When faced with a challenge, do you exhibit fluidity? Or, are you a fortress that can’t be penetrated? Fluidity allows life to flow by gracefully. Being rigid and unbending causes stress, disease, and unhappiness.

Do you actually flow with life?

Out of nowhere the universe seems to throw you a curve ball. You know the kind of thing that you never expected. Yet here it is in your face.

It can be something relatively minor like someone not keeping an appointment with you.

Or, it can be life threatening or completely devastating like discovering you have cancer or your best friend dies.

What do you do? Do you react and get upset and spend hours or even days talking about how not right things are? Or do you think “Oh, this is what today looks like. O.K.”

The one you choose makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE for you energetically and spiritually.

So many things are happening so fast that we can no longer afford the luxury of reaction to circumstances. If we simply react to everything, our life is made up of nothing more than one big drama after another.

Where is the joy, happiness, and fulfillment in that?

We aren’t meant to live like that. We are here to play and have fun, grow personally and spiritually, and enjoy each other and life. How often are you in gratitude for the life you have created for yourself? (Read my article on Gratitude for more info. about that.)

Now I’m not saying never cry or mourn. I’m saying don’t get stuck there. Feel what you feel. Feel it fully. And then let it go and move on.

As I observe other people, I realize that many of them don’t really enjoy much that life has to offer. They are so caught up in their perception that something is bad or wrong that they don’t even notice when the universe presents them with a new job, health, or relationship opportunity. They are too busy being negative to notice the signs.

Fluidity Flowing with Life

As we walk our spiritual path and grow as individuals, remembering more of who we truly are, every part of life becomes alive with signs to help us along the way. The signs can be very subtle – a chill up your spin, a word from a stranger, an ad on television. They are everywhere all of the time. All you have to do is look, listen, and feel. And, keep your heart open.

When I say, “open your heart,” I mean come from a place of Divine love. Accept others and life as they are, not necessarily as you think they should be. See the joy and beauty in all of life. Express gratitude for who you are and what your life is like. Keeping your heart open can be very challenging. The goal is to open your heart and operate (make decisions) from intuition and heart knowing instead of just logic.

The moment you react to a person or circumstance and begin to experience anger, fear, or any other lower vibration emotion, the heart connection closes and you begin the ridiculous mental chatter that is such a waste of time and energy. And, as long as the mental chatter is there, you can’t hear, see, or feel the subtle signs you are being shown. It becomes very hard to make decisions that you feel good about. Because the answers don’t seem clear – and they are not.

So next time you find yourself in a challenging situation, remember fluidity – flowing with life not against it – is the key to health and happiness.


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