December 2021 Turning of the Wheel

It has been said that the next few weeks are the reason you have chosen to be born upon planet earth at this time. The Mayan time keepers and other indigenous cultures have indicated a shifting of the ages, an ending of the old and an ushering in of the new, the ending of the Piscean age – begun at the time of Christ – and the start of the Aquarian Age – sung about in the 60’s. Zero Point, a shift of axes, a reversal of polarities, etc. have all been discussed. It is the end of the Mayan long count ( 5,125 year) cycle. It is also the conclusion of the Precession of Equinoxes (26,000 year) cycle.

I love triple numbers and 12/12/12 is right around the corner. On December 21st, 2012 we experience winter solstice and the “ending” of the Mayan calendar as it has existed for the past several thousand years. It will be a new day. 

In the Mayan system, there are 20 suns (aspects of God) and 13 galactic tones (numbers). When a person turns 52, they have experienced every possible combination of energies and are, therefore, an elder. I am very excited to be celebrating that milestone at my next birthday this coming Spring Equinox 2013. 

I used to teach a class on the Mayan Calendar, your Mayan birthday, and how working with those energies can benefit you. It has been a great honor over the years to facilitate the 52nd birthday ceremony for several famous spiritual teachers and oracles who specifically requested that I be the one to do that.       

Whether the shift will actually be as big as the all the hoopla seems to indicate, is yet to be determined. However, I will say this: the personal shifts I have experienced have been so tangible and significant of late that it would be impossible to ignore that something profound is definitely underway. 

I have received instructions (through direct revelation) to spend time daily in meditation, in nature, in silence, ever mindful of the present moment. I find myself exercising more, taking longer daily walks in nature, and not eating until well into the afternoon most days.

It would be wise to not get caught up in conversation or thoughts that take you out of your heart and internal knowing. Stay firmly centered and balanced focused ever on your connection with The One (the Divine by whatever name you prefer).

Many unexpected changes seem to be landing in people’s laps. Navigate them with wisdom Dear Ones. Ride the wave, rising above the mayhem and chaos, not allowing fear to take hold in your consciousness.  

It is so easy to forget that you are a child of God, a hu-man (God-man / God-woman) living a human experience. The bigger part of you, the eternal part of you, is unaffected by human experience and emotion. It cannot be sick, age, or die. It is here experiencing an acceleration in evolution. Every moment of your daily life is the classroom in which you learn and grow. 

For those on a conscious spiritual quest, often a moment occurs – some would term it an initiation – in which a radical shift in consciousness happens all at once. 

I was recently having a discussion with a friend about this phenomena and they talked about a “walk in” experience. 

A walk-in is a being that literally walks into an existing experience of another. Instead of being born as a new born human child, they wait until the person is grown and then step into that person’s body and experience. It sounds scary, or even somewhat like possession. It is not. That is something else entirely. A walk-in is a prearranged event and both parties are fully aware that it is to occur. It is an agreement made prior to incarnation and there is often communication between the parties all along during the life of the human that is going to walk out so the other being can walk-in. The instances I have heard of where this happens are actually extremely high level beings here on a very big planetary mission.  

I have experienced giant leaps in consciousness on numerous occasions over the past 18 years. In discussing with my friend about the “walk-in” idea, this was my response: 

“You mentioned the walk-in phenomena. I’ve had that type of “feeling” a few times. But a more accurate description for me personally is an integration of “yet another aspect of self.” Some of my aspects seem to make a much bigger impact on the whole than others. But instead of “me” moving out and another “something” moving in to this vessel, it feels more like a giant addition was built on to the mansion. I’ve never used that exact analogy before. I tend to talk more about it being another facet of the diamond has lit up. And when we speak of bigger aspects, perhaps it is whole sections or sides of the diamond that suddenly turned on.

I also think of it as being “overlighted” (I never liked the overshadow terminology) by a higher aspect of me. Much of it has stuffed itself into the vessel. But the being that I am (you are, we all are) is so vast that it can’t possibly fit. So some is in and some extends much beyond. Yet the view from behind my eyes looks different. I feel older, wiser, more expanded.”

If you have been feeling strange of late, perhaps it is because a higher aspect of you has become more a part of your day to day experience. This time in our planet’s history makes this infinitely easier to experience. 

Whenever this happens, there is a period of integration that must occur. It requires that you spend more time alone, sleep more often, engage less with others, particularly large noisy groups. I call it cocooning. You need to go off into a safe space and integrate for awhile. As the higher aspect integrates, there is a reweaving of the light filaments and the energy field. The nervous system has to handle higher frequencies. I always feel like my nerves are on fire and emotionally vulnerable during this time. And I always feel much better if I just stay home and rest for a few days and adding extra minerals to my diet.  Some integrations only take a few days. Others have taken a few months.

The more in tune you are with higher wisdom, the easier it is to know what to do in these moments of integration. Following the steps in the 7 Secrets to Discover Your Inner Treasure to stay in balance and rise in consciousness with ease and grace. The ebook is a free gift when you subscribe to this newsletter.

The perfect Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing oil to assist during this time of transformation is Meditation. It helps you to be in tune, to quiet the mind and calm the emotions, to be still and “know.”   

Have a deLightful day,



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