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Discover How Dolphins Are Connected to the Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine blessed me with her energy when I was only 14. She came in the form of a dove blazing an extraordinary energy that flooded the space where I stood. The energy was so powerful I was knocked over and couldn’t speak for several minutes afterward.

I describe that experience in the video below.

I’ve noticed a massive difference in how various deities are worshiped. In most major world religions, a male deity is worshiped and taught about through the mind and emotions. A great sermon and uplifting music brings up emotion and people embrace the concepts of that religion mentally.

In Goddess and other traditions, its much more about experiencing, feeling energetically (not so much emotionally) the presence of various energies. When the Goddess entered the space when I was young, her presence was felt by everyone present. It wasn’t a mental idea or something to figure out or embrace and believe on blind faith. It was an experience that everyone had. And my way of perceiving everything changed from that point forward.

Years later when I was 33, during the worst Dark Night of the Soul I had ever experienced, she sent her healing angels, the dolphins, to sooth and heal my emotional wounds.

That experience is discussed in this interview I did with Gary Karp.

I immediately knew that dolphins where messengers of The Divine Feminine and have been sharing that wisdom with people ever since.

Perhaps you have felt called by the Divine Feminine or dolphins in a similar way?

Over the years I’ve heard countless stories of how dolphins have come to people in dreams and visions. Some get to see them in the water.

Those who are energetically sensitive immediately feel the Divine presence the dolphins exude.

It’s very much like being in the presence of angels … only with a much more feminine, nurturing, loving, healing vibration as well.

Salt Water is Healing

Over 70% of the earth is covered in water … much of that contains salt and other minerals. Almost that much water makes up the human body … again containing salt and other minerals. The water element has always been connected to feminine energy, emotions, the Goddess or Divine Feminine.

It relates to emotions. And whether you’re shedding tears to release emotional pain or taking a sacred salt water bath to cleanse the body and mind, it is always there to help you release whatever is needed.

Dolphins Offer Joy, Wisdom, and Healing Energy from The Divine Feminine

I have a lot of friends who are dolphin and whale experts. Many take people to swim with them in the wild. Others channel their messages. A few, like myself, also receive and radiate their healing energies.

My beloved friend and famous oracle, David J. Adams, calls us Sound Masters. We are known as Harmonics. The information that David received from one of the numerous Ascended Masters that he channels is that as a Harmonic, we were here as the Earth was formed and have been here radiating our specific tone or tones (frequencies) for the betterment of Mother Gaia ever since.

Sadly, many Harmonics have forgotten who they are and they are not toning (or radiating their specific frequencies) as they should be. Part of my job, and that of others, is to wake them up, help them remember who they are, heal and release whatever is holding them back, and radiate their frequencies once more. Radiating their proper Harmonic frequencies is the Great Service some have come to do this lifetime.

Because you are reading this, it is highly likely that you are a Harmonic too!

David brought forth the information about Harmonics many many years ago. Immediately after reading his messages about them, I downloaded (through Divine Revelation) information that some of us are to become what I now refer to as “Full Harmonics.”

And then I “received” the insight that there are 144 Harmonic Centers within and around the human body. That’s only true for those who are Harmonics. They are fairly rare individuals. Harmonic Centers are not the same as chakras.

Anyway, the insight was that I should go about doing whatever it takes to become a Full Harmonic with all 144 Harmonic Centers turned on.When I shared the Full Harmonic idea with David. That’s when he shared that what I call a Full Harmonic is what he refers to as a Sound Master. We both laughed … as our work has been so parallel for so long.

It took several years, but I’m confident that I have achieved that goal of all Harmonic centers being fully turned on based on these comments from well known oracles. According to famous oracle, Cyndie Lepori:

Takara is accessing 144 dimensions and all the planes and energies therein.”

And from famous oracle Judith Moore:

Takara accesses information from an extremely high dimension.”

Being a Full Harmonic or Sound Master is part of the reason I can access so many dimensions, realities, and timelines. It’s also why I can “draw down” from these various dimensions, octaves, and planes the various healing frequencies that I do.

I had to become fully active as a Harmonic myself before I could be of the greatest service in helping others. Harmonic Restoration: The Divine Alchemy of HealingTM is an in depth series of processes that I downloaded from the Universe to help in the remembering, awakening, clearing, and full activation of Harmonics and others.

Recently I began walking participants in the Sacred Circle through these extraordinary transformational processes.

Because you are reading this, you are very likely a Harmonic too!

Healing With Sound

For decades I’ve known that one of my assignments in being here was to bring the dolphin healing Divine Feminine frequencies to humanity … even if the person never sees a dolphin in person.

I began creating Dancing Dolphin Essences 25 years ago for just that purpose. Every one of them contain dolphin and other healing frequencies that I “draw down” and radiate into them.

Another mandate I received was that the healing frequencies should bathe the person head to toe.

Rather than paying attention to inner guidance, the engineer in me spent a long time trying to “figure out” how to do that. I researched all sorts of sound equipment that works in water. I even found an extraordinary sound system from France that let you play frequencies in a pool or hot tub. And of course playing crystal bowls in water can be mighty transformational.

None of it felt quite right though and I basically gave up.

And then it suddenly hit me … all I have to do is get the frequencies in the water. And the best way to do that is to put Dancing Dolphin Essences in a dropper bottle.

Problem solved.

And it’s so freaking simple.

“Within the first five minutes of being in the water (using the essence in the bath) I felt a wave of calmness come over me. This was not just a feeling inside, I literally felt the energy moving over me like a wave. . . I have felt an inner calmness more consistently in my day. . . I am very impressed with the way the energy of the dolphins is affecting me. It’s as if I am swimming with them. I remember in 1998 my husband took me to Sea Life Park in Florida. . . I got to pet a couple of them several times. The feeling I got that day, is the same feeling I am getting with your Inner Peace essence. I feel I am flowing even more with the energies around me than I usually do.” Anie Lyne-Booth, Maui, Hawaii
Anie was one of the first people to ever put the essences in a bath. She did that decades ago before they were ever in oil form like they are now. Through her testimonial, the Universe was sending me a signal. I just didn’t “get it” until recently.
“I took a whale watching trip and we were surrounded by hundreds of dolphins. The energy was so high. It was just like using your oils!” – Shanti Devi, Physicist, Poet, Priestess, Yogi, Marketeer
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P.S. You can experience the dolphin healing and Divine Feminine frequencies in Dancing Dolphin Essences here.

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