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(The Circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the tincture bells)

Feel the vibration of the Tibetan bowls unifying the chakras within your body.  Feel the sound flow through your Crown Chakra, down through each of your major Chakras, and down into the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth.  Feel yourself become one with all that is, connected in every facet of your Being with the Heart beat of the Earth.

Feel yourself as the Divine Oneness, allow the Light from within your Heart to flow freely along this corridor of sound from the Heart of the Earth to the Great Central Sun, and feel yourself becoming one with the Great Central Sun and with the Heart of the Earth.

Greetings Dear Hearts, I am Neptune, and I come to embrace you with the Consciousness of the Ocean, for time is near when once again we come together to be as ONE in LOVE and LIGHT, the Consciousness of the Oceans and the Consciousness of Humanity.  We come together in mutual Respect, in mutual Love for the purpose of ascending the Earth planet into its rightful place in the Cosmos.

The flow of Divine energies from Sirius, the land of the whales and the dolphins, continues as the Lions Gate remains open, and much Love is being ‘sounded down’ into the Earth from Sirius.

As the whale tribes of the Earth and the whale tribes of Sirius connect and embrace, and share their Love one for the other, and Humanity becomes a part of this exchange of Love, and the Oceans of the Earth vibrate with the frequency of that Love, we empower you, as you empower us with Divine Light and Divine Love, as we each approach the final stages of our journey together. 

As we come together in Love on the occasion of the Marine Meditation, each will be Enlightened to their fullest potential, and each will rediscover the Inner Vision of their Hearts, and all barriers will be lifted, all veils will be lifted, and once again all Beings of Light will come together in Unity, in Harmony, and they will speak to each other through the sound of Love in their Hearts.

Focus for a moment on the Oceans of the world, feel the embrace of Love and allow yourself to fully embrace the Consciousness of the Ocean, and your brothers and sisters of Light within the Ocean.

Listen to the sounds of the whales and the dolphins, and feel the upliftment of joy within your Hearts as you celebrate together once more.

As you walk your Labyrinth at the Marine Meditation, you will not only walk to the centre of yourselves, you will walk to the centre of the Oceans, and to the centre of the Earth, for you will Awaken totally to the Unity and Oneness that we share, and you will look upon your Earth, and upon the Cosmos with new vision – a vision unrestricted, a vision of clarity and understanding, and more and more Love will flow throughout the Earth. 

Feel this Oneness within your Heart now – embrace it – become it.

The time is near. 

Release all that holds you in bondage to darkness and fear, and embrace totally your Light and your Love.

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”



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