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There are many unusual changes occurring at this time. Everyone has a choice in how they deal with each one. The changes that occur to you personally offer two choices. You can use each as a learning experience to grow as an individual. Or, you can choose anger, fear, and victimhood.

When the changes are more global you are given three choices.

You can simply do nothing – just ignore things like war, disease, poverty, strip mining, pollution, damage to ecosystems, killing of other humans, animals, plants, the earth herself. You can say these things are meant to be and you can’t personally do anything about them.

You can choose once again to be angry – blaming government, industry, any number of people or organizations.

You can take positive loving action.

You create your own reality. The beliefs, fears, and judgments you hold create the world you see and experience. If you choose to believe the world is a beautiful loving place, then you begin to see beauty and experience love at every turn. You are here, as part of mass consciousness, choosing the reality we will all experience. For those of us who feel compelled to make a difference, IT IS TIME to do so!

I recently experienced how powerful making a different choice can be. This was instant manifestation of a shift in reality. My son, Jesse, and I were at the Children’s Museum in Santa Fe. He was playing in the Greenhouse in his favorite sand box. It’s filled with little plastic African animals. For a long time we were the only one’s there.

Suddenly three teenage boys appeared. They all had on aprons from the museum. So they were either employees or volunteers. They were horsing around pushing and shoving. They started watering the various plants. Then they began aiming the water hose at the little birds who live in the Greenhouse. They manhandled one of the trees bending it down so they could see if a bird was in it’s nest.

I went into judgment. In my mind I was thinking “You have no business doing this job if you have no respect for plants or animals. And another thing, I don’t want my son watching your actions. You should be role models for the small children here.” I realized what I was doing and I stopped myself. My next self talk was “No, my job is to accept everyone – including these boys – for who they are. They are teenage boys being teenage boys. My job is to radiate love wherever I am” – which I then did.

I instantly felt my own energy shift and I basically stopped focusing on the boys and back on my son. In less than one minute the boys were surrounding us. One was holding a guinae pig. Another had a rat. They asked if my son would like to pet the animals. Jesse enjoyed that alot. Then one of them asked me if I was from Santa Fe. I said “No, we live in Nambe.” He replied with, “Oh, I live there too.” Amazing! We had moved from judgment to interaction and nice conversation. And we’re even neighbors.

It really is THAT SIMPLE to shift your world.

Here are a few examples of ways to take positive loving action:

1) Refuse to go into fear, victimhood, or blame when you view or experience world events.

2) Hold a view of the world that is positive and project this out into the universe through daily prayer, meditation, or just clearly imagining the world as you would like it to be.

3) Treat ALL others as you want to be treated – give gifts, offer support, say “PEACE” or “LOVE” silently to everyone you meet.

4) Heal your own wounds from the past so there is one more WHOLE person walking on the planet.

There are many other ways to make a positive loving difference. Use your imagination.

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