I’m often asked how to awaken others. Someone recently shared they were living in the south and having a hard time waking up others.
I shared with that person this information:

People “wake up” when their soul is ready and not a second sooner. To awaken is to have the sudden realization that much of what has been believed is untrue, that life doesn’t work the way you thought it did, that there is a deeper more profound truth under all the distortion and illusion.

Awakening is part of the soul’s journey. It is definitely a personal thing and happens … in it’s own Divine right timing.

Until a person has had an awakening, which can take many forms, they literally do not have the eyes to see nor the ears to hear what is so obvious to those who have awakened.

It can be quite frustrating, as we love people and want them to find peace, joy, truth, and freedom from fear and limitation … But it is not up to us.
It is up to them, their designs and desires (on a soul level) for this lifetime, and their own soul and guides.
Our “job” is to just continue to work on ourselves, rising higher and higher in consciousness and awareness, and if and when someone is ready, we are there to offer a hand and bits of wisdom as we are inspired to share it.
Trust that all is as it should be. Everything happening here is pretty much an illusion anyway. The limiting beliefs, fears, and judgments are passed down through the DNA and some of those in the south, sometimes called the bible belt, run fear at an extreme level. It has been literally preached and even sometimes beaten into them.
Cracking that mindset typically takes quite a whack to the ego – and usually in a very intense, disastrous, and sometimes even life-threatening way – cancer, divorce, loss of a job or loved one.
The bible passage about “don’t try to take out the splinter in your brother’s eye until you have removed the plank from your own” refers to the situation you are facing. Trying to “wake up” others is trying to take out splinters. It’s not your job, or my job, or anyone’s job.
Whew – what a relief!
We can pray for others, send them blessings, etc., but we can not take their spiritual journey for them, or cause them to wake up.
We just need to trust that “all is as it should be,” and “everything happens in Divine right timing.”
Figure out your passion, your skills, and talents, and focus on those. Let other people be as silly (or asleep) as they need to be. Do whatever it takes to stay balanced, healthy, happy and at peace yourself and when someone suddenly awakens, you can be there to help in whatever way is necessary.
Have a magnificent day,
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