Flower Essence Custom Blend
When creating custom blends, there are typically 2 to 10 specific frequencies alchemically combined and then I personally hold each bottle and channel in any additional energetics needed. What a single frequency (flower essence, gem essence, sacred sound, color, etc.) is said to do (what it is known to assist with or quality it works with) changes dramatically when it is combined with others. Together they are a symphony that do far more together than the sum of the individual parts. Therefore, when looking at what this one does and what that one does, we try to draw conclusions about why we needed this or why we needed that. When, in fact, they simply come together to do something else entirely. At least that has been my observation.
Rather than getting caught up in the individual components and what each supposedly does, I simply allow your Higher Self and guides to indicate to me exactly what you need in the moment … not why or what specific things or group of things are being “fixed.” I trust that makes sense.
I’m sure that I do have the exactly formula I used somewhere. I typically write it on the order page. But I rarely actually share the formula with the client. The reason is, it is so easy for the human mind to focus on things and particularly the negative. It is just human nature. If I tell you that a particular Dancing Dolphin flower essence was used and you look up on my website what that particular flower essence is for, it is far too easy to think “oh, I have a problem with …….” Focusing on the problem is never the way to create a solution. Focusing on who we are becoming is the way to become better, wiser, stronger, more clear, more centered, more balanced, more at peace. And, looking up the components used can never explain anything about the specific energies that came through me when I held the bottle.

I’m not trying to hide anything. And, if you really insist on knowing, I do have the order page with the different individual frequencies I used for your formula. I’m just confident that the formula itself is far less important than the resulting alchemy in the bottle you were given.

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