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Stories connect us with each other and the depth of who we are. I’ve known since I was ten that I was meant to be a writer. Life took over and that ambition went on the backburner for a very long time. Then I did finally write a novel (actually two) but other circumstances came along and once again that effort went into the background of my life.

Last year I was at …

the annual fundraiser for Heal My Voice. This was also the launch of the first collaborative book effort, Fearless Voices; True Stories of Courageous Women. I was talking to Andrea Hylen, the founder, about her upcoming projects. When Andrea mentioned the focus was on visionary women I had tears in my eyes and Knew I needed to be part of it.

It was an awesome experience, so much wisdom, love and vision in this group of deeply visionary women. We spent a lot of time supporting each other, digging deep to find “the story” we had that wanted to be shared. There were a lot of tears and laughter along the way…and loads of love. So beautiful to be part of a project like this that was more than about just the story, it was the community, the field, we created in the process. We read our stories, edited back and forth and then finally it’s a book!


Although I was clear that I must be part of this book, but it wasn’t until the end of January during a Sanctuary with Tantra Maat that I really understood why.

During a morning meditation Tantra talked about our need to Re-Member ourselves – bringing back the parts of ourselves that have been lost along the way. My work both with crystals and gemstones and my writing is all about Re-membering, helping you to remember who you have been, are and will be. All the bits and pieces of what I do came together in that one word,

Re-memering. The Heal My Voice projects are all a process of Re-membering, each of us in our own way.

I initially started writing my novel after I had a vision of the entire history of earth from creation to current time. My story here and my upcoming novel is entitled “HerStory, MyStory, OurStory” – watch for notification, it’s soon to be published as a novel. My book is clearly about re-membering our lost stories. Some of our stories were simply lost, others were buried, distorted or destroyed and it’s time for us to bring them back and empower ourselves more fully through acknowledging the depths of our stories, our lives, our experiences.

I did an interview on Blog Talk Radio – Remembering HerStory, MyStory, YourStory with Andrea Hylen where I talk about the project, my book and also about the importance of knowing our stories. I conclude by leading you thru a process of reconnecting with an essential part of you who knows the next step, and the next as you move forward on your journey. If you struggle to understand your purpose or are trying to see the whole picture, please listen and see if maybe you’ll get a new perspective.

Here’s a song that beautifully portrays what it’s all about “Read All About It” by Emeli Sande

AnnaMariah creates beautiful, one of a kind pieces that transcend jewelry. As a gemstone empath she connects deeply to the energy of the stones. In her hands a simple necklace becomes a tool to balance and support your energy, as well as making you look fantastic! She focuses on the beauty and magic inherent in the stones, so her pieces are always unexpected. When you find the piece that is right for you you’ll be amazed at the transformation as it connects with your energy and brings out your inner radiance in ways you hadn’t considered yet.
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