What is Spirituality?

My son and I were having a lovely philosophical conversation recently and he asked me an interesting question. He wanted to know the point of all the spiritual beliefs and practices I share.

I found the question so intriguing that I thought I would share my response here with you …

We are all here as an emanation of the Divine, a spark of Divinity having a human experience. Yet we forget that fact.

We come in and from our very first breath, we are taking on the beliefs, fears, judgments and expectations of our ancestors through our DNA and from the parents, family, culture, and society we find our selves surrounded by, regardless of how true or false those things might be.

As we go through life we experience hardship, times when we are ridiculed, rejected, made wrong, or abused physically, mentally, or emotionally. In those moments we become tainted by fear and the false beliefs we make up to explain things to our self about others, God, how life works, and even about ourselves and what we are capable of or how we operate. We become full of shame, blame, and victimhood. We become angry or sad.

We are taught (brainwashed) what to think, how to think, and how life works in school, at home, from the people we encounter, and within a religious or other community. We are taught to conform to the beliefs and fears of others. Some of us go kicking and screaming into this conformity. Others just go along with it without questioning.

The end result is a person that doesn’t even know who they are. They literally aren’t thinking their own thoughts. They are thinking thoughts of their society, their religion, their parents, their spouse. They are truly trapped in The Matrix of mass consciousness.

On the flip side, as a spark of Divinity, we come in with certain gifts and talents that we are here to express. These gifts could be an incredible capacity to love, or an amazing ability to create beautiful gardens. It may be an extraordinary ability to write or speak or create music. The list of possible talents is endless. But many are so caught up in fear and self doubt, obligation, and the need to please others, they forget that one of their tasks to is take the talent or gift they were given and bring it forth to bless the word.

The Divine is a creative force.

When a person is tied up in conformity and not doing things to connect with their own Divinity and inner wisdom, they are literally stiffing their very life force from coursing through their veins. They are dying and being smothered from within. Their health fails. They joy is nonexistent. They seek answers and input from outside themselves in order to hopefully find happiness. They take on addictions of one form or another. They try to fill the void that only a deep and clear connection with their divine nature can fulfill.

When a person does practices like meditation and silent time in nature; reads, watches, or listens to uplifting  expanded consciousness teachings; has private consultations that addresses their issues in a holistic body, mind, soul way;  and works with energy tools, they are able to unravel all the mayhem and find the truth of their being: who they truly are, their Divine connection. They achieve a level of peace, clarity, and joy that is beyond words. They are able to express their powerful gifts and talents in ways that bring them great levels of joy and fulfillment.

I help people learn how to be calm, clear, confident, and connected (to the Divine). If that is something that you are seeking, then give me a call, email, or send a private message.

Have a truly glorious day,

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  1. Pat Moon
    Pat Moon says:

    I am so thankful God is in my life. He is always available in my times of need. Yes, there are times I seek solutions by bypassing Him. Those are the times I am selfishly seeking my own desires rather than God’s Almighty plan for my life. I rest in the security of my eternal salvation. In that rest, I can live without the fear of death. Great thought provoking article. Thanks for sharing.


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