Gratitude Even Under Duress

When everything in life is going well, it is so easy to be in a state of gratitude. However, the more that life’s challenges begin to rear their ugly heads, the more difficult a sense of gratitude can become to attain and maintain for many people.

Those who read my newsletters and blogs tend to be people who have taken up the quest to achieve their highest potential, navigate their unique path toward ascension, go beyond the ordinary, the mundane, the tic tock reality of everyday life. Those people know that living what many consider a “normal” life and reacting “normally” to life challenges is not what they signed up for when they chose to incarnate on planet earth this go round.

Their intention was to attain a level of mastery.

And that means they decided to rise to the occasion whatever “the occasion” may be.

Right now “the occasion” is an unstable economy, COVID 19 still taking and impacting lives, an all time high level of misinformation, worries about our own health and the health of our loved ones, businesses closing, and a whole slew of other inconvenient and unexpected changes and challenges.

Depression and fear are running rampant. Bitching, moaning, and letting outside circumstances dictate inner happiness is all too easy to fall into.

How to Find Gratitude

So what does it mean to rise to the challenge?

It means that even when things feel like you are trying to stand without falling overboard in a teeny tiny little raft in a wildly turbulent ocean, you feel centered, balanced, at peace within, and set about doing whatever it takes to attain and maintain the Noble C State.

That state can’t be achieved and maintained when:

  • your mind is constantly focused on fear of the unknown, what might happen, or what has happened,
  • you aren’t taking impeccable care of your body, your mind, and your energy field,
  • you are playing the blame game (blaming others for all your woe’s),
  • you let the thoughts, words, and actions of others impact your sense of happiness, peace, and fulfillment.

It’s possible that I haven’t said it often enough … “the journey isn’t easy.”

You don’t just wake up one day and everything is fabulous.

It takes courage, commitment, determination, tenacity, integrity, brutal honesty (with yourself about your strengths and your weaknesses), and a fair amount of discipline.

How often do you meditate? Is it a deep theta-level meditation or something much more shallow and, often, far less effective?

How often do you “police” what’s going on within (“tuning in” and noticing what you are thinking, how you are feeling, and doing something immediately to shift it when the thoughts and feelings aren’t beneficial).

How often do you enjoy the wonders of nature? For those of us who are empathic, just seeing a beautiful nature scene can change our state. For almost everyone, listening to nature sounds, playing with, or petting our animals can do the same.

How often do you sit in silence and just “be” in the moment? Or do you rush around from one seemingly important task or obligation to the next?

How often do you do something to raise your vibration? Clear and activate your in-body and higher chakras? Utilize crystals, sacred sound, Dancing Dolphin Essences, or something else to assist?

How often do you just take time for you? Doing something you love? Napping? Journaling? Talking to dear friends by phone or video chat? Enjoying a luxurious bath or hot tub or whatever you enjoy?

How often do you do some sort of creative expression? Painting? Woodworking? Adult coloring? Jewelry making? Baking or cooking new things? Playing guitar, piano, drums or some other instrument? There are a lot of ways to express yourself creatively. But for many of us, it is our way to tap into Divine source and feel energized and raise our Chi.

How often do you exercise? That can take a whole lot of forms.

How often do you express gratitude? To another person? In a journal? As you greet the new day? While you gaze at the sunrise, the sunset, or as a deer saunters though your yard?

The more challenges or the more intense the challenges, the more these things become vitally necessary to your wellbeing. You have to build them into your schedule and develop the discipline to do them.

You can read uplifting words, sacred texts, ancient wisdoms, attend classes online, have readings, and even energy healing sessions. But if you are not incorporating these actions into your life and addressing your limiting beliefs, fears, etc., its much harder to express gratitude and its highly unlikely that your life will ever change in a sustainable positive way.

For assistance with helping you feel more Gratitude, I created a Dancing Dolphin Essence with that focus. As with all Dancing Dolphin frequencies, it is an extremely high vibration that is infused with the loving healing energetic embrace of dolphin-angels, and acts as a form of sound healing in a bottle. Applying it on the back of your neck and all your chakras and/or using it in the bath allows the frequencies to permeate your body and energy field. Its like being inside a multi-dimensional healing chamber of light, sound, diamond dolphin healing frequencies, and experiencing that radiance again and again as you use it. The more you use it, the more it assists you. The higher you rise in consciousness and expand in awareness, the more you are able to access the layers upon layers of higher-dimensional frequencies that it contains.

Gratitude by Dancing Dolphin – Magnificent U with D. Takara Shelor

Many blessings on your journey,

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