As spiritual beings having human experiences, we talk about rising in consciousness and awareness, becoming One with all things, going beyond fear, self doubt, shame, blame, and victimhood, and being in flow with the Universe. We say things like love one another, above all be kind, and live by the golden rule.
It is so bloody easy to live that way when you are off meditating on a mountaintop. But when you have to deal with everyday life and not easy to get along with people, that’s when you get to see how you really feel and how far you’ve come since deciding to take up a conscious spiritual path.
With the current political climate in the U.S. right now, every day offers an opportunity to practice what we say we believe. You are being inundated through social media, tv news, newspapers and magazines with endless  opportunities to move into anger, hatred, and judgment towards one or more political personalities, parties, or those who support them.
The Trump Train came to my little town in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia recently. It was the perfect opportunity to practice having a completely different perspective on all that was happening.

When I first heard the news that he would be speaking at Radford University the day before Super Tuesday, my initial reaction was to recoil. Maybe I could be out of town that day? That idea made me laugh.

The next thought was to make signs and go down there to protest. That idea didn’t feel right at all either.

That thought was quickly followed by a much more profound idea. Go into a much higher state of consciousness, become like a placid lake emotionally, beyond judgment, beyond opinion, beyond right and wrong, good and bad, into a true state of Divinity, and work with the energy. So I drove down to the RU campus a few days before the event. I circled the entire campus a few times in my car. I prayed, I spoke the Language of Light, I did a massive amount of energy clearing, and brought in peace, harmony, and all the other things that “came in” to say in the moment.

The day of the event, I stayed in a meditative trance under the gold-plated pyramid in my second office. It is the place where I make all the Dancing Dolphin Essences. It is a place full of sacred objects, crystals and shells. It feels like a sanctuary because so much healing energy and powerful transformational experiences happen there. I kept bringing in light to flood the space and all those in it. All of this was done in a complete state of peace.

When you are in a deep theta brainwave while meditating, you are beyond emotion, you have no expectations, you aren’t imposing your thoughts and beliefs on others. you are simply being peace. I practice that “state” quite often and can drop into it pretty much at will.

I heard a lot of crazy stories about things that happened on campus that day during and after Trump’s visit to my little town in the Blue Ridge.

I have no idea if the work I did will have any tangible effect in the 3rd dimensional world we live in. Perhaps it was just an exercise for me to go into a state of non-judgment and offer a loving healing energy to others and to “hold space” for the highest and best for all concerned.

Happiness is a choice. Judgment is a choice. Making others wrong is a choice. Playing the shame, blame, and victimhood game is a choice.

Choose wisely dear ones.

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P.S. If you are unaware of how to go into a theta brainwave state and other forms of meditation, get my bestselling book, Peering Through the Veil.

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