The Importance of Content Above the Fold

The above the “fold” terminology comes from newspapers and the placement of top stories.That industry knows that the headline and the stories above the fold are what cause people to purchase the newspaper. The same is true of your website, blog, and even social media profiles. What they see first is how they will decide whether to leave your site or stick around for awhile. That’s known as stickiness and it is actually measured by many professionals who know how critical it is to their success. You only have seconds to grab someone’s attention before they have clicked off your site never to return.

The most important virtual real estate you own is what the person sees when they land on your site with no scrolling. It has to be visually appealing and somehow grab their attention (in a good way). Its important that you offer visitors something enticing as an incentive to opt in to your mailing list and hear from you again.  A nice image, a video or audio often keep a person’s interest longer than plain boring text.

Many people with blogs or websites, add an opt-in box at the top of their side navigation bars so it is above the fold no matter where they land or what story or blog post they come in on. This blog, or any of my others, offer an example of that.

A squeeze page is a stand alone page that you send a person to  with a link on your social media sites, your business cards, inside your blog comments or any number of other places. The only thing a person can do on a squeeze page is opt-in to your list. They can’t see the rest of your website. There is only fill out the form and be taken to another page or leave.

On a squeeze page, the box is best placed (according to research by lots of internet gurus) above the fold on the right. As you listen to webinars or teleseminars, each speaker sends you to a page with an opt-in box. Each of those are great examples of how to do it right.

The one I use on this web page is nothing more than a cool template I edited with Dreamweaver:

Hope you find this article helpful,

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