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For those whose soul inspired them to take up a spiritual path, in addition to learning and healing, there is often a great deal of responsibility and unlearning that must occur.

People who are used to being able to “pass the buck” and blame something or someone else have to completely shift out of those bad habits. Becoming a true seeker of truth and enlightenment requires that a great deal of responsibility be taken and healing to occur on all levels.

As I’ve walked my own spiritual path with its many twists and turns …I have also observed and assisted many others. Ultimately people fall into two categories … those who succeed at growing and evolving and those who remain stuck. Those who succeed, sadly, are a rare breed.

There are various phases you will go through as you rise in consciousness and awareness. In some of my more advanced teachings, I discuss levels of consciousness. In order to leave one level to rise to another, deep healing and deep meditation must occur routinely in order to achieve and maintain wholeness of body, mind, and soul.

In many cases, the deep healing often requires assistance from one or more true healers and/or enlightened teachers. As one ascends to higher levels or planes of existence, a magical moment in time occurs when you will begin to operate from your heart and intuition (inner wisdom).

Deep healing must have occurred in order to do this successfully. There is a vast difference between operating from heart-knowing and operating out of subconscious fear and limiting beliefs. Until true emotional harmony has been achieved and healing of the past has occurred, what one intuits, reads psychically, or “receives” is tainted by the wounding and fears that have not been addressed.

In the awakening phase, there is a great deal of excitement and a bit of sadness as the person wakes up from the dream (illusion) that things are a certain way, that certain things they were led to believe are in fact untrue, and that there is much that they do not know. Many become avid readers of spiritual books. Often a person will join a spiritual community or follow a particular path or spiritual teacher/guru.  Meeting others who are also seeking truth often feels like they have finally come “home” and found their tribe … a place where they feel understood and accepted, often for the first time in their life.

For those who will continue to evolve, as time goes by, the newness of the group, teacher, or teaching begins to wear off, the honeymoon period ends, and they begin to see all the things that are “wrong.” Perhaps this is not their path. Perhaps this teacher is not as wonderful as they originally thought. Perhaps this is not the way.

Eventually, those truly growing and evolving will most likely leave. That is not always the case, but it certainly has been for many.

So where does responsibility come in?

One of the biggest hurdles is looking to God and blame strictly outside of self.

In the Christian religion, one sometimes blames satan and evil for all “bad” things. What one should and should not do is taught to them by preachers, teachers, and a book full of contradictions. A few of the greatest, in my opinion, being who is God and what rules should one follow? Is God the angry, vengeful, judgmental, war-loving being of the old testament? Or is God the loving, forgiving, benevolent being that Jesus spoke of? Should one follow the barbaric practices of the old testament stoning people and mistreating women? Or should one follow the words of Jesus and treat others with great kindness, turning the other cheek, never judging or condemning another? You get the idea. This is not intended to bash this or any religion. These are simply facts to ponder as one rises in consciousness and awareness.

All Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Jewish, Muslim) speak of a God outside of self. Any beliefs beyond the Abrahamic religions are called Pagan. Eastern tradition seeks to discover and grow the spark of Divinity within. So which is it? Is God external or is God internal? The answer is, “Yes.” God is both within and without. God is both outside of you in all things and within you as the spark of Divinity that you really are. It can be called up for assistance (as an outside force) and cultivated within as you step into your own true power and magnificence.

To continue to grow and evolve, you must look at every belief you have, both conscious (you know you have it) and subconscious (you believe it on a deep level but are unaware of it consciously), and determine if it is detrimental or beneficial. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it serve you to believe that God prefers males?
  • Does it serve you to believe that you were abandoned and are unloveable because a parent left you when your parents divorced?
  • Does it serve you to believe that people are untrustworthy because once upon a time someone betrayed you or broke your heart?
  • Does it serve you to believe that cancer means death or that a particular illness cannot be healed?
  • Does it serve you to believe that aging means physical pain and malfunction of the body?
  • Does it serve you to believe that you can’t have more money?
  • Does it serve you to believe that you can not have a fulfilling joy-filled relationship?
  • Does it serve you to believe that you do not have any extraordinary gifts or talents?
  • Does it serve you to allow people to mistreat you?
  • Etc.

These are just some of the beliefs that must be looked at and healed. A healing practitioner or spiritual teacher cannot do this work for you. They can facilitate. They can offer Divine insight, massive amounts of healing energy, and assist with the release of the pain from your past that allowed for a particular fear or belief to become part of you. But you have to participate in your own healing. You have to be willing to look at, and in some cases re-live (emotionally) the moments where you still feel like a victim, so you can let them go. You have to be willing to forgive yourself and others.

That is where most people get tripped up.

First of all, they have no idea how to get to those memories and beliefs. And second, they are terrified of doing the work. What will it mean? How painful will it be? Who will they be when this emotional baggage is no longer part of their life? On the one hand, they want to grow and evolve. On the other, they are afraid to.

Finally, they refuse to take responsibility for things that they should be taking responsibility for.

Let’s take health as a prime example.

Who is responsible for your health and wellbeing?

For many people, they believe it is their doctor’s responsibility. And they believe (sadly) that if it is sold on a shelf somewhere that it must be safe. Those are fairly scary and illogical ideas. How often do you see a physician? If you sit in the office and speak to them for 5 minutes, what do you learn? And what have they learned about you? What do they know about wellness anyway? Remember, they are taught how to diagnose and treat disease – primarily using drugs and surgery, not how to attain and maintain optimal health. Holistic health practitioners, such as Naturopathic physicians or chiropractors, can actually give you insight into wellness. They are trained in nutrition, wholeness, and balance of body and mind. As one fitness guru says, 80% of your level of fitness is what you eat and only 20% is genetics and how you work out. There is no one at your house telling you what you should or should not consume. That is entirely up to you.

You have to take responsibility for your health, your relationships, your peace of mind, your beliefs, your everything. Only you can do those things.

It takes a great deal of courage and commitment.

In the end, though, it is oh so worth it.

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