As many of you know I often teach about the 5 spiritual practices I feel everyone should be doing daily (or at least often) to becoming their highest potential … what I call the Magnificent Self! I’ve created books and training for some of them … I feel they are that important!
Those things are:
  1. Meditation – I wrote a bestselling book on the subject (Peering Through the Veil) and have an online more in depth program available that puts you in a theta brainwave state (where the greatest potential exists for profound transformation – Magnificent U Meditation Program). I have 2 guided healing meditations you can listen to as my gift.
  2. Time alone in silence in nature (keep safety in mind of course).
  3. An exercise that opens up the energy channels in the body: Yoga sun salutations, Tai Chi/Chi Kung, the 5 Tibetan Rites (there may be others, these are just the ones I know do it beautifully).
  4. Pendulum Dowsing – it is the fastest way I know to fine-tune and enhance your intuition. I offer both pendulums for sale as well as in person and online courses on the subject.
  5. Energy healing tools to raise your vibration and assist in releasing the dense, limiting disempowering energies that keep you stuck wherever you are. Professional dowsers have tested my Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergy (energy elixirs) and they read at 600 or above on the Consciousness Scale (that is FAR ABOVE much of the products and techniques on the market today.) Also aura video people who have tested thousands of products have never seen anything like what happens when they used one of my Dancing Dolphin Mists.
There are actually a few more suggestions, but these are the ones I talk about most often and that have an enormous impact on your life.

These spiritual practices, along with doing work to access, heal, and release the limiting beliefs and trauma drama from your past assist you in stepping into your True Magnificence, aligning with the Divine, and getting into perpetual flow with the Universe.

You know you are in flow, when things like this happen:

I hadn’t been able to find my favorite knee-length black jacket for awhile. I finally gave up looking yesterday and said to the Universe, “It’s time for a replacement.”

This morning, I “got” (inner knowing) that I needed to go to the post office and the bank. I could go any time to either one, but these were pretty specific instructions. After the post office, I was driving down main street, and just as I was passing a parking lot on my left, I saw a big truck parked in the parking lot.

My brain started click back to a couple of years ago, there was a big truck parked in the same spot and they had the coolest clothes. They did charity work and helped women globally. I got a gorgeous long vest from them last time from somewhere in South America. Every time I wear it, I get lots of compliments.

And I thought, hmmmm, I wonder if this is the same people. So I drove into the lot, parked my car, and discovered it was the same truck I’d shopped at before. The guy even remembered me.

I found the coolest black jacket, just below the knee, the kind of “look” I tend to go for with a bit of elegant flare, light enough to throw on over anything. It’s perfect. Its from Nepal.

I asked the lady how often they come here. She said only twice a year. I am only on that part of main street maybe once a month or less. I love synchronicity and being able to pick up signals from the Universe.

You can do it too. Just takes a little discipline to do the practices I mentioned above and dedication to healing issues when they arise.

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