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It is often deeply humbling to discover that what you inner knowing indicates is the “right” and “best” way to do something actually follows eons of tradition as well as the latest science.
I was surprised and felt deeply blessed when I attended a day-long event taught by Sandra Ingerman in Santa Fe, NM many years ago. I had never had any formal training in shamanism and yet Sandra described technique that I’d used and guided others through for YEARS. The shaman uses a doorways of some kind to enter the underworld (not a “bad” place, but the alternate reality they use to influence this one) as they begin their shamanic journeys. She mentioned that “going down” into water is one means. Another popular choice is a cave. I had been guiding people to “dive down” into the ocean for YEARS. When I lead people through a guided meditation, I close my eyes and then begin to see images which I in turn describe to the listener. I am guided to see and sense certain things and I describe those to participants who then begin to see and sense those things themselves. Powerful healing energies begin to pour in to me and through me to the listener and people report experiencing profound insights and shifts.
One of my very well-known clients told me that the only guided meditations she recommends to others are mine and those of Dr. Joe Dispenza. I’ve been developing the various modules and lessons for my latest program on conscious manifestation and suddenly, through inner knowing, I was guided to check out some of his work. I had never looked into any of it before. Dr. Dispenza works with the intersection of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics – an interesting combination for sure. After reading a few things and listening to an interview, I tuned in to one of his guided meditations. I had to laugh. He’s using a technique I’ve been using, again for YEARS, to get people started. He begins with breath in through your nose and out through your mouth … the same way that I do … without all the research and scientific proof behind the reasons why. I follow inner guidance which has me doing the “right” things to best help others. He also insists that slowing down the brainwaves is imperative for lasting change. I’ve been saying that also for years.
Sometimes we are guided to study something new to add to our body of knowledge. Sometimes we are guided to study something new to prove our Divine insights, those intuitive hunches and nudges, have been right all along. Gotta love it!
In my VISION BOARDS & LEADING A MAGNIFICENT LIFE COURSE, I show you step by step how to begin changing your life for the better. So many people don’t know how to:
  • figure out what they truly want,
  • know the best way to let the Universe know their desires,
  • consciously create a future that looks better than their past,
  • get beyond their fears … basically get out of their own way,
  • find the courage to take the actions they know they need to take,
  • and so much more.
Using both proven techniques that people use successfully every day to improve their lives as well as profound insights and technologies that I “received” directly from Source, this course will help you achieve your goals.
One of the most powerful components is a proprietary (meaning I received it directly from Source and its not available anywhere else) shamanic meditation technique to address the 3 core human fears that are standing in your way of creating and living the life you desire.
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