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Learn to Manifest by Doing the “One Right Thing,” a Transformational Lesson from Stuart Wilde

When you learn to manifest, you learn to flow with the Divine current of the Universe.

As someone who has successfully manifested some truly extraordinary things over the past 40 years and co-written a bestselling book on how manifesting and the Law of Attraction really works, I know a thing or two about how to set and achieve goals, learn to manifest your dreams, follow intuitive nudges resulting in extraordinary experiences, and a lot more on the subject.

Learn to Manifest by Doing the “One Right Thing”

One of my favorite topics related to manifesting and the Law of Attraction is what I call doing the “One Right Thing.” It’s based on a story told by my metaphysical mentor, Stuart Wilde.

I have no idea if heard him say it on one of his numerous audio programs or if I heard him say it during one of the in person trainings I attended. Regardless of how I came across the story, it left a lasting impression … as many of his teachings did.

He never called it doing the “One Right Thing.” That’s just what I began to call it as I started incorporating it into my own life.

Stuart had hired a publicist to promote a workshop he had coming up in Seattle (I think that was the city he mentioned).

Anyway … he called the publicist a few days before he was to fly there to teach the workshop. He asked her “How many people are signed up?” The reply was “No one so far.”

He began to freak out a little. He next asked what the publicist had done to promote the event. The reply was “Nothing really. Well, I did do this one thing.”

Stuart really started to freak out. The plane ticket was purchased, the venue was booked, no one was showing up, and the publicist hadn’t done anything. He mentioned that he would have put up fliers all over town, run ads on radio, tv, and a million other things. He was regretting hiring this particular publicist.

He asked what the one thing was that she had done. “I booked you on a television talk show on Friday.”

Stuart reluctantly headed to Seattle. He went on the television show, mesmerized the crowd (as he always did), and the event sold out completely. He discovered that rather than frantically doing a million things (in marketing, it’s called throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping something sticks), sometimes the one “right” thing is all that matters. He looked at marketing his programs and everything else completely differently from that moment forward.

After hearing the story, so do I. As a modern day Taoist teacher, he probably could have figured it out. But, like so many, he was caught up in the western way of doing business until that fateful weekend in Seattle.

Learn to Manifest Through Flow Not Force

Frantically doing anything rarely provides the results we desire. It has the wrong energy. When you learn to manifest by being in Divine flow, you have to let go of all that.

Yes you need strategy. And, yes, you need a plan. And, definitely, you need to know the end goal you are trying to achieve. And of course you have to take actions.

But the frantic nature with which western society runs everything, particularly their businesses, can be exhausting.

Exhaustion is not conducive to Divine flow, or clear thinking, or tuning in to the still small voice within when the intuitive nudges come. It’s just go, go, go, do, do, do.

It’s a very western masculine way to live life. Within it there is no balance and no peace.

Doing the “One Right Thing” is about doing the one thing (or few things) you are guided from within to do … rather than a million things with little to no results.

When you take the time daily to be still, be quiet, experience deep meditation … intuitive nudges come effortlessly and often. When you follow those intuitive nudges, amazing things can happen.

The 5 Sacred SacramentsTM to Transform Your Life

As I’ve stated many times before, there are 5 practices I HIGHLY recommend everyone incorporate into their lives on a daily basis. If you can’t manage daily, then as often as possible. Those practices are:

  1. Deep Theta Meditation – visit this link to get my meditation program that has real whale song and ocean sounds, along with beautiful music and binaural beats embedded below the other sounds to gently guide your brain into a deep theta brainwave pattern. The meditations include meeting your very own dolphin guide, immersion in sacred pools for healing and chakra alignment, visits to crystal caves, even soul retrieval and other very transformational experiences.
  2. Time alone in silence in nature – spend as much time as possible communing with nature. It helps you connect with your true essence, with the turning of the wheel (the changing seasons, the cosmic cycles, the waxing and waning of the moon), and learn to flow with the Universe. (I always caution that if being alone in nature by yourself isn’t safe, then go with friends and take time during your hike or walk in the woods or park, to sit within viewing distance of one another and take some time to meditate.)
  3. Exercise that opens the energy channels of the body – Yoga sun salutations, the 5 Tibetan Rites, and Tai Chi and Chi Kung are 3 that I know of. I’m sure there are others that can do this.
  4. Pendulum Dowsing – it is the fastest way I know to fine tune and enhance intuition. And to learn to manifest, intuition plays a vital role. Visit this link to get my pendulum dowsing course. It covers everything from the proper way to hold a pendulum to how to ask the right questions, when to dowse and when not to, and chart dowsing so you are getting answers far more profound than simple “yes/no” questions can provide.
  5. Energy tools that raise your vibration – tools such as crystals, color, sound, my line of Dancing Dolphin Essences, hands on healing, and many more. Professional dowsers say that Dancing Dolphin Essences are the highest vibrational products they have ever tested (and they’ve tested hundreds of products). The aura video company that tests products for people said they had never seen a product do to a person’s aura what Dancing Dolphin Essences can do.

Utilizing all these practices and tools can greatly enhance your sense of centeredness, connectedness, and ability to flow with the Universe. When that happens, it is often far easier to achieve your goals. Being centered, balanced, and at peace can create more fluidity and grace in your outer world.

There are more things of course … like addressing the 9 Veils of IllusionTM. But we’ll save that for another time.

Many Blessings,

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