your ability to manifest what you desire. It keeps you feeling a negative set of emotions. It takes away your joy. It can cause you to experience accidents, theft, illness, endless financial worries, and a whole lot more.

On one of my typical Friday mornings with my son Jess at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum I had a rather disturbing encounter with another little boy. Jess was busy playing in the large outdoor sand box. I often sit on one of the bails of hay and enjoy the sunshine as Jess digs, fills buckets with sand, jumps off the hay bails, and helps other children create whatever they’ve decided to create in the sand.

I heard someone behind me and turned to find a cute little boy about 6 or 7 years old who couldn’t find his mom. I asked him some questions about where he’d seen her last. Then he made a comment that I found very intriguing. He said, “I’m afraid of being kidnapped.” I looked at him very calmly and asked him why he would be afraid of being kidnapped. His response was that “There are kidnappers everywhere, all over the world.” I assured him that there weren’t any kidnappers at the Children’s Museum and offered to help find his mom.

Manifestation happens when you think a thought with strong emotion (negative or positive) and then expect the result to happen. When you are stuck in a negative vortex, what you create can be scary. And often can be very hard to get over – financially, emotionally, and even physically.

If this little boy really believes that he might be kidnapped – thanks to comments made by the well-meaning people in his life – there is a very high probability that sometime in his life he REALLY will have that experience. It depends on how strong the fear is. And, the entire fear probably came from a simple comment made by a parent while watching the news one night.

You create your world. What you are experiencing in this moment – however wonderful or horrible – is there because you thought it into being. The stronger your emotions about something, the faster it comes to you. Every moment of every day your thoughts are creating the world that you are about to step into.

In one of the final scenes of the movie Contact, Jodie Foster is taken to another dimension, or planet, and she puts her hand out. She is looking at the beautiful scenery, but when her hand touches the edge, the scene begins to move or wave. It is a perfect visual showing how very malleable our world really is.

Do you realize that we all are living our own movie, our own experience, our own dream? Sometime in my youth I had this really odd thought: “What if I am the only “real” person here (meaning in my world) and everyone is just actors or puppets or something?” Boy, I had no idea how close to the TRUTH I actually was.

We are all the only “real” person in our world and everything and everyone around us just reflect back our own beliefs about how life is, about how people are, about what is and isn’t the truth. If you really observe someone, you’ll notice that they act one way with certain people and completely different with someone else. We all adapt and act out how a person believes others are. And, they do the same for us. I find it an amazing dance we do with one another.

There are so many examples I hardly know where to begin. From my own background I created bosses repeatedly that initially thought I was wonderful and later became disappointed in my performance. Why? Because I believed that my dad was proud of me on the one hand but that I never quite fulfilled his expectations on the other. So, I had this fear about how all men “in authority” would view me and my actions. I always had male bosses and it always ended the same. I was just living out my false belief – as we all do!

How do we shift it? How do we change a lifetime of false beliefs into the world we really want to live in? The same way we began – one thought at a time.

You have an internal guidance system that is NEVER wrong. Your Inner Being, Inner Self, Higher Self, or whatever name you choose, remembers all your past and fully understands what you really desire. Particularly if you take the time to get really clear about what you want. And, until you’ve developed a very close relationship with it, its only way of communicating with you is through your emotions.

Every emotion you experience – whether it be jubilant bliss or devastating sorrow – is communication from the Divine part of you. Feelings like joy, happiness, love, and excitement tell you that what you are doing, saying, and thinking are in alignment (in harmony) with your desires. You are creating the future you want. Feelings like fear, anger, resentment, and sadness are letting you know that what you are thinking, doing, and saying are not in alignment with what you are desiring to have in your life.

The stronger the emotion, the faster you create. So if you are experiencing a strong negative emotion, its time to STOP immediately what you are doing and think about what you really want instead. And STOP exposing yourself to things that cause a strong reaction – like the news. Pay attention to all your emotions. When a negative one comes along, STOP everything. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, focus your attention in your heart area and think of something you are grateful for. And realize you could have been in a negative spin.

There is another really powerful technique for STOPPING negative emotion in the moment and for transforming the underlying false belief. It’s a technique the dolphins use called Dolphin Spiral Clearing. They have taught it to many humans, including myself. I’ve included it in my ebook 7 Secrets to Discovering Your Inner Treasure

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