Beloved by Takara

How much do you love yourself?

What do you feel worthy of receiving?

The Goddess is rising and she demands honor, respect, and acknowledgement for her contribution.

I’m sure you have been seeing it too. Many of the women I know have been faced recently with a strong desire to dump their boyfriends/husbands. And for the one’s I’ve spoken with, it was usually sparked by a situation where they were just not feeling respected or acknowledged for all the work and energy they give. Luckily for most it was a fleeting thing that allowed them to voice their discontent and acknowledge their needs and desires.

The one that matters is you.

You are the Beloved.

Whether you are single or married, heterosexual or not, you are the one that must honor self. When you honor and respect yourself, when you feel grateful for your gifts and skills, when you can say with conviction “Yes, I Am magnificent. I deserve this. I desire this,” then others will see you through those eyes as well.

Follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I often paraphrase the rule to make it easier for children to understand and say, “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.” I believe the whole thing needs to be modified to say: “Treat yourself and others the way you wish to be treated.”

If you don’t see your own magnificence, then why do you think anyone else would? If you don’t love and acknowledge your gifts and skills, then how can another see them in you either? If you can’t forgive yourself, then no-one else will. Do you see how easy this is to understand?

You are the one that must love and acknowledge self first.

I am not talking about the grandiose ego-based feeling of “I’m so much better, wiser, more anything than those people.” No. No. No.

I am talking about you knowing that you are an emanation of God with unique gifts and skills, that you matter, and that you can make a positive contribution in the world. You are a unique facet of the infinitely-faceted diamond that is God. We all are.

He is. She is. They are. The one’s you like, the one’s you look up to, the one’s you hate, the one’s you ridicule, the one’s you mistreat, the one’s you ignore, the one’s you blame, the one’s you envy, etc.

Once you love self, then and only then can you see and acknowledge the magnificence in others. You cannot truly love another until you can love self.

Divine Love by Takara

Many people run that ridiculous program that they aren’t worthy of God’s love. They hate themselves and feel guilty about some ridiculous thing or other that happened so long ago. As they say in Harry Potter, “Ridiculous.” God/Goddess/All That Is loves you – warts and all. That energy, that creative life-giving force called God is what you are made from. That creative force made you. It adores you. You don’t have to do anything to receive that love. It is always there, freely given at all times. You simply have to acknowledge and receive it.

You need to forgive yourself. God already has. It is humans that seem to have such a hard time with it.

Rapture. Have you ever experienced it? The full merging – however brief – with the divine loving energy that is God. When you are engulfed with the loving embrace of Jesus or another divine energetic it is absolute and total euphoria. I can’t tell you how many custom blends lately have included the Dancing Dolphin Essence Rapture.

In the Bible, in the book of Acts, they call it being “Slain in the Spirit.” It is rapture. It is when the Holy Spirit (the feminine aspect of God) envelopes you completely. You are absolutely intoxicated with the energy. You will literally fall over from its power. It happened to me when I was a teenager. It is when I first began “Speaking in Tongues” as it is sometimes referred to.

I speak a Language of Light. It is not something I can teach others because each time I open my mouth to speak, these odd sounds and words come out. Sometimes they are a repetition of sounds I’ve made before. Other times it is something I have never heard before. Sometimes I sing the sounds. I use it to invoke sacred space, to heal, to empower, to seal and protect, or anything else I am guided to use it for. It is part of the alchemy of Dancing Dolphin Essences. It is part of the alchemy of the Seed of Divine Restoration energy sessions and all of the private energy work I do with clients. It opens portals. It allows access to highly refined healing energetics. It creates a bridge between this world full of illusion and distortion to the one that is pristine and perfect and the Heart of Creation. It blasts through the veils and barriers that make the other often inaccessible. It is one of my gifts.

What are your gifts?

Everyone has at least one talent or skill that if properly practiced, honed, and refined, can be extraordinary. There are as many gifts as there are people.

My gifts deal with healing. Yours may deal with something completely different. Some are about music, or art, or creating sacred space, or bringing harmony where there is disharmony, or laughter, or a million other things. It is time to begin using or expanding your gift.

The more you love self, the more you forgive yourself and others, the more the gift will be enhanced.

Treat yourself and others the way you wish to be treated. Always.

Many blessings,
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