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For those of you who are dowsers … (or would like to be)
I am always fascinated when I learn something new while dowsing. I’ve been dowsing pretty much daily since 1996. And I’ve studied with greats like Walt Wood (former head of the American Society of Dowsers) and Raymon Grace. I’ve read numerous books, etc. But mostly I’m intuitively guided about the best questions to ask. Being an engineer and formally trained to look for the root cause of issues is also a big bonus.
I woke up feeling pretty crappy with a little cough. I sat outside yesterday and read in the sun. Having seasonal allergies, that is sometimes a really bad idea this time of year. We also ate piles of dairy with our blackened chicken alfredo dish for dinner last night. That, also, isn’t great for seasonal allergies.
So I got out my handy dandy (LOL) pendulum and laminated dowsing chart and began asking questions.
  • “Am I fighting allergies?” Yes

Then the intuitively guided questions began flooding in (as they always do)

  • “Am I fighting COVID?” Yes
  • What … ????
  • “Do I have COVID?” Yes
  • “Delta Varient?” No
  • “Am I fighting COVID because I had the vaccine?” Yes

Then I had the realization … Of course, anyone with the vaccine is battling the disease … that’s how it works.

  • “Do I feel unwell right now because of allergies?” Yes
  • “Do I feel unwell right now because of COVID?” No

How you structure and ask questions makes a MASSIVE difference in dowsing. Yes, my body is battling COVID and will probably continue to do so. That is not why I’m not feeling well.

Fascinating stuff!
As with all dowsing, its about looking at the world in awe and wonder … like through the eyes of a child. Wanting to know answers not because the answer is right or wrong, good or bad, but because you are curious about how things work. That is the mindset that works best … for me anyway.
Have a powerful day dear ones!
And … if you don’t yet know how to dowse with a pendulum, I happen to have a great pendulum dowsing course that teaches you exactly how it works. And, for a very limited time, it includes my newly updated dowsing tool (series of dowsing charts with hundreds of potential choices) and a video on how to use it.
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