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Ever so often I am reminded once again of 1998 when I was initially inspired with the words to the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing. I had been contemplating the right course of action concerning the U.S. military’s use of LFAS and their negative impact on dolphins and whales.

LFAS means Low Frequency Active Sonar. Dr. Marcia Green, an extraordinary woman who researches cetacean behavior, told me all about LFAS over dinner one evening many years prior. Getting to know Dr. Green was delightful. Hearing about LFAS caused me to lose my appetite.

So every now and then another 100 or so dolphins or whales beach themselves. Many die. Many people believe it is because of LFAS.

How many times will this issue return to haunt me? Wasn’t I writing articles for environmental magazines years ago about this same thing? I don’t think there has ever been an issue that has disturbed me so. Like many people on the planet right now, part of me is dolphin. Part of me is whale. Much of what we all are is water. Orcas are my true family. An aspect of my consciousness is with them always. (I know that sounds strange, but I love them that much and feel that level of connection to them.)

So here is this darn issue again.

What are we to do with it? I can’t remember anything that has taken me on such an emotional rollercoaster or forced me to look at something from so many perspectives. And I always end up with more questions than answers.

I don’t have your answers. Only you have the answers that are right for you in this moment. And you will probably find that as you continue to grow and evolve, your answers will change.

I will share with you only a few of the thoughts that LFAS have inspired within me over the years:

What right does anyone have to cause harm to another? We are each here to remember the truth of who we are and to learn to allow. But I fundamentally believe that we should not consciously harm another. We harm ourselves all too often with our limited and self destructive beliefs and criticisms.

Cetaceans (dolphins and whales) are actually more evolved than we are. When you tap into their consciousness, you can heal and learn a great deal. And even if they physically no longer exist on our planet – which the continued use of LFAS will cause to happen – you can still tap into their consciousness. Are we to lose their beautiful, powerful, and loving physical presence forever? I certainly hope not.

What is the grand plan? Are we to allow the U.S. military in its arrogance and Roman like conquering ways, individuals and corporations driven by ego and greed, to completely destroy our planet as we sit idly by? Is that also what it means to allow? Or are we to take action when individuals, groups, other beings such as dolphins or whales or a particular species of ant, the rain forest, the ocean, etc. are being destroyed?

And what happens if all the dolphins and whales physically leave the planet? Who will sing the whale songs, continuously stabilizing and balancing the grids in the deep ocean? Who will swim the great spiral causing the energetic vortex near Bali each year? What is its purpose? And what will happen to our planet when the vortex is no longer created? What happens when the only species that doesn’t fight over females or territory is no longer here? Will there be a blueprint in place for humans to evolve into? Or will we be forever stuck in our barbaric ways – forever fearful, forever at war, forever hating those unlike ourselves? Will our species ever know peace or joy? Will we ever learn how to divinely love ourselves and others?

And what about victimhood? Is the idea correct that there are never victims, that we draw to ourselves our experience because of our limited beliefs and fears? Or is that only true of humans because we are the ones that have the ability to have fears and beliefs? Tigers kill their prey because they are hungry. And they never kill more than they need to eat. And sometimes they go hungry. And they probably have no opinion about that. Humans, on the other hand, have an opinion that having dinner is good and not having dinner is bad. We have polarized everything into good and bad, right and wrong.

And why do I care so much about cetaceans when I’ll eat salmon any day of the week? Is that hypocritical? I’ve tried vegetarianism. It doesn’t work for me. Do I love fish because of my conscious connection with cetaceans that also eat fish? I have no idea. Is it right? Is it wrong? Or is there truly such a thing as right or wrong?

And what about the idea that we are all one and that what we do to another we are actually doing to ourselves? Does that mean we can forcibly stop something and we are not interfering because we are just looking at and correcting an aspect of self?

Should we hold marches and protests, have endless talks on TV and radio, send political and financial pressure to the U.S. government?

Should we send in those who can astral project to energetically alter the programs, change the signals, and render it harmless?

Should we do some sort of energetic protection that helps the cetaceans handle the signals better? Creating harmony instead of disharmony?

The thoughts are endless and the questions never seem to end.

My son is a warrior and an angel. He is sure of himself. He knows what he wants. He stands his ground.

As I originally wrote this artice, he asked me why I was crying.

I asked for guidance to assist me in explaining such a complex issue to a six year old. I said the U.S. military has some equipment in their submarines that puts out a really loud sound and it is killing the dolphins and that makes me sad. His immediate response was to get angry and say, “I wish I could kill them.”

Ah, the little warrior.

And the loving mother, who’s job it is to teach the little warrior to see things from a higher perspective and to think before he reacts, said, “Killing them because they are killing the dolphins doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.” So he contemplated that for awhile. And then he began to cry and he asked me why they wanted to kill the dolphins. And I said I didn’t know.

Of course there are a million theories. There are those who believe that the covert government knows exactly who the dolphins and whales are, what their level of consciousness is, that they assist humans in staying awake, enlightened, hopeful, and that if they can get rid of the cetaceans, they can better control the people.

The military will tell you that in their paranoia, that they must send out the signals to protect the people from hostility and silent submarines, etc. And it is O.K. to kill or harm whatever is necessary in order to protect the people. Of course they are only protecting certain people – those fortunate or unfortunate enough to be called Americans. They are killing and harming other people all of the time.

What about Gandhi? He wasn’t a pacifist. He refused to take up arms and he encouraged everyone else to refuse to take up arms. But he took action. They had a plan and they took actions continuously. They didn’t sit back. They were active. They were active all of the time to attain a particular goal. They did it without firing a gun. But they did not sit back and watch and do nothing. They perceived that something was not right and they did something about it. It took courage. It required a definite goal and a great deal of dedication. And it was successful. Is that what we should do about war and LFAS and other similar issues?

In the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, when a small peaceful village was about to be attacked, a great Master stood on a balcony and radiated so much love that the enemy experienced chaos and confusion and the warriors ended up attacking each other. The people from the village then went out and helped the wounded. No one from the village was harmed.

Is that truly possible? Can we raise our vibration to such a degree, moving beyond our own petty ideas of right and wrong, radiating the glory and magnificence of the loving Universe so strongly that those dedicated to power and manipulation over others will destroy themselves?

We all know that LOVE is the strongest force in the Universe.

George Lucas admits that the entire Star Wars Trilogy was about the redemption of Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader). In the end he kills the evil emperor saving his own son Luke. Anakin dies in the process. But love prevailed and the Universe is saved. Is this our answer?

Can we learn to love ourselves?

Can we love our enemy? If we move beyond us and them, is there really an enemy?

Is love the answer to all our personal and worldly dilemmas?

I know that love is the answer for me. I would love to hear how you are answering this question for yourself.


In 1998 I was in the middle of contemplating this issue and woke up at 4 a.m. one morning with the words to The Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing. I later discovered that David J. Adams from Australia had received an almost identical meditation from Master Germain back in 1991 which he called the Global Marine Meditation. The similarity in words was almost freaky. We have been simultaneously leading the Global Marine Meditation and the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing each spring and Fall Equinox since 1998.

Join in the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing every Spring and Fall Equinox, 8 p.m. wherever you are!

Dolphins are very high vibrational beings. Connecting with them is a profoundly transformational experience. Whether you make the connection by submerging yourself in their realm of crystal clear turquoise waters, or you do it through meditation and prayer, you are forever changed by their presence in your life.

Each Equinox, humanity is given the opportunity to merge with dolphin consciousness on a global scale. The Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing opens a portal (or doorway) into their world. It allows anyone who has the desire to go beyond normal boundaries and be lifted up into their frequency.

The meditations draw together a worldwide community of individuals and groups desiring harmony, peaceful co-existence, and UNITY and who wish to merge with dolphin and whale consciousness. Your personal vibration is significantly increased by your participation in the meditation. The meditation raises the vibration of all the water on the planet – including the water inside your body. It is powerful done individually or in groups.

Join in the meditation &
Let the dolphins bless you with their many gifts
of wisdom, love, healing, and expanded vision.
Assist in raising the vibration of all the water on planet earth,
Facilitating purification and healing, infusing it with Golden Christ light.

Using the golden Christic ray and imperial topaz stones that have been placed in waterways throughout the world to anchor and maintain the energy, you are invited to join in raising the vibration of all the water on planet earth including the water within your own body. You don’t have to wait until Spring Equinox. Print out the words and begin doing the meditation now. Every time you do it, your vibration will increase even more.

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