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If you consider yourself one of the Light Workers, than you will want to read this article. Even though it was written just after 9/11, it is as pertinent today as ever.

As I watched the towers of the World Trade Center fall on 9/11, I knew in that moment that it was the “sign” I’d been waiting for. It was NOW TIME for light workers to move into action – finally.

I never watched regular television programming. We had a TV so my son could watch educational shows on PBS and to connect with our VHS prayer so we could enjoy the many movies we rented.

But that particular morning, I felt “inspired” (guided by higher wisdom) to turn on the TV. I clicked on the television at precisely the moment they were showing the first airplane hitting the World Trade Center. In shock, I shouted for my then husband to “come in here now … you’ve got to see this.”

As I stood there staring at the unbelievable scene, my brain tumbled back in time to another moment when those same towers seemed to fall. About 10 years earlier, a friend and I were participating in a seminar at the World Trade Center. At lunch, we decided to have the buffet in the restaurant at the top. We found ourselves alone on the elevator headed up the endless shaft.

It took F O R E V E R.

Something was wrong. We both could sense it. They were apparently checking it out for a malfunction while we were on it! After what seemed like an eternity, the doors opened on the 90th floor. That was not the floor we had requested and no one was standing there waiting to get on.

Since there was clearly something wrong with the elevator and by now we had no desire to be on it ever again, we got off the elevator. Now what?

A voice came over the speaker in the elevator that said, “Get back on the elevator.” It was an eerie voice … one I will never forget. No part of me wanted to do that. The same message came again, this time with much more conviction and authority. “Get back on the elevator.” We hesitantly complied.

We got on the elevator and it started going down. Our desire had been to go up more floors until we reached the restaurant. Anyway, it began to free-fall. I don’t know if it was actually free falling or just going much faster than it should. My friend and I were in a panic. We held to the sides and looked into each other’s eyes as we both felt the terror that neither of us verbalized. It abruptly slowed down at about the 20th floor.

The combination of acceleration and then abrupt slow down sent both of us airborne. We were literally thrown into the air. We both collapsed onto the floor. We held each other. I could hardly speak or walk when the doors finally opened at the bottom floor. I literally crawled off the elevator shaking from head to toe.

Sidenote – You know in movies when the heroine is facing some horrid potential death, she screams this piercing scream. Well, ya know what, that didn’t happen in real life. Neither of us made a sound.

I have experienced what its like for the “tower to fall.” The fact that it was in the World Trade Center is definitely not coincidence. So when I saw them literally falling that day, I knew it was my sign that it was time for Light Workers on the planet to move into action.

9/11 was the trigger

Are you spiritually awake? Have you come to the realization that you are a spiritual being having a human experience? Then you, my friend, are part of the Light Brigade. You are one of the Light Workers. You have been called into service and the time is NOW. Your job from this moment forward is to be a Beacon of Light and to make a difference. It is time for Mother Earth, her energy field and everything in and on her to be cleared of lower frequency.

In each moment, including this one, we have a choice. Our service, our charge as Light Workers and Beacons of Light, is that we only really have one choice. In every moment we must choose love over fear. Enough people already are experiencing anger and fear. Our job is to join together, and do what Jesus came to teach us to do – create such a wave of inner peace that it overpowers all the lower frequency emotions.

You must constantly guard your thoughts, words, and emotions. You must discover and exhibit your strength, courage, knowledge, love, and forgiveness. You must raise your vibration as high as possible and continue to raise it. You must realize that your thoughts, words, and actions all have power. And as you raise your vibration, they have even more power. You must take responsibility for the problems you create for yourself and others by allowing yourself to think, say, or do anything that comes from a frequency of fear.

A saying from A Course in Miracles is “The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength (not God’s).” You may want to reread my article on fluidity.

For the past year, and definitely for the past 6 months I’ve been feeling very antsy. Like, “Come on, let’s get on with it.” I didn’t even know what “it” was. Now I know. As a light worker, the job I’ve been called to do right now is to remind other light workers and spiritually awake individuals that its time to do the work we came here to do. The time is here for us to perform our agreed upon duties in service to the Divine.

So what are you here to do?

Those of you who are spiritually awake didn’t just come here to be a mom, an accountant, or a world-class athlete. You came here because of this very moment in history. You are here as a Light Worker and a Way Shower. You are a Beacon of Light and Hope to the rest of humanity. Each of you have one or more jobs that is a way of completely being in service.

Below I’m offering a few possibilities. Go within and ask what you are to do now and in the future.

Ways to Be of Spiritual Service:

Many of you are performing these duties very diligently already. The rest of us who are light workers and are part of the Light Brigade appreciate the work you are doing. So does Mother Earth and the higher dimensional beings working from their side of the veil.

Many of you do LONG DISTANCE HEALING. There are many people in hospitals around the world that can use your services. There are also many people in locations where there aren’t any hospitals. Before performing this service – or any others – ask if these souls want your assistance.

Many of you COMMUNICATE with the devic and nature spirit realms. Others communicate with the ascended masters, the Great White Brotherhood, angels, or whatever name you give higher dimensional beings. Speak with these beings and ask how you, as one of the light workers, can be of service. Ask for their assistance. Its time to transform / transmute the lower frequency emotions such as fear, hate, anger, greed into love and joy. Ask what techniques can be used to do this? Ask them to assist. Those of you who know the Dolphin Spiral Clearing Technique – use it all the time to clear yourself and Mother Earth. Or use Pristine Clearing Mist by Dancing Dolphin Essences.

Many of you are PLANETARY HEALERS. You visit locations and assist in releasing lower frequency and /or activating what has been lying dormant. This work is far from finished. I recently read about a conversation between James Twyman and one of the indigo children. He was asking her about the “web” the indigo children were building on the planet to help humanity grow. She said that the web wasn’t being built, that it already existed, and that what strengthens it is love.

ALL OF YOU know how to PRAY. Prayer is you communicating with Creator. Your intuition is Creator talking to you. It’s time. Light workers need to gather in groups. Where two or more are gathered is a VERY powerful technology. Haven’t you been feeling the need to gather with others of Light? I mean before any of these events occurred? Many new groups have been forming just in the last several months. There is a reason. It’s important.

If you aren’t part of a group then form one or join one. If you don’t personally know any others in the Light Brigade then join my newsletter list and participate along with thousands of others along with myself and David Adams each Spring and Fall Equinox for the global meditations we lead. Join in one of the group healing events I offer on-line, on land, or at sea. Add your thoughts, intentions, and energy to these group events.

It is NOT time for fear or lamenting about what has been. Do not even mention how “bad” you think things are. Only come from the positive changes you want to see. Whatever you focus on, you create and manifest in your world. So only think on the positive things. Ask for empowerment, courage, knowledge, healing of emotions, and love.

Some of you know MERKABAH TECHNOLOGY. It’s time to use it on a global scale. Keep your own merkabah spinning very fast and place healing merkabahs around everything you feel guided to.

Many of you have the ability to HELP SOULS TRANSITION to the next stage. Now is the time to help them. What happened at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is only a small part of the “transitioning” that occurs on planet earth every single day. Every time you hear of one or more people or animals or forests or oceans dying, do what you do to assist.

Light workers can send blessings and love to every person and situation they are made aware of that would benefit from such energies.

You may not have the sort of friends that I have. But, many of my friends communicate with devas and nature spirits, the ascended masters, dolphins, angels, and on and on. At least two of these friends said they received a message from an Ascended Master on September 10th. One of them said it was time to party. The other said it is a time of celebration. My son woke up on Sept. 12th saying, “Who is singing?” “Who is singing?” I said, “It must be the angelic choir, honey.”

Humanity has never shifted without a huge experience that created the shift. Humans (before they are awake) almost never shift anything until they experience loss – loss of love, health, wealth, etc. Isn’t that true for you? I know it certainly was true for me.

The loss here is in faith. Americans, and many others, have falsely believed that the United States is safe, secure, powerful, etc. Faith should be placed solely on your relationship with The Divine – by whatever name you call it – not in a government, a lover or spouse, a job, a family, a home, the stock market.

All of these can and will change. You must have faith and learn to love who you are inside and your relationship with The Divine. Nothing else on planet earth is a sure thing. And that is good. That is standing in your power. That is being compassionate without being co-dependent. It is many things and it is very important to reach that place within your self.


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