Someone asked about how to do or address shadow work (emotional wounding, fear, limiting beliefs, etc.) as they had been told by a healer that they had some issues that needed to be addressed.


Doing Shadow Work For yourself:

I usually suggest beginning everything with a Dancing Dolphin energy healing aromatherapy oil that helps to get to the deep core stuff like Core Issues or Finally Free. And combining that with journaling. Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergy oils & mists raise the vibration so much that disharmonious can be gently brought to the surface.

Then begin dowsing .. I use and teach chart dowsing, so there are millions of ways to ask questions to get at things. If you don’t dowse, I highly recommend taking my online course as I’m, and many others, are convinced it is one of the most empowering skills you can ever learn.

Regardless, if you can tune into your own intuitive/feeling body (body dowsing) to get a yes or no answer, you can do it that way as well.

My first question would be: “Was the person correct in saying I needed to do shadow work?” I always start there. I never assume people know what they are talking about. I know far too many channels / healers / etc. that have no frickin’ clue but come across like they have great wisdom.

If the answer is “yes, you need to do some shadow work,” then I would use a chart to determine if it is related to a person, place, or thing. I would also determine if it is related to this life, a previous life, an alternative life.

Based on the answers, you can drill down further until you actually start to see images or have memories of the situation. Being able to go instantly into a deep trance state is a plus.

Once something is uncovered, I’m always guided with a shamanic-type healing journey (I usually channel them in the moment) to deal with this particular thing. Do whatever you do to clear disharmonious, noxious energies.

When Doing Shadow Work Sessions for others:

I typically bring in a truckload of healing energy and guide them into regressions – this life, previous lives, alternate lives, etc. It digs up some deep deep stuff and they are able to see or sense memories that relate to the current issue. Then we do the energy healing work and mental acknowledgment necessary to let it all go. I’m always “given” (channel) in the moment a shamanic-type healing meditation, activation, exercise to heal whatever the person is facing.

I can’t stress enough how helpful the Dancing Dolphin oils are for doing work like this.

Also, I’ve got some pretty powerful free healing guided meditations that can assist you in accessing things you aren’t able to tune into consciously right now. They take you into a deeper state of mind. You can download the free guided meditations here.
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